Google Celebrates 10th Anniversary With A New Look

Updated on 16 July 2024

Google Chrome is undeniably one of the most popular web browsers today — thanks to its user-friendly features and unwavering reliability.

And to thank its avid users, Google has decided to bring a fresher look to Chrome, 10 years after it was first launched.

In line with the browser’s anniversary, the tech giant implemented some major design and performance improvements. Google is overhauling the whole browser — from its new appearance and updated icons to a new user interface and additional features.

Google 10th Anniversary

Google Chrome 10th Anniversary Features

To celebrate its 10th birthday, Google Chrome received a total makeover, something it has never done in a while. Users of the famous browser will immediately notice a huge update on its looks, which looks relatively rounder as compared to its traditional square edges.

A new color palette is also implemented, alongside a set of update icons that matches Chrome’s new look. Users will now have an easier time searching with an update on the address bar, which instantly shows answers to results directly in the bar without opening a new tab or having to wait for the page to load.

Some of the most common results that will automatically appear on the address bar include weather conditions, sports events, and even celebrity updates.

Google Chrome Update

Google also brings improvement to the browser’s security system, making every saved accounts and password safer.

Aside from that, the company brought changes to the Dino Game Easter Egg, which can only be accessed by browsing the Google Chrome without an internet connection. The Dino Game will now have birthday cakes, party hats and balloons to celebrate the Chrome’s 10th birthday.

All of these changes are both available in the PC and mobile version of the Google Chrome. It will also update automatically without any requirements.

The Future Of Google Chrome

According to Google, they have more plans for Chrome in the future. One of their goals is to incorporate artificial intelligence into the browser, which can detect malware and phishing websites.

The company also wants to make it easier for everyone to search for a song with all details, such as the singer’s bio, and his/her upcoming concerts and the availability of the concert’s tickets.

Users can even expect to see a vacation planning system in the future, which will allow them to juggle multiple tabs and documents, making it easier to browse for hotels and book flights.

Google App

Google’s Vice President of product management, Rahul Roy-Chowdhury expressed his desire to make Chrome a tool that people can use in the next years to come.

“When we first launched Chrome, Sundar said: ‘We think of the browser as the window to the web,’” says Rahul Roy-Chowdhury.

“A decade later, it’s still the tool people use to access all of the websites and applications that help them do what they want to do. As Chrome heads into the next 10 years, we want to expand that window—so you can see more and do more.”

As of now, users can now fully test the brand-new Google Chrome and enjoy its updated version.

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