Hootie Review 2024: Is The Personal Security Alert Device Worth it?

We live in a world where we all have to take a measure of responsibility for our safety. Smart people are using the Hootie safety alarm to provide a layer of protection for themselves. Sometimes, people get assaulted, robbed or killed and the criminals only succeed in their nefarious acts simply because the victim was unable to get help. When faced with an assailant or a life-threatening situation it’s great to be able to help yourself. If you can’t fend off your attacker or are critically injured in a secluded area you want to get help as quickly as possible. That’s why the Hootie personal alarm is the hottest thing in personal safety.

Stay Safe with Hootie Safety Alarm

You can scare mobs and attackers off and alert the security services in an instant by using this personal safety alarm device.

Updated on 10 June 2024

What is the Hootie personal safety alarm?

The Hootie personal alarm is an innovative safety device that can help you ward off assailants and signal for help when you are in danger. It is designed to scare away attackers and simultaneously signal for help.

A Hootie alarm is small and rectangular shaped. It looks like a regular flash drive, measures 3.94 inches tall, 1.18 inches wide, and 0.59 inches thick and weighs just 0.93 ounces. It has a looped pin on the top that you pull to activate the Hootie siren. The sound is measured as 130 decibels, that’s as loud as a jet engine. Hootie reviews say people within 1,000 feet will be able to hear the alarm sound. That’s a lot of ground to cover for such a small device.

The alarm sound is not the only feature the Hootie alarm has. A powerful strobe LED light is fixed right in the middle of the alarm device. The light works as a powerful disorientation tool, when it flashes in the dark, your attacker will be more startled and confused. The light also serves as a visual signal that alerts people in the environment to your location. It is especially useful if a person has had an accident in a snowstorm or while on an evening walk where there is no one immediately close by.

Furthermore, the Hootie personal alarm is very small, roughly the size of a key fob, which means that it could easily fit into your palm. The device is so discreet and can be cleverly hidden. You will find it easier to carry around than typical self-defense instruments spray.

How is Hootie designed?

Not only is it portable and lightweight, but it also passes airport security checks with no hassles. Unlike guns and maces that may be confiscated by airport security. It can be used as a better alternative or additional support to conventional self-defense instruments like pepper sprays, handguns, knives or maces.

Each Hootie alarm comes with a small carabiner hooked on the looped pin, so you can attach the alarm to almost anything. You can attach it to a purse, belt loop, key chain, backpacks, suitcases and more.

The Hoodie alarm is made with durable plastic that is impact-resistant and provides adequate waterproofing for the internal components. The plastic body can withstand being grabbed by wet hands, cold and hot temperatures. So, you can keep the Hoodie personal alarm close by when you go hiking, swimming, skiing and so on.

Although the Hootie safety alarm is marketed by the manufacturers as a women’s safety device, anyone can use it. It has colors that are appealing to men and children.


hootie alarm

How does the Hootie personal alarm work?

Hootie personal alarm works as a defensive personal safety. It has two key features; the light and the alarm. The alarm noise will most definitely send an assailant into a confused frenzy and discourage them from pursuing their intended course of action. The pin at the top part of the Hootie safety alarm device is pulled to set off the ear-piercing noise.

The light which is used as an SOS sign and to disorient an attacker is visible during the day and at night. The light displays in a strobing manner and it also comes on as soon as the pin is pulled. To discontinue the alarm and light, push back the pin and the device goes off immediately.

You shouldn’t worry about losing the pin during an encounter because it doesn’t come off completely. It simply pulls up halfway, still staying attached to the Hootie alarm body.

Also, the manufacturers have worked to solve is accidental activation. They made the Hootie alarm in such a way that you need to exert at least two pounds of force to pull the pin. That ensures the pin doesn’t pull off from a careless pull, rub or tumble in your bag.

However, the pin can still be pulled out pretty easily, within seconds if you applied the correct amount of force, so it’s not difficult to operate in an emergency.

With full battery power, the alarm and strobe light will continue for 40 minutes, which is enough time to get help. The Hootie alarm uses two replaceable CR2032 batteries. The device comes with two batteries which have a standby life of 1-year standby.


Benefits/Advantages of Using the Hootie personal alarm

  1. TSA Compliant: Hootie is a non-violent safety tool. So unlike offensive weapons like a pen knife or pepper spray, it won’t be confiscated by the TSA.
  2. Zero chances of accidental injury: Sometimes accidents occur with offensive self-defense weapons, injuring the user or someone erroneously identified as an assailant. There is no such risk of accidental injury with the Hootie personal alarm.
  3. No special permit requirements: With Hootie, you don’t need any special permits to carry it with you and it doesn’t require any sort of special training.
  4. Easy to hide in plain sight: The Hootie alarm is very small and not at all bulky. It is easy to carry it around, within reach in the disguise of a flash drive or key fob.
  5. Fashion-forward: The Hootie safety alarm is super stylish and comes in a variety of six colors. It complements any outfit style so you don’t have to worry that it will cramp your style. In fact, it makes a cute addition to your keychain (Hootie keychain) or belt hoop.


  • No low battery alert: There is no automatic way to know if the battery is low.
  • Not rechargeable: The Hootie alarm is solely dependent on replaceable batteries. You can not recharge it with electricity.

Hootie Safety Alarm Reviews by Users

hootie personal alarm

“I’m a night worker and have used the Hootie personal alarm twice, once in combination with my pepper spray to escape thieves. It worked like a charm.”
Jim Camarillo

“I got my Hootie personal alarm 3 months ago, it didn’t disappoint in looks, just exactly as was shown on the website. I also tested it and it works perfectly.”
Mary Smith

“I gave this Hootie personal alarm as a birthday gift to my daughter who lives in Minnesota, over 1,000 miles from me. The process of ordering and delivery was hassle-free. I feel better knowing she has something to help her feel safer.”
Tate Bynes

Price and Money-back Guarantee

You can buy a single Hootie personal alarm at $29.99. However, if you choose to buy more than one you can enjoy some great deals.  If you buy 2, you get 1 free at $19.99 per piece. Buying 3 gets you 2 free Hooties at $17.99 each. The best is the buy 4 get 4 free deal at $14.99 per piece. Importantly, by using the button below to order your Hootie safety alarm, you can enjoy free shipping to your location anywhere in the world. Courtesy of Digitogy!


Hootie offers a 30-day return and refund window.

hootie safety alarm


Q: What if I lose the pin?

A: It is highly unlikely to lose the pin. Moreover, it doesn’t have to come off completely to work and you most likely have to pull it by inserting your finger into the pin loop, that way it stays on your finger during an encounter.

Q: Does it come with extra batteries?

A: No. The Hootie safety alarm comes with just a pair of batteries installed and no extras.

Q: How do I open the battery compartment?

A: Use a key, a flat head screwdriver or anything similar to pop open the little slot on the side of the Hootie alarm.


Whether you are with friends, on a date, with strangers or alone, having a Hootie safety alarm on you is a nice safety blanket. Even if you already have an offensive self-defense weapon, the Hootie alarm gives you an extra layer of protection and extra time to use your other weapons.

Hootie Personal Safety Alarm
9.3 Total Score
Hootie Review 2024

Ease of Use
  • It's fashionable
  • TSA Compliant
  • Small and easy to hide
  • No permit or license required to use
  • Uses replaceable but non-rechargeable batteries
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