Huusk Knife Review 2024: Is it Worth it At All?

If you love cooking and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you should understand that knives are essential to getting almost anything done. A sharp, ergonomic and durable knife is an investment every kitchen must make. With so many knives available today, picking out the best knife can be overwhelming. That’s why we tested some kitchen knives over the last four months. We did the work so you wouldn’t have to. As a product of our tests, this Huusk knife review was written to show you everything you need to know about this Japanese knife. 


This ergonomic, samurai-inspired knife makes it easy for you to chop and cut anything with comfort and ease. Chop 'Em Off With 70% discount on your purchase. Limited time offer.

Updated on 17 July 2024

The Huusk is popular as the chef’s knife but anyone in need of knives with more control and balance can use it. The knife’s blade is made of stainless steel and has an oak wood handle. The ergonomic design features curves on the blade and handle. The handle is curved to fit your grip more naturally than straight handles. The quality and design of the Huusk Japanese knife make it a must-have. This Huusk knife review tells you everything you need to know before you buy the knife.

Huusk Knife Review: What is this knife?

The Huusk knife is a Japanese samurai-inspired kitchen utensil. Modern elements have been added to traditional style to produce this chef knife that easily blends into Asian and Western cultures. These knives, based on samurai tradition, are made from Japanese stainless steel.

The forging method incorporates traditional blacksmithing techniques which have been used for centuries in creating samurai katanas. Apart from a rich traditional background, this knife is highly multifunctional. It is great for slicing, chopping, carving and running on edges. Chefs know how important specialized knives are and love that Huusk is a multi-purpose knife.

The knife length is about 28 cm/11 inches while the blade is 15.5 cm/6 inches. It is 5cm/2 inches wide and weighs 252 grams. The blade has a sharp edge that is curved outward. Some Huusk knives reviews say that a curved blade makes cutting easier and faster. The high-quality stainless steel blade stays sharp for longer and is durable.

The blade also features a laser-carved index finger hole for better control and flexibility. The hole at the base of the blade helps the chef to maintain a stronger grip. It prevents the knife from slipping out of your hold as you try to maneuver it. The index finger hole is an important ergonomic feature that contributes to the premium control that is expressed through this Huusk Japanese knives review.

This knife has a special leather sheath for storage. The classy leather sheath keeps it dry and fashionable. This sheath also prevents accidental cuts while the knife is in storage. Traveling chefs will enjoy traveling around with their super stylish knife kept safe in a classy sheath. The sheath allows you to wear the knife on your belt loop.


Huusk Knife Review: How is it special?

Huusk is inspired by centuries-old Japanese knife aesthetics. The manufacturers of this knife combine traditional knife-making techniques with modern methods to create this masterpiece. They created this special knife in honor of those whose passion is cooking.

Crafting this knife is a detailed focused process. About 138 steps go into creating one knife. There is a rigorous testing process each knife goes through before being released for shipment. The complex process and quality testing are done to ensure users get the best quality. The whole process takes about 2 months.

These knives are of great quality and the hard steel blade can withstand longer sharpening. But that’s not all, the knives make it easy to get perfect cuts of meat and veggies without too much effort. You can cut the thinnest or thickest slices with little force. With Huusk you don’t have to worry about squashed tomatoes or cuts and strain common with some other knives.

This knife can be used for all the tasks that serrated knives and butcher knives do. From cleanly slicing or chopping cucumbers, cabbages to dicing carrots, onions or tuna. To more technical tasks like slicing a pineapple, carving a chicken, cutting a chunk of flesh from beef, Huusk knives do it all.

