Here’s How You Can Make Twitter Feed Chronological

Updated on 10 June 2024

Twitter users have been lamenting about the algorithmic feed which messes up the order of tweets on their timelines. If you’re using Twitter too, you probably know the frustration of having tweets from jumbled tweets from different times. Tweets from three hours ago are next to tweets from one minute ago, and it just gets confusing and annoying. Fortunately, there’s a way to make Twitter feed chronological if you’re an iOS user.

Last week, Twitter officially launched a new feature that lets you switch your iOS Twitter app feed chronological. By clicking the ‘sparkle’ button, or the sparkle emoji, you’ll get to switch the timeline from algorithmic to chronological. You can always switch it back to the algorithmic feed if you want since the setting isn’t permanent.

For Android users, worry not! Twitter also announced that a way to make Twitter feed chronological is on the works. Keep posted here on VPN Veteran for the latest updates on this news.

twitter feed app chronological

From messy to streamlined

Twitter’s algorithm has been like this for about two years. The ‘in case you missed it’ and ‘while you were away’ features pushed tweets that the social media platform thinks is relevant and interesting to you. News tweets are also getting more timeline exposure. And perhaps the most annoying thing is the tweets that the people you follow have liked also appear in your feed.

Tweople (Twitter people) have been urging the company to change this system and instead make it chronological. Or at least create an option to switch to whatever they prefer. Luckily, Twitter heard their sentiments and released the ‘sparkle’ button.

Twitter announced the major changes through a series of tweets. They stated that they are working on modifications to give you more control over your timeline. They said that they are “showing the best tweets for you based on your interactions.” In their algorithm, Twitter is showing what it think is the most relevant tweets for the user. Well apparently, it’s not working for the users.

The social media platform also stated that they don’t always get the perfect ‘balance’ right. This is what led them to create the sparkle button to make Twitter feed chronological. They want users to be able to choose between a feed with the most relevant tweets versus a feed with the latest tweets. These updates will be tested in the coming weeks so we’re expecting to see more changes.

What about the edit button?

The algorithmic feed isn’t the only thing that Twitter users want to be changed. The edit button, which has been talked about even at the time when ‘like’ button was still a star. Even celebrities and influencers are asking Twitter to add an edit button already. To which Twitter replied with an answer.

“Dear everyone, Noted.”

However, there are no further updates regarding that request. Does this mean that it’ll be forgotten? Twitter seems to hear out the requests of its users, though, so we’d like to think positive and believe that it’s still in the works and will be out very soon.


This feature is now available for Android users now, too!

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