Kelvin17 Multi Tools Review 2024: 17-in-1 gadget essential

This Kelvin tools review is well researched, detailed and comprehensive. With this Kelvin 17 review, you would know everything you need about the device whether it’s a smart investment.

Have you ever wished you had a screwdriver handy to do some repairs?. Do you find yourself wasting time looking for tools instead of getting the job done?. Then this Kelvin 17 review is for you. Read this Kelvin 17 review to know more about this amazing tool today!

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Kelvin17 Multipurpose Tool

Mutli-tool for quick fixes around the home. Kelvin 17-in-1 gadget is the very essential household tool you need.

Updated on 11 June 2024

What is Kelvin17?

Kelvin 17 multi tool is the ideal DIY and household instrument. This ultimate tool has all your fundamental needs in a single comfortable package. You can do a lot of things including installation, quick fixes, etc., using this tool. Kelvin17 is also a perfect choice for dorm rooms, RVs, and flats. This amazing tool features a snap-action screwdriver which can be used to repair small issues around your business place and home.


The beauty of this device is that you won’t have to go through numerous tools. If you are a beginner DIYer, handyman, or outdoor enthusiast, Kelvin17 is the ideal tool you need. It’s made from military-grade plastic and steel alloy. This makes the Kelvin 17 multi tool an incredibly durable and lightweight design.

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Features of Kelvin 17

The Kelvin 17 multi tool comes with different features that make it the perfect go-to tool. Some of these features include:

Numerous Tools in a Single Portable design

When you purchase Kelvin 17, you will have access to a liquid level, tape measure, carbon-steel hammer, an LED flashlight, and various types of heads, screwdrivers, and bits.

kelvin 17 multi tool

Available in Different Colors

The Kelvin multi tool is in different colors. These include black, red, pink, and blue. You can either match different colors with a variety of packages or buy all the tools in a single color.

Magnetic Driver 

Kelvin17 comes with a magnetic driver that helps to secure the bits. If you want to disconnect the bit, all you have to do is press down on the group’s top.

Comes With a Battery 

The Kelvin 17 multi tool package contains a CR2032 battery. This is because one of the tools in the package needs one, the LED light. This battery will be used to power the LED light. This is also incredibly easy as you don’t have to worry about setting anything up. Kelvin17 works immediately when you remove it from its package.

13 Bits 

Kelvin17 comes in with 13 different bits. This includes bits you will need for any DIY project, repairs around the home, and screw sizes. The multi tool has three flathead bits, three Torx bits, three Allen (hex) bits, and 4 Phillips bits. It doesn’t matter the repair job or DIY project you want to do, Kelvin17 has all the tools you need.

How to use the Kelvin 17 tool?

Kelvin17 is straightforward to use, making it the best tool for beginners and DIYers. You don’t have to set it up. It starts working right out of its box. You just have to press a visible button and your preferred bit will be locked into its position, ready for use. You won’t also need to start digging through your tools bags for other screwdrivers.

The remaining 12 extra bits are tucked safely inside the handle of Kelvin 17 multi tool. So, you always have all your tools handy, literally. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the bit coming off when you start working with it. All Kelvin 17 multi tools come with a magnet that holds the bit in placement. The same applies to the extra 12 bits inside the handle. So, attach your bit and screw it away.

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Benefits and Advantages

The Kelvin 17 multi tool has different exciting advantages and benefits that you will love. Some of them include:

Takes Less Space

Kelvin17 is the most portable modern multi-purpose tool. It has the same size and weight as an average cell phone. So, you can easily carry it and put it anywhere you want such as in the kitchen drawer, car glove compartment, in your pocket, etc.

kelvin 17

More Value at a Lesser Price 

You will spend at least $150 If you want to purchase all the tools that are in the package. So, you are getting a $150 value for an incredibly lesser price. Putting all the tools you would need for a DIY project into a single package, the manufacturer has succeeded in saving hundreds of dollars and several visits to the store for their customers.

Anyone Can use Kelvin 17 

You don’t have to be a professional before you can use the Kelvin 17 multi tool. You only need a minimal experience in home repairs to use this unique device successfully. If you don’t have any experience, you also won’t have any issues getting familiar with this tool. Kelvin 17’s ergonomic designs make it easy for handy use. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a kid with zero experience or a contractor, Kelvin 17 is straightforward to use.

Kevin 17 Reviews 

It is crucial to know what customers are saying online about this product. And there are numerous Kelvin 17 review from users online. Here are some of them.

“Kelvin 17 is everything the manufacturer says it is. It is a good tool to have at home because it comes in handy every time. I am happy with my order.”

Chris, 44

“I bought this device for my wife but I found myself using it all through the week. I had to order mine. What makes this device stand out for me is how small it is. And it works well too. I recommend it to all beginners. You would like it.”

Thomas, 37

“This tool is it. It has everything I need including a hammer. Now, I am wondering how I got along before I bought it. Such a good investment. – Linda. ”

Linda, 29

These are some of the Kelvin 17 reviews. Most users agree the tool works as advertised.

Price and Money-Back Guarantee 

You can order the Kelvin 17 multi tool from its official website. You would get amazing discounts when you purchase more than one. Here are the official prices.

kelvin 17 multi tool

  • One Kelvin17 costs $24.99
  • Three units cost $49.98
  • Five units cost $74.97
  • Seven units cost $99.96

This amazing tool also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you will get a full refund if you notice anything wrong with your Kelvin tools within 30 days.

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Final Thoughts 

The Kelvin 17 tools are portable multi-purpose tool every home should have. It comes with all the devices you will need for any DIY project and repairs around the home. As we all begin to prioritize smart work over hard work, this tool is a must-have. Kelvin tools are incredibly useful and will come in handy. We hope this kelvin 17 review will help you make an informed purchase decision.

Kelvin Tools
Effective Household Multi-tool
9.5 Total Score
Effective Household Tool

The Kelvin tool is an effective tool for use within the house. It provides great value for the money.

Ease of use
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Has several tool options
  • Money-back guarantee
  • A bit heavier than other multi-tool in the market
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