Essential Tips and Guide for Days Gone Beginners

Days Gone is a game filled with thrill and action. In the game, expect to see the beauty of the wilderness and the scenic Pacific Northwest. But it turns out that the place has so much danger that you can encounter Zombie-like people in the creepy abandoned tunnels and town cowering, ruins, that are all waiting for you, their next meal.

Updated on 13 April 2024

Days Gone Review

Expect a little surprise from time to time when you are playing the thrilling Days Gone PS4 or Days Gone PC. You will definitely see a sole monster while you are focused on getting that crafting supplies. While these creatures are quite easy to handle, it is still wise to prepare yourself for large groups of undead that might and will appear at times when you least expect them.

In the middle of the game, you could direct into a way of danger with your skills and wits alone.  But the question is, will these two allow you to live? Well, that depends on how you handle the situation. Before you get too excited for Days Gone release date, make sure to note that there also are infected and trapped bears covered with barbed wire that you can encounter in the game. This can be a little intimidating to kill.

Beginner Tips In Playing Days Gone

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Your motorcycle is the most important thing you must have and protect to get into civilization. Moreover, it is also the key to run from the most dangerous situations in the game. To simply say it, you have to consider upgrading the fuel tank of your motorcycle.

The moment you begin your Days Gone journey, don’t expect your bike to look and perform the best. As a matter of fact, it will surely appear like garbage at first due to its low-grade specs and functionalities in which you have to upgrade along the way.

In the game, you can get approximately one mile per gallon so you must prioritize to level up your fuel tank. It is a wiser option than to upgrade your engine or buy new useful weapons to kill your opponents. Those things can come next.

Another thing you must keep in mind is to check your bike from time to time. Make sure to stop by the mechanic in order to fill up the gas or have your bike repaired for some issues. These things must be done before leaving the camp.

You must also enhance your stamina. You can actually find injectors at NERO research sites and checkpoints that will let you upgrade either your stamina, health, or your ability to focus. While all these three are critical to have in the game, you have to prioritize enhancing your stamina. This will allow you to escape faster from the enemy.

Furthermore, you must also consider investing In Melee and stealth. These are more important than ranged skills. Prioritizing these two can allow you to repair a damaged melee weapon plus the fact that it can give you so much benefit later on the game.

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