Facebook’s Ads Feature “I already owned this” Gets a Nod

There is this online advertising form that keeps us sigh in frustration every single time it pops up while we are enjoying our smooth Facebook app time using our mobile devices. Apparently, these are called retargeting ads and people are sweet to complain about this stuff. Little did we know that there is this “I already own this” Facebook marketplace feature that seems to lighten up our loads. Yet, Facebook doesn’t seem to realize its worth. Why? Other platforms and media buyers don’t support this either.

Updated on 10 June 2024

Media Buyers Are Not Aware

There are five ad media buyers mentioning that they are not aware of this useful feature not until the moment Digiday showcased this it to them. Only that they realize that this option is not available in the standard ad area in News Feed. Even if its Facebook app for iPhone or you have facebook app download for android phone free, this is not available on all mobile devices. Visibly that Facebook doesn’t support this feature because if they do, they would consider including this in the platform that makes the most of their revenue. Poor thing, the “I already own this” feature only shows for Facebook desktop sidebar ads.

Media Buyers Shows Their Interest

Since media buyers became aware of this, they show great interest in this feature. Like so, they think that this simple feature adds another helpful data to make retailers identify and target their patrons and potential customers. Not like how the present Facebook News Feed ads options we have today that only allows users to report and hide ads showing lack of relevancy and appropriateness of products. The ‘I already own this’ feature shows a more positive input.

Even Google doesn’t support this option. In fact, Google ads only show ‘hide’ option. Afterward, it allows users to select if they are ‘Not interested in this ad, have ‘seen this ad multiple times, or the ‘Ad was inappropriate. And lastly, if it’s an ‘Ad covered content’. Moreover, Juice digital agency’s co-founder, Troy Osinoff. Also seems to get what this simple ads option can positively contribute on ad buyers like him. He says that this option would likely to be useful for ad buyers. But, only if Facebook would share the collected data to the advertiser. Therefore, it is a helpful tool to take note of the offline sales made without any digital attribution.

Some say this option is still helpful even if Facebook keeps the data collected for it alone. Another alternative option to hide an advertisement, some says.

Final Thought

Three years already passed before people discovered the relevance of this feature. It seems like Facebook’s “I already owned this” ads option gets a nod. Just recently various ad buyers are now expressing their personal thoughts about this simple addition. Is this advertisement option relevant? Or is it just another thing that complicates life? We all know that Facebook promotes simplicity. Yet, we are here, discussing this simple feature that is left hanging about its either relevance or insignificance.

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