Google and Facebook to Become Absurd Platforms in Near Future

At the very beginning, the internet was developed as a network funded by America’s Department of Defense. This is to defend that country over nuclear attacks. But as it grows and now become more advanced than any other thing in the world. It has transformed into consumer and commercial applications. Right now, the big platforms on the internet such as Facebook and Google become the center of the talk due to their obvious data aggregation which is not that pleasing for anyone. From the early programmers dream to a suspicious marketplace, what happened on the internet?

Updated on 14 May 2024

The Future of Google and Facebook

Not too long after their launch, Facebook and Google have shown some indications that allowing users to be somewhat anonymous has the possibility to make these sites absurd in the future with bullies lurking around. However, these two still advanced and go beyond year after year with their new strategies to involve more and more people.

With these two big names on the internet. Consumers and businesses are attracted to join the world of web starting in the year 1990s. That moment, people thought the internet can really live up the dream that the early programmers have for it.

But now if you think about it, the internet has become far from that dream because of these two big names that make the internet dangerous. While most of the sites on the web are equally suspicious, the incredibly targeted Google and Facebook advertising makes us think how are they able to do it? These two big companies make the internet on the wrong side.

Why These Two Companies are Scary?

google and facebook ai

Google and Facebook AI are secretly crawling under your browsing activities whether you are using a smartphone or other devices connected over the internet. Moreover, if you have a smart home with many smart gadgets all around and they are all connected over the web.  Sure enough that you are being spied all the time.

What’s more scary about this is that Google and Facebook AI among others might be listening to your personal conversations and scanning over anything you shared or liked. These data will be utilized for Google and Facebook dominate advertising.

Have you ever realized why you are suddenly seeing ads that are related to the last product you liked? The most concerning example I’ve heard about Google and Facebook advertising before is when a netizen shared that he just saw an advertisement about a clothing line he has just mentioned to his friend before he browsed on his Facebook timeline. It actually also happen to me after visiting a website then switched to Gmail.

Final Thoughts

The Google and Facebook ad revenue has reached skyrocket high due to its persistent and targeted advertisement. However, the bottom line here is that the internet allowed these two tech giants to sacrifice users privacy and safety. This is just to achieve the profit they want. More so, we can’t just imagine how the internet was transformed from defense to marketing. In the future, will Facebook and Google really become absurd?

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