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Updated on 20 July 2024

If you have a goal to make your home the smartest of all, then, there is no way for you to skip these home innovations in your 2018 gadget review list. Moreover, you have to drop all the things you are doing right now for these quick home innovations to inspect before 2019. Just take note not to drop them so hard okay? And so, here comes the first item.

Best Home Innovations

HiMirror Mini

We have been in the same situation as getting all ready for a big night. That moment we make sure to look good in the mirror while making a keen inspection of our makeups. However, there is a feeling of uncertainty when it comes to the appropriateness of clothes with the weather. Good thing that the HiMirror Mini is invented right when we need it.

The HiMirror Mini is not like the mirror you used to stare at so long before. This smart device is that can be connected to WiFi using the excellent AI of Amazon name Alexa. More so, utilizing this sleek home innovation can enable you to ask about the current weather condition. In fact, you can do this for just a few seconds before your time to go arrives. I can imagine how a smart home with smart devices makes every modern Cinderella come perfectly prepared and on time with the modern parties today. See how technology turns magic into reality? The new generation of things today is smarter than ever before, making the world as magical as our childhood fantasies.

[amazon box=”B07F11V72L” title=”HiMirror Mini” image_alt=”HiMirror Mini” rating=”3.7″ image_size=”large” description=”Touchscreen Smart beauty mirror with makeup LED lights.”]

Otherwise, maybe a bit more than that because with today’s new home innovations 2018. Like HiMirror Mini, you can also order pizza while getting ready with your friends or ask for an Uber service to come pick you up before 12 o’clock arrived. Make sure to wear a gorgeous pair of shoes that will only fit your feet. But, this is impossible because apparently, people around the world can match shoe sizes.

Furthermore, this awesome home innovation has a lot of useful smart capabilities such as Facebook, Alexa, Spotify integration. These things can allow you to connect with the world without getting your hands off of your make up brushes.

Amazon Echo Show

Cooking can be more stressful sometimes than relaxing. However, there is this smart gadget in Amazon that you shouldn’t miss before this year pass that can make cooking easier and enjoyable. As one of the smart home innovations 2018, the Amazon Echo Show released its newest cooking skill called “cooking with Alexa”. Consequently, this skill can help you through step-by-step recipe instructions with the use of your voice alone. This means, using this smart home innovation, you can now flip the pages of an online cookbook without using your hands.

[amazon box=”B077SXWSRP” title=”Amazon Echo Show 2nd generation” image_alt=”Amazon Echo Show 2nd generation” rating=”4.3″ image_size=”large” description=”Alexa enabled charcoal colored smart display.”]

The best companion when preparing a delicious meal, the Amazon Echo Show can surely transform a life.

Footbot Air

Are you living in a city yet desires to get the freshest air possible? Well, you can now get that for yourself today using Footbot Air. These home security innovations 2018 can help not only you but also your family to stay secured from the dangers of air pollution wherever you are.

Also, this outstanding home innovation is best for asthma or allergy sufferer. Likewise, this gadget is also best for everyone who wants to go home in a place where they can breathe fresh air without going to an en grande beach vacation. All day long, we can be exposed to various chemical pollutants and viruses. Therefore, it is ideal to take advantage of Footbot Air’s abilitis which include the capability to monitor the levels of air quality inside your home.  This is only possible through internal sensors that can check existing pollution in the air.

[amazon box=”B06Y8VLCH8″ title=”Footbot Air” image_alt=”Footbot Air” rating=”3.8″ image_size=”large” description=”WiFi connected smart air quality indoor monitor.”]

Moreover, this device can track temperature, chemical pollutants, humidity, and also particulate pollution using a LED snazzy display. You can now make comfort yours while you are staying on your own home. This device will never make you need to worry about pollution anymore.

Smartap Home Skill

There is no soothing feeling that you can compare from the ones you can get from a nice hot shower. Anyways, you can now move on from your manual unintelligent shower to the Smartap Home skill that can make your every bath more comfortable.

The Smartap Home Skill automated shower is an app-controlled device where you can adjust the water temperature, duration, and flow of this smart shower according to your liking. Additionally, it comprises some LED lights in it where you can change color which varies depending on the water temperature. Most of all, you can make an adjustment from person to person’s use.

[amazon box=”B07K76RMTX” title=”Smartap Home Skill” image_alt=”Smartap Home Skill” rating=”5.0″ image_size=”large” description=”Smart shower controller.”]

You can turn on the Smartap shower using Alexa by saying the words “Alexa, turn on Smartap Shower.” Likewise, you can turn it off by saying “Alexa, turn off Smartap Shower.” Learn other voice commands for Alexa today and come prepared to utilize these smart home innovations before this year ends.

Bosch Connected Control

Of course, we wouldn’t like it of one of the best home innovations will not be discussed decently in this home innovations catalog kind of review. Well, since smart thermostats are now getting prevalent, we will include the best one so far.

The Bosch Connected Control Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat guarantees premium comfort with less effort needed. The best thing about it is that this smart radiator thermostat is programmable. This means you can mount this device on every room in your house to be separately controlled by scheduling. Each thermostat can be programmed with the maximum of 4 schedules each so you can save your energy and money.

[amazon box=”B073XHD8BB” title=”Bosch Connected Control” image_alt=”Bosch Connected Control” rating=”3.4″ image_size=”large” description=”Touchscreen Alexa enabled smartphone wifi thermostat.”]

As for the design, you can avail this item on Amazon either black or white. Plus, this wall installed controller emits a clever light display which clearly identifies the room temperature in just one look.

 Ember White Ceramic Mug

It would be confusing if anyone asks me to choose between a deliciously brewed coffee and this temperature control mug. While a deliciously brewed coffee especially if it’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans it comprises is a big deal for me. The Ember White Ceramic Mug is still the best home innovation deal no one can ever say no for.

[amazon box=”B0773WG6NK” title=”Ember Ceramic Mug” image_alt=”Ember Ceramic Mug” rating=”3.7″ image_size=”large” description=”White temperature control ceramic smart mug.”]

Besides, it can set the precise degree for drinking temperature in the most ideal range. And because it is a smart mug best for a smart person like you, it allows you to access its application on your phone so you can connect with it through Bluetooth. The app will give you notifications that your drink has reached the perfect temperature you set. Check for its LED lights.

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