Google Home vs Google Home Mini vs Google Home Max

In such a way, if you are looking for an excellent smart home speaker, the one powered by Google is likely to be a good alternative to the Amazon Echo range. However, same as Amazon speakers, Google Home vs Google Home Mini vs Google Home Max devices are available in different sizes. Though they are all having Google Assistant built-in, which means they can carry out the same task.

Like so, the speakers have had very different designs and specification. In which, it will determine where you’ll put them around your home. And what you use them for, as well.

Updated on 5 June 2023

Here’s everything you need to know about Google’s trio of Home Speakers. In order to help you work out and decide which Google Home is right for you.

Google Home vs Google Home Mini vs Google Home Max

What is Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is pretty much just a smaller Google Home. In which, it aims to take on Amazon’s Echo dot. Thus, it comes in a smaller form factor. But still, does provide 360 degrees sound. And also, provides a complete Google Assistant experience, which you can get with the original Google Home.

Additionally, it comes with a touchpad on the top. In which, allows you to perform a handful of finger gestures to control volume, the music, and other settings. Moreover, instead of having a flat or hard top, the Mini is covered in fabric that makes it look more comfortable.

What is Google Home Max

In order to fill out the ‘good-better-best’ line up, Google does also release the Google Home Max. Moreover, this speaker seems to be more of an Apple HomePod competitor. Since it will just focus specifically on music and provides the best audio quality as possible. In fact, according to Google, Max is twenty times more powerful than the original Google Home.

In line with this matter, the Google Home Max can detect where the wall and more other objects are in your house. That will automatically tune the speaker on to cater to the specific space it is in. Most alike from Apple’s HomePod – that adjust the subwoofer and tweeters, in order to give you clear-crystal sound.

How they both compare to the Original Google Home

As it was mention a while ago, the original Google Home is now strongly placed in the middle of the Google Home lineup – better lineup. To the Google Home vs Google Home Min vs Google Home Max. Thus, it may not be as low and compact as the Mini. Also, it may not provide sounds like good quality as the Max. But, it is there for users who want a decent mid-range option. Which is still fairly affordable, and sounds reasonably good, as well.

Certainly, the Google Home Max does actually aim at music lovers who enjoy cranking up their tunes to the maximum volume. Moreover, the original Google home tends to get a bit choppy when you crank the volume all up.

On the other hand, Google Home Mini is not quite destined for music listeners. Rather be Google Assistant aficionados, in which wants a dedicated voice assistant in more rooms of the home.

Anyways, original Google Home does still provide a pretty nice music-listening experience. Like so, it is still worth buying for.

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