Holiday Gift Ideas for gadgets under $100

In these days, technology, honestly, is an incredible thing. And, as time goes by, price tags on gadgets falls lower and lower. Even so, there are things that unimaginably cost luxurious a couple of year ago, and yet, it is now available at cheap prices.

However, technology did also imbue all of our lives. When in fact, gadgets used to be important for geeks and tinkerers, now, nearly everybody loves a useful machine.

Like so, to help you pick out the best presents for the best individual this holiday season, take a look at these tech gadgets you can buy for under $100 USD.

Updated on 8 April 2024


Smartphone speakers might be enough in some situations, but this does not mean for heeding to music. In such a way, if you like to have chill music on-the-go, you definitely be ready for an upgrade.

Herewith Bose Bluetooth speaker, however, you do not have to settle in a cheap quality of sound any longer. It ships out with great sound and waterproof feature, as well as it has a built-in chip. Like so, you can bring this piece of device wherever you want, wherever you may go.


Oh sure, you can read e-books through the use of your phone or tablets, maybe. But those said devices can bruise your eyes and burn because of battery power. Comes worst, you are always in a button-press away from any kinds of distraction.

The Kindle E-reader, in different circumstances, is built just for reading. With this mobile, worry less, because it is as easy as opening your eyes on a paper. Plus, in just for a full charge, the battery can last for weeks. Amazing!


You might feel surprised when such little wristband could change your life. Fitbit Flex, an affordable fitness tracker, which records your steps, calories burned, distance. As well as logs how long you are active every day.

In line with this matter, you can set your daily step goal, thus the built-in LEDs will show how close you are in reaching it. Anyways, you can compete with your close friends by downloading the free app.


Ordinary switches are all fine when you only want to do is just turning the lights on and off. Ecobee smart light switch, however, can do lots of things that regular switches can’t.

This smart switch comes with ambient light sensors, motion detection, and even built-in access to Alexa. Meaning to say, you can automate your own lights; ask your smart light to play music, set timer, and many more …


Latest smartphones and tablets are accurately powerful enough to do loader work on. But because of its scrupulous touchscreen keyboards, it seems hardly worth the effort.

Luckily, this smooth, ultra-thin aluminum keyboard makes your task on mobiles be just as easy and smooth as working on the computer. It is such a perfect gift, indeed, probably, for people who like getting things done quickly.

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