EcoHeat S is The Best Portable Ceramic Heater


During winter, everyone is searching for the best way to keep every corner of the house cozy and warm. However, that is not the only thing that makes people busy in that particular season. For we also desire to avoid the sky-high cost of fighting winter as much as possible. And if reducing our energy consumption is the most feasible way to do that. Then you don’t have to think again. Because you can now make it happen using EcoHeat S. It gadget is the best portable ceramic heater that can turn the bad sides of weather around.

Probably, you’ll remember CoolAir in the intense heat of summer as well as the equal power of M4TRIX which are two of Hyperstech’s best air cooling devices. However, seasons change and while most countries are beginning to feel the summer heat. Some are still on the edge of winter. So for the ones included on the latter. Here is the revolutionary invention that can help you find comfort in your own home during the months with the lowest temperature.

Introducing EcoHeat S

EcoHeat S is basically a cylinder looking ceramic heater that includes an adjustable thermostat and oscillation. It is capable of heating the air in an area up to 98 degrees to provide a cozy and warm feel, especially in cold seasons.

Moreover, this portable ceramic heater utilizes the power of ceramic heating elements as well as the support of an internal fan in order to push out hot air into the entire room where it is located. As a result, you will be able to experience a warm feeling even in the middle of winter.

Since every winter people are pretty much into everything that can keep them warm, this device can make a huge difference for their home this time because of the convenience it can provide. Traditionally, people are into wearing a bulk of multiple layers of warm clothing just to make themselves comfortable throughout the day. Well, you can actually name a lot when it comes to this matter. But this time we want to get you something easier and more convenient.

What we will be talking about is more than just a fancy looking sweater or a hot chocolate drink that can help you feel warm in some ways. Instead, we will be talking about a high-performing Electric Ceramic Heater that can keep every side of your household comfortable. This comes handy in times of your need which is none other than EcoHeat S.

This outstanding ceramic heater is a part of Hyperstech line up. It is a lifesaver for every home renter and homeowner who desires to minimize their energy consumption by helping them to save their budget from paying an enormous electric bill by only heating a single room and not the entire dwelling. Well, we can actually assume numerous benefit from this excellent device. Why? It is a revolutionary product from the makers of CoolAir and DronexPro after all.

How Does It Work?

ecoheat s

EcoHeat S is composed of 3 Key Parts and that includes the Fan, the Heater, and the Control Panel. These components allow this incredible ceramic heater to work as a heater and a fan that blows cool air. Moreover, this amazing gadget embodies flexibility combined with portability together with a wide range of built-in safety features which makes it as an ideal ceramic heater that you can use for a whole year round.

Whether you need a cooling solution for the hot days of summer or something that can help you stay warm during the cold months of winter, this electric ceramic heater is proven to provide consistent efficiency. As a matter of fact, it includes LED thermostat capabilities that work satisfyingly well to help you achieve the best temperature you desire.

Additionally, the heating module of EcoHeat S comprises a specified amount of ceramic. The very thought that this best ceramic heater actually utilizes a ceramic in it is strong evidence that the said material is increasingly becoming popular with heating products such as small heaters similar to this type. In line with this. Ceramic is popular among small heating gadgets because they are incredibly excellent in terms of absorbing and producing heat. Which means they can deliver a lot of warm air out to fill the room pretty fast while they can easily cool down as well after turning them off.

Ceramic heaters are rated to range 85% to 90% when it comes to efficiency. For that reason, you can be sure that EcoHeat S does not allow a lot of energy to be wasted. It is especially that Hyperstech knows very well that people love a gadget that can help them save. Very helpful, isn’t it?

Now digging deeper. How does this best portable ceramic heater possibly do that? Well, ceramic heaters include a set of ceramic plates mounted in metal coils that works exactly like a coil heater. The difference is that ceramic plates absorb the heat then release it to the air which is actually faster compared to coil heaters. In fact, it only takes a few seconds to cool down and that cooling process automatically starts the moment you turn off the device.

Meanwhile, this revolutionary heater blows the heat across the room through its fan. And you can actually choose whether you like it oscillate 70 degrees or 35 degrees going to the left direction or right direction for the same extent. This way, the heat will be able to reach every corner of the room making it well distributed to cover the whole space. But remember that using a single unit of EcoHeat S is only be effective for a single room and not for the whole house. So if you want to enjoy the maximum heating power of this excellent portable ceramic heater, better purchase multiple units instead.

Lastly, you can find a control panel on top of EcoHeat. This is a super helpful component where you can set the heater’s thermostat, modify the intensity of heat, as well as activate the oscillation of the unit. Here is where you can choose to utilize high heat or low. And you can also use the fan instead during hot days.

