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FlexSafe Review: Protect Your Valuables with This Travel Safe


People who love going outdoors are familiar with the predicament of either leaving their valuables or enjoying their time outside. Unless you want thieves to steal your wallet, phone, or bags, leaving it unattended is a bad idea. Unfortunately, this means not everyone will also get to enjoy their time because someone has to be left behind to watch over them. It’s a pain in the ass, but there’s not much of a solution. Until I discovered FlexSafe travel safe.

Why FlexSafe?

No matter how safe and crime-free your place is, there will always be the possibility of snatchers waiting for you to put your guard down. Just place your phone on the table and the minute you leave it, it’s gone. Place your bag on the floor or on a chair, and someone could slash it to fish your wallet out. It’s nerve-wracking and stressful. But FlexSafe is a portable safe (yup, you heard it right. It’s a safe, like the metal box that’s password-protected) that keeps your valuables safe wherever you go.
flexsafe portable travel safe

It’s supposed to work so well that it was even featured in Shark Tank, Good Morning America, Forbes, Today, and ABC. I wanted to try it out and make this FlexSafe review so I could see what the hype was about.

Find out if it truly works or if it fails to deliver what it advertises by reading my FlexSafe review.

Protect your valuables with this portable travel safe

This is a travel safe that’s designed to keep your valuables safely stored wherever you go. It can be securely locked to any fixed object, such as a chair or a pole. The safe consists of 5 layers of slash-resistant material, including RIFD blocking to keep your electronic valuables safe. And you can safely bring it to the beach because the nylon is water-resistant and sand-proof.

flexsafe travel safe

You’re probably thinking, it looks just like an ordinary belt bag, it probably doesn’t work. Well, based on my experience, it’s easy to underestimate this nifty little portable safe. But when you see its features, which I will highlight later, I’m sure you’ll add it to your must-haves for your next travel.

Aside from safeguarding your valuables, this safe offers peace of mind, convenience, and reassurance. You can finally enjoy your trip without constantly worrying about the safety of your belongings. No one has to be left to guard your bags and stuff anymore because the portable safe does it for you. Although this is a brand-new product in the market, I believe it will gain the trust and preference of travelers and people on-the-go.

Features and Benefits

After testing this travel safe, I’m now convinced that it truly is the ultimate portable safe. In this section of the FlexSafe review, I will highlight its features and what sets it apart from other travel safes.

5-layer material

You never have to worry about thieves slashing it open. This safe has 5 layers of slash-resistant material to prevent this from happening. The outermost layer is made of denier nylon, coupled with slash-resistant fabric, 3 mm EVA foam, an RFID blocking material, and a nylon interior lining. These sturdy materials are built to last, prevents slashing, and water-resistant as well.

flexsafe travel safe

5-layer material

To safely tuck in your stuff, it uses a heavy-duty nickel alloy lock with a 3-digit combination. The lock is corrosion-resistant so it’s invulnerable to water, fire, or rust. It’s also individually tested for strength and durability so there’s no need to worry about thieves trying to pry it open.

5-layer material

A belt loop securely fastens this travel safe to a fixed object. You can fasten it to a lounge chair, the umbrella pole of a table, on your bike, anywhere that stays in place. You can also wear it as a belt bag or as a shoulder bag whenever you’re walking. Lastly, the external mesh pockets can be used to place miscellaneous items for easy access.

flexsafe portable safe

Lightweight travel safe.

Unlike a portable lock box, FlexSafe is not bulky or inconvenient to bring around. Since it’s made of slash-resistant fabric, it’s strong enough to safely store your stuff. At the same time, it’s lightweight enough to be carried around wherever you go. It also looks like a regular belt bag so it doesn’t scream ‘portable safe box containing valuables’.

RFID blocking material

I just want to highlight how I absolutely like this feature. The RFID blocking material protects you from RFID skimming, a form of electronic pickpocketing. It prevents your debit cards, credit cards, passports, and driver’s licenses from being activated and transmitting information to criminals. With tech advancements nowadays, even picking a wallet can be complex. It’s a good thing that their team had this in mind.


Another feature that I absolutely love is the water-resistant material. It makes going to the beach a breeze. Now, I don’t have to carry those transparent plastic pouches whenever I go island hopping. FlexSafe can store my mirrorless camera, phone, and small wallet without the fear of getting it wet. Just make sure it doesn’t get thrown into the sea because that’s not included in the features. I’m kidding.

flexsafe travel lock

FlexSafe Price

For such a durable and secure travel safe, it’s not priced too high. It retails at $59.99 for each safe plus shipping and handling, but you can get a discount if you purchase more. Buy 1 FlexSafe and get the second one at 25% off (pay for only $104.98). Buy 2 of these and get the third one at 75% off (pay for only $134.98). Both deals include free shipping across the US.

Overall Review

This travel safe gets five stars from me. I believe it’s a really good investment especially if you like going outdoors and traveling. The slash-resistant material plus RIFD blocking is what made a real impression on me.

While it really reduces the risk of your things being stolen, you shouldn’t be 100% complacent. You should still mind your belongings but this gadget gives you the reassurance that it won’t easily be stolen. Overall, I highly recommend this portable travel safe.

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