Work-on-the-go Just Got An Upgrade With KeyLess Pro

KeyLess Pro is available now and it’s becoming the gadget of choice for a lot of people. It’s revolutionizing how we use our smartphones and make travel and work a lot more enjoyable.

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Stop hurting yourself with bulky laptops and tangled wires. Use this device now!

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Are you tired of carrying bulky laptops?

Have you ever thought of using only your smartphone for work? Are you always on the go? Have you heard of the Keyless Pro Keyboard? We’ve got good news for you! It’s not just good, it’s better. All you need is your smartphone, the KeyLess Virtual keyboard, and a flat surface.

Let’s face it, carrying our laptops can sometimes be a drag. It’s heavy, the wires need to be organized, sometimes we prefer even an external keyboard to work on. Taking these gadgets with us can be a drag. Not to mention that we compromise our personal belongings just to make room for them.

What is this keyless keyboard

We all get excited about watching sci-fi movies and their advance technology. Likewise, there’s nothing compared to working with the minimal gadgets to carry around but lets you get the same or even more results.

It’s a virtual laser keyboard that is compact so it can fit easily into your pocket. It’s compatible with almost any device; smartphones, notebook computers, PC, and laptops. Also, this device turns your smartphone or tablet into a computer and it runs in IOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

You don’t need to touch the screen of your smartphone anymore because the keyboard can also be used as a mouse. Since it’s a laser, the device also saves you a lot of time from tangled wires and cables. In addition to that, this device can also be used as a power bank for your smartphone.

Keyless Pro Product

It’s the best solution to your typing needs. All you need is a flat-opaque surface and you’re good to go. Not only is it easy to use and reliable but it’s becoming the gadget for most people on-the-go. This revolutionary virtual keyboard is even called the future of keyboards.

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About The Keyboard Keyless Pro

It’s important to know the product before you buy.

Keyless Pro Review: Product Features

  • It’s portable, compact and very easy to set up.
  • it’s also easy to use and you can adjust the size and brightness.
  • The device is designed for long battery usage.
  • It offers users with convenience and accuracy.
  • The device comes with a built-in speaker and connects via Bluetooth.

Keyless Keyboard Specifications

According to a Keyless Pro review, the device comes with a pattern projector layout of approximately 19 mm pitch. It has a red laser light and the device comes in 240 mm size and height 100 mm. The keyboard comes with a mouse that can be found at about 80 mm from the bottom.

keybaord Specifications

It needs a non-reflective, opaque surface to work seamlessly. With a character recognition rate of 350 characters per minute, it’s as accurate as a keyboard should be. It has an external power supply that is operated through a USB with a voltage of less than 5V 500mA

It’s powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery with an estimated battery operation of 150 minutes and a charging time of about 90 minutes. It uses a Bluetooth connection (BM20730) V3.0, HID Profile Ver. 1.0 which is noted for its efficiency with a 2402-2480 MHz frequency range.

Other specifications:

  • 79 Modulation: GFSK Channel
  • Product size: 78mm x 40 mm x 20 mm
  • Product weight: 60 grams
  • It has two color varieties: Black and White
  • English (QWERTY) keyboard layout.
  • Durable because of no moving parts.
  • Full-size key pitch and shortcut keys for easy use
  • This keyboard Keyless Pro can adapt to almost all working environment
  • Uses an Infrared Laser Transmitter

How to Use This Virtual Keyboard

This device is a laser projection keyboard that uses infrared sensors to detect any movements in its range. This is what makes typing on a flat surface possible. It’s very easy to use. You just type the words just like with traditional keyboards except that this device uses laser technology to project the keyboard on any flat surface.

Keyless Pro Introduction

It’s a simple device but his complex functions. It can be connected via Bluetooth or a USB cord.

You can use the device anywhere and any time you want. Because laptops can be inconvenient at times, that’s why this virtual keyboard is the perfect solution to that. Just turn on the device on a flat surface, connect it to your tablet or smartphone and you’re good to go.

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Keyless Pro Review: Benefits and Advantages

Imagine if you’re at a cafe, a train, a bus, etc. and you needed to complete a task. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of this daunting situation, right? How about a device that lets you work with your smartphone and a flat surface?

virtual keyboard benefits and advantages

Because of its lightweight and portable design, you can carry this device anywhere you go and work any time you want. You won’t need to carry your laptop with you when you have this device and you can travel easier with little luggage.

You can use this device even in seminars and conferences and what’s even more good news is that the battery lasts for at least two hours and it’s rechargeable.

According to one Keyless Pro review, the device is compatible with IOS, Android or Windows devices.

Keyless Pro Review Users’ Reactions

Are you tired of carrying bulky laptops? Have you ever thought of using only your smartphone for work? Are you always on the go? We’ve got good news for you! It’s not just good, it’s better. All you need is your smartphone, the keyboard KeyLess, and a flat surface.
I love my Keyless Pro keyboard because it saved me a lot of time and it made my work more efficient. I work remotely so having to carry everything from laptops, cables, wireless keyboards, etc. is a total time waster. Luckily, a friend of mine told me about this virtual keyboard. I can work at my favorite place, (the beach) without so much stuff.
I am a teacher and I need to do a lot of paperwork almost every night on my laptop. Sometimes I just can’t take the back pain of carrying it from home to school and vice-versa. Luckily, my boyfriend bought me a Keyless keyboard on my birthday. It sure did make my life so much easier. With just this portable device and my phone, I can work anywhere I want free of back pain and luggage.

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Price and Money-Back Guarantee

The device sells for only $99. It’s 50% off from its original price of $189, unfortunately, it is on a limited time offer but if you order now you get to avail of free shipping anywhere in the world.

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Smartphones and tablets are more convenient than laptops it is plain straight and simple even so some studies even show that most people can only use at least 20% of their smart phone’s total capacity. Imagine how much potential we are wasting.

Luckily, there are innovations especially made for smartphone users and this portable device is one of them. Why carry your heavy laptop with you if you can work on your smartphone? This device is surely a problem solver.

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