What Makes EcoHeat S Unique?

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The best portable ceramic heater and the most eco-friendly of its kind (as its name suggests) can warm up your place effectively. It also has unique features that make it irresistibly popular and extremely hard to resist. So, are you ready to know the things that make this small portable heater unique? Unravel the best things about EcoHeat by continuing below.


First of all, we will talk about how portable EcoHeat S is. The portable and compact design of this incredible heater makes it an ideal addition for your office. In fact, it only measures 8.3 inches/ 21 cm X 5.5 inches/ 14 cm so you don’t really have to worry where to place it in any kind of environment.

Wide Angle Heating Power

It also features a wide angle automatic oscillation capability that provides an extensive angle heating power. When you use it as a heater, it can rotate with an angle of 70 degrees that will warm up a wide are from where it stands evenly. This feature allows you to get a smooth and even heat over a vast angle.

Vast Cooling Power

Same as how the heater works, using the fan can also provide you with vast cooling power. This way, you will never have a hot spot in your home again. It is because EcoHeat S turns around from side to side unlike other kinds of heater that only blows air in a single direction.

Smooth Heat                                                                      

Another unique thing about this excellent electric ceramic heater is that it produces a smooth volume of heated air without making the place unbearable. As a matter of fact, it makes the area cozy so you can enjoy staying in your well-heated living room, or kitchen particularly during winter nights that abides with freezing temperature. And we all know that these times can chill you to the bones if you don’t have an excellent heater like EcoHeat S. Good thing it is not yet too late for you to avail one. It is especially that the button below can easily take you to the right place to get it in an instant.

Perfect For Any Room

You can now create the perfect warm spot in your home using the best portable ceramic heater in town. And that is none other than EcoHeat S. With this, you can now spend more time your family and friends and stay comfortable and warm is a cozy room as long as you want. Let alone that you don’t have to be so much conscious about consuming a lot of energy with a heater anymore. Indeed, this gadget is perfect for any kind of room and it is a definite must-have for every home.

If Not Heating and Cooling: What More Is There?

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Here is a short list of additional things you can expect from this portable ceramic heater:

  • A Safe Kind of Heater – Get a 24/7 peace of mind by using this safe heater that includes amazing capabilities such as overheat protection, fire-retardant design, and tip-over protection.
  • Oscillating Design – This compact heater does not only feature a contemporary style that can fit perfectly in your room but also, it combines an oscillating design for a sleek and premium finish.
  • Flexible Functions – EcoHeat S has three possible settings which we have mentioned a while ago. These settings are included to help you achieve complete flexibility. With this, users are allowed to choose from 1200 Watts for an even crater heat output. They can also choose 600 Watts for significantly lower heat output. Or, the standard fan settings that blow cool air.
  • Portable Design – Hyperstech opts for portability with all of their products. In fact, you can prove that with just looking to the compact and portable design of this ceramic heater. Knowing that it is portable, you can easily place it in areas with limited space such as your home office or bedroom. You might also want to place it in your living room to make the place warmer than before.
  • Simple to Operate – EcoHeat is mainly designed with functionality considered. Therefore, it is incredibly easy to operate. To prove that, you can simply utilize its illuminated dots in order to choose the desired function you want to implement.
  • Energy Saving – This revolutionary product is ideal especially for those who want to reduce their electricity consumption. Besides, the cost of having a powerful heater can be very heavy especially if you actually own more than one. For that reason, more and more people are switching to this best portable ceramic heater. So, if you want it too, click the button below and expect to get your order as fast as possible.

Who Can Use It?

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EcoHeat S is a very simple device that anyone can easily utilize. You can just plug it to a power outlet and then, turn it on. Afterward, set the temperature you think is best for you and start to feel warm. This portable ceramic heater only takes a few seconds to make any spot warm and comfortable. So if you want to feel a little warmer as you come back home, switch it up and start counting.

You are also guaranteed to get a quality sleep using this device. It is because it is designed with ultra-quiet levels for zero disturbance. Now you don’t have to worry about being bothered or anyone else during night time.

How to Get Mine?

Now for the final question. Here is how you can get yours today.

  • Click the Button Below to be directed on Hypestech’s Official Website.
  • Choose the Best Package that matches your needs.
  • Continue your order then wait for fast and reliable delivery as fast as possible

With EcoHeat S, you can now make your home a better place for your family. It is also a bonus that your friends will definitely compliment you with it too. Moreover, this revolutionary heater is proven to change people’s winter experience so better brace yourselves. If you plan on getting one, get it right away!

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