Internet of Things Trends for 2019

Earlier this month, the fourth edition of the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress (SWC) takes place in Barcelona. In which, it signals an increase of interest in the technology. Thus, with the number of attendees that jumps by 25 percent year after year to 16,250.

In line with this matter, the range of the topics discussed shows that the Internet of Things (IoT) is being loved by the companies in every sector. Moreover, the technology has already passed from the development phase to the implementation of such practical solutions. Yet, the results were increasingly evident.

Updated on 10 June 2024

Additionally, the two hundred speeches and panels were divided into thematic areas. That includes; healthcare, manufacturing, connected transport, building and infrastructure, energy and utilities, and open industry.

Here’s the list of some of the main trends for 2019 – Internet of Things

Internet of Things – Artificial Intelligence to give value to data

Artificial Intelligence is the main and fundamental ingredient need to make sense of the vast amount of collected data nowadays. And also, to increase its value for some businesses. Like so, the best and the easiest way to implement this Artificial Intelligence is to recourse to the API services of cloud operators. That includes Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.

Consequently, the risk of using standard solutions accessible to all is that it reduces the competitive part of the enterprises that use by them since it can already be as easy as to be implemented by the competitors. For this reason, creating a property as AI platform, moreover, will not be as easy and as possible for everyone.

Internet of Things – Brings order to the Confusion of protocols

Though in natural selections, possibly facilitated by the future evolution of 5G service was likely to reduce the number. Or even too many standards and communication protocols for the Internet of Things will continue for a long period of time.

In this matter, the translation of the signals and its integration into information flows. Therefore, it will continue to represent an opportunity for every system integrators and even companies operators in this kind of sectors.

Though, neither the frameworks nor the platforms are emerging to manage and institutionalize the different peripheral system, it would not exist yet. And also, there will be no plug and play solutions for the Internet of Things for a while.

Internet of Things – Increase of Security at End Points

Internet of Things (IoT) devices leaves you vulnerable to hack and security issues. Just think of it, with this in mind, how many are IoT devices you have? Did you even know if all your devices are secure? By the next year 2019, it will, just in predictions, increase security at all endpoints.

Thus, hardware manufacturers such as HPE, Cisco, Dell, and more others are building a specific infrastructure for the edge designed to be more physically rug and secure. Moreover, security vendors will just start to offer endpoint security solutions to its existing services to prevent data loss. In which, it will give insight to the network health and possibly threaten with protection.

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