People who have used this unique knife say they enjoy its functionality. The curved blade allows you to cut with a rocking motion that results in utmost precision. Top chefs swear by how great this knife is and how it’s changed their cooking for the better. Balance and control are what chefs want and Huusk provides just that.

huusk knives reviews

Huusk Knife Review: Benefits/Advantages

  1. Sharp edge: All Huusk knives arrive extremely sharp. They don’t get blunt very quickly but when they do you will find them rather easy to sharpen.
  2. Pressure balance: Huusk knives have an S-like shape. This gives it a unique balance and control. The S-shape makes it so that you can easily control the blade with minimal effort on the handle. A little pressure on the handle gets the job done.
  3. Comfort: If you have ever gotten blisters from using a knife for a long time, then you know just how uncomfortable knives can become. Huusk knives are designed to give you optimum comfort while you slice away.
  4. Sturdy: Some knives are sharp but fragile, sturdy but prone to oxidation. We
    Huusk eliminates those challenges for the chef. The knife is very sturdy and does not easily rust.
  5. Portable: With the special leather sheath you can safely transport the knife on your person or a bag. The sheath can be attached to your belt loop or tools belt. This makes it really handy for camping or hunting trips.


huusk knives


  1. Availability: The Huusk Japan knives can only be purchased online. They do not supply to wholesalers so you can not get Huusk Japan brand knives at the local store.
  2. Limited supply: You may not be able to order a large quantity at once. This is because the manufacturer produces in limited quantities to avoid flooding the market.

Huusk knife Reviews from Users

Here’s a few words from verified buyers with honest feedback to share.

“I like my Huusk knives. I run a small restaurant and I do 70% of the cooking. I’ve used many knives and still use other knives but the Huusks are my favorite. They cut easily and stay sharp for a long time despite everyday use.
I bought two knives and I can tell you they are the best I have bought. The price was fair. And I’m satisfied with the ease of purchase and delivery. I recommend it for anyone who does a lot of cooking.”
David Gia

“I love to cook and Huusk knives make it easy. After reading a few Huusk Knives reviews, I got one and it is an awesome product. It is easy to get a good and secure grip on it. I think my favorite things are the sharpness and weight. It is neither too heavy nor too lightweight. It is light enough to cut the vegetables for salads and heavy enough for large chunks of meat. This knife is really pretty too. I feel like a professional chef whenever I use it.”
Rita Mckenzie

“I have been using this knife for 6 months now and I gave it as a gift to my father last month. He was really impressed and hasn’t stopped talking about how great it is. He’s so happy with his new Huusk knife. He says the quality is top-notch, just as I do.  I love how easy it was to order the knives both times I did. Shipping was really fast too. If you want to try a new knife, I recommend Huusk knives.”
April Mavin

“After reading several Huusk knives reviews, I got one and realized that this knife is very sharp, no kidding. It is really comfortable to hold no matter what you are cutting or how long y. I use it as a hip knife, it comes in handy for a lot of situations. Carrying it around is so convenient. I love the handmade feel, especially the hammered look.”
Ben Ottomanelli

Huusk Knife Review: Price and Money-back Guarantee

At the moment, Huusk is selling at a promotional discount of up to 70%. Rather than the normal retail price of $99.83, the official Huusk knives price is $29.95 only for a single knife. You can get up to four knives for only $79.92. Simply order with the button below to enjoy this limited-time offer now! 


huusk knife

Huusk Knife Review: FAQs

Q: Is the sheath a belt mount?

A: Yes. You can attach the sheath to your belt loop or tools belt.

Q: How to care for this knife

A: Normal cleaning process will do. Wash it with soap and rinse generously. Dry it with a towel. If the knife is in storage for a long time, rub a little bit of cooking oil on the blade.

Q: What angle is the blade curved to?

A: The Huusk blade angle is curved at about 38°.

Q: Do I need to buy the leather sheath separately?

A: No. The leather sheath is free and comes with the Huusk knife.

Q: Can I put it in a dishwasher?

A: Our Huusk knife review does not recommend washing the knife in a dishwasher. Some say washing it with other utensils dulls the knife.

Huusk Knife Review: Conclusion

This Huusk review made it obvious that this samurai-inspired knife is unique in style and functionality. It is easy to use and supports and level of cooking proficiency. If you want to step up your cooking game, the Huusk knife is a smart investment.

Huusk Knife
9.5 Total Score
Huusk rating 2024

Ease of Use
  • Excellent pressure balance
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Sharp edge
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Only available online
  • Limited supply
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