Here’s what to anticipate at tomorrow’s Apple event

Apple is hosting a special and most-awaited event tomorrow. Thus, it is also reportedly to announce even more and more new hardware that did not see in a glance at its iPhone event in the previous month.

Though we have already seen Apple’s iPhones and Watches, still, it’s a bit trickier to guess which Apple’s prospective devices will be the center of the light.

Updated on 20 May 2024

In line with this matter, these are the announcements and suggestions the company are most likely to reveal in the event;

What to anticipate at tomorrow’s Apple event …

MacBook Air and Mini (unofficial)

Back in August, Bloomberg had reported that Apple is working on a low-priced laptop with a Retina display. Thus, reportedly a replacement for the constant MacBook Air, with the same report in July by Ming-Chi Kuo allegedly the laptop will call something other than “Air”.

In addition, the other Macbook products were likely to see in the upcoming event is the MacBook Mini, in which it was announced on the Bloomberg report. Most specifically, the upcoming version will be more requests towards the pro users. Thus, it comes out with a new processor and large storage options. In which, it could make Apple’s product more expensive.

Moreover, in consider neither device has received an upgrade in years, it seems likely as candidates if truly Apple is working on new hardware. Meanwhile, there is also the Mac Pros, but Apple has the confirmation that this device won’t be seen until the following year.

Airpower (unofficial)

Whilst the first devices that are on the list is a bit closer to certain, thus, this one is a more of questionable. After we have had heard about the Apple Airpower wireless charging mat, it was noticeable for us on its absence at this year’s iPhone event.

In such a way, it was a little bit disappointed in considering how promising Airpower looked. In which, Apple does unveil a bounty of devices that even supports a wireless charging. Like so, a mat which supports it all would be a very interesting announcement. In line with this, it is not questionable that Airpower has already been delayed. So, even it cannot be seen, it will be anyone’s guess when it actually would be gotten.

If ever it will not be seen on tomorrow’s event, it would be great to potentially get an update to the Airpods. A previous rumor suggests that Airpods would eventually get a case that supports a wireless charging. But still, it had never been surfaced either. Like so, it seems likely as Airpower, but in spirit, we have the hope that keeps it alive.

New iPad Pro (unofficial)

Leaked images of an updated iPad Pro have had surfaced now and then throughout the year. Like so, if it proves to be true, it could mean a very different device from the one that we’d seen so far.

For this matter, if ever it is true, it would collaborate a report from last July by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In which, Kuo estimates the new iPad that would come in 11 inches and a massive 12.9 inches in the display.

Conclusion – The above information is un(official). Still, we have the hope to see these devices at tomorrow’s Apple event.

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