Google is Trying to Detoxify the Internet through Jigsaw

Most of us won’t argue about the fact that the internet is a very toxic place. Well, try to scroll down on the comment sections and see how people troll each other. Social media threads mostly contain harassment and hate speech. In which a possible enlightening series of conversation turns into a fallacious argumentative strategy attacks. Good thing Google released Jigsaw to detoxify the internet. But the question is, can this stop the present poisonous state of it? Well, let’s see.

Updated on 29 May 2023

Jigsaw is Google’s Answer to Internet Toxicity

Various combinations of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, filters, and human moderation, have already undergone tests by tech giants to get through the contaminated content flowing into the internet each day. And now, Google’s Jigsaw is trying to find a way to get in between.

Formerly known as Google Ideas, Jigsaw is developed by Google. It is a technology incubator which now operates as an auxiliary of Alphabet Inc. The group is based in New York City. Moreover, it is dedicated to analyzing the global challenges existing in the present. As well as applying tech solutions from online censorship and cyber-attacks, countering-extremism, among others under the leadership of Google Jigsaw CEO, Jared Cohen.


Today, one of the Google Jigsaw jobs. Is to demonstrate that ML or Machine Learning made into helpful tools for human moderators can really alter the way people approach the toxicity of the internet. In fact, Google Jigsaw Perspective developed by the group together with the Counter Abuse Technology team of Google is made especially to spot the harassment and abuse happening online.

Additionally, the Perspective technology scores every comment made in a thread over the internet. And this is based on the recognized impact that they might bring on a particular conversation that makes it easier and faster for human moderators to track possible offenders. Furthermore, the said open-source technology is first revealed in the year 2017. However, it began its development a few years earlier than when it was declared.

Who Tested It?

There are some popular sites on the internet who tested Jigsaw. And one of those is the ever famous The New York Times. The huge Wikipedia has likewise tried it yet recently, it became a regular on sites like Reddit, Disqus, and more. CJ Adams is the project manager of this brilliant Jigsaw creation. And directly from him, he clearly stated that Perspective is really set to analyze how a voice is silenced online.

The Google Jigsaw outline resembles the world. It is complex like a puzzle with challenges that have to be solved. However, to solve these problems Jigsaw agrees that it takes collaboration to take them down. More so, together let us become involved on Google’s move to fight everything that makes the internet darker than ever before.

Final Thought

Being able to contribute to renewing and reviving the internet is truthfully a very rewarding thing to do. Not only that your contribution can benefit yourself. But also, it can benefit everyone who visits the world out there from time to time. May Jigsaw finish this fight soon enough.

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