Google Celebrates its 20th Birthday

Updated on 23 May 2024

“Only started out just as a plain search engine and now turns into one of the most influential and essential companies on the planet.”

Google the “know-it-all” company was just “a simple search engine” back in the year 1997. But in the same month of 1998, was generally seen as the official date the company was started.

Over the previous two decades, Last Thursday, September 27 our year today, Google, the “know-it-all” company celebrates its 20th birthday. Even though searching for something on the internet has definitely become “googling”. We know that the company itself deals a big part of our daily lives, not just for one but in many ways.

The search engine was created by two Stanford Ph.D. students, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page for about $100,000. They did challenge the two most popular search engines in the old times of internet, the Alta Vista and Yahoo.

And because of its popularity, the company has broadened to new territories. They Had increased its current size, the selling advertisement, and the search results.

Google the “know-it-all” company: Growth

As the year passed by, the company has boomed into new technologies – have had successful times, and other times not that much.

Aside from its Gmail and search engine, Google has had the two most popular and successful character. Which are the Android OS (operating system) and YouTube, the video platform?

Today, Google Android has become the most familiar operating system in the whole world. It is because of being an open nature that allows the operating system to run on both expensive and cheap mobile android phones.  

And, the video platform YouTube, which was started out in 2005 and bought by Google the following year. It becomes the go-to platform of every internet users. Every day, it claims for more than one billion hours watched on the web and app by its users.

Google the “know-it-all” Company: Reviews

Aside from its success, Google had faced much analysis over the years.

Google Chrome or “Chrome” know the browsing history of its users, the  Gmail inbox was scanned for keywords, and every Android mobile phone devices know where the users have had traveled. All was just to improve the advertising strategy.

Because of its enormous share in the market, more than 90% of searches on the internet are done using Google. Surprisingly, the company has undergone scrutiny by the European Union. In which the company was handed a recorded assessment of $5 billion for breaking anti-trust laws.

What to expect in the future?

Right now, Google, the “know-it-all” company is working on progress. Including artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, robotics, and even trying in creating an eternal life. 

From the earlier time of 1998, Google was only serving for about ten thousand search queries every day. And now on google’s 20th birthday, it has had to serve for about forty thousand queries in just for a second. Such a big boom to the company itself, but whatever and no matter what the progress holds. The outlook will definitely last for even another 20 years. 

Happy 20th Birthday, Google!!!

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