Facebook Inc’s Instagram Back Up After Global Outage

Instagram, after experiencing a global outage a few days after it named a new managing head of the application, last Wednesday, Facebook Inc’s Instagram a photo boasting and sharing social media platform stands as a back up especially for many users.

Updated on 28 May 2023

Instagram Back Up After Global Outage

According to Reuters’s research, the website and mobile app that were down momentarily used also a back up as users can post videos and pictures on their feeds.

Couldn’t Refresh Error in Feed

Previously, the app showed an annoying error message stating “COULD NOT REFRESH the FEED”, whereas the site didn’t reload for users. That is why myriads of users blasted the Twitter to protest about the said outage tweeting comments and jokes together with this hashtag #instagramdown.

A Twitter user with a username Connell@connell_mchugh also tweets using the #instagramdown. Jokingly asking how can he determine who are into avocados on top of toasts now.

Furthermore, parts of Singapore, India, Australia, Europe, North America, and other states also experienced problems with the social media according to DownDirector’s actual outage map.

Both Instagram and Facebook weren’t accessible to comment.

However, the worldwide outage happens when Instagram announced that Adam Mosseri a long known insider will be the new managing head of Instagram last Monday, a few days ago after the co-founders left their positions.  

As of now, Instagram has over one billion app users which surprisingly grown by incorporating new features like short videos and messaging. After they were down for some cities, Instagram Back Up After Global Outage.

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