Drone X Pro Review 2024: Is This Affordable Drone Any Good?

If you love photography, try to imagine yourself having a mini drone comprising an HD camera that you can easily fit inside your pocket. I know picturing that thought will automatically trigger your creative mind to think of ways on how to use it. There are a lot of ways you can utilize that kind of thing.  But what if you could get a high-end yet affordable drone with a camera that you can fold? That is none other than Drone X Pro. Would you choose to just imagine or you will acquire it for yourself? Is it worth buying it or scam?

Learn more about it by reading our  DroneX pro review.

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Updated on 20 May 2024

Drone X Pro Review: The New Ways to Take Pictures

It started with a simple selfie. Afterward, selfie sticks became a trend. However, technology keeps on evolving that even photography has gradually upgraded as well. Right here and now, we are about to experience the next level of self-photography.

We will learn about this new selfie advancement in this DroneX Pro Review.

DroneX Pro Review: What is Drone X Pro?

Drone X Pro is a foldable precision-engineered drone especially developed for easy flying. This makes it the perfect drone to record cool shots at an insane angle. And it can take good pictures of you while you are on the move.

You can also fold it and it is designed to be lightweight to make it an ideal travel item that you can bring anywhere you want. Perfect for a travel adventure, vacation, photography gigs, and more.

The New DroneX

Drone X Pro is the new and improved version of DroneX. This means, it comprises everything you love about the DroneX series.

affordable drone with camera: drone x pro

It is designed by two excellent German engineers who have a great interest in drones who trimmed down this innovation to make it the finest portable drone with an HD camera. Besides, most of the advertised affordable drones today are way too bulky and difficult to carry. So, they designed DroneX Pro to be an ultra-compact drone without compromising its main features to make it the best.

How Fast and High Can It Fly?

DroneX Pro can go beyond the limits. It can go further and way faster than you can ever imagine. This drone is known to be the fastest of its size. It can fly with a speed reaching 12 meters per second along with a top transmission distance of 2 kilometers.

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Drone X Pro Review: Key Features

Here are the things that will excite you to do a DroneX Pro test right away.

⭐️ The Size of a Smartphone

When it comes to size, this high-end drone is only as small as a smartphone. It is incredibly simple and easy to use that anyone can quickly learn how to fly it. Unlike its name, you don’t need to be a pro to master flying the amazing DroneX Pro. What you only need to do is to get your hands on this affordable drone and you are off to go for an epic adventure.

⭐️ Foldable

This drone has propellers that you can fold inwards to make it easier to carry around. While other affordable drones today also boast quality and high performance. This foldable mini drone is incredibly sleek plus you can protect it easily while on transit.

⭐️ Fully Loaded

Other than its portability and ease of use, this affordable drone is also firm and packed with functionality to exceed your limits. It is capable of taking a live stream and record video clips through your phone with its advanced flight performance. This way you can share your insane selfie angles anytime and anywhere. Let alone that it is a marvel of design and engineering built to fly wherever you want to.

affordable drones

The result? Cool shots that are captured at the most perfect angle in the air. Well, that is no wonder because this affordable drone is easy to fly. Plus, it is packed with limitless functionality so users can capture their coolest adventures using this mini foldable drone. So, how about you?

⭐️ HD Photos and Record Videos

You can now record a scenic view on its most realistic replica through the HD camera of this sleek drone. With its 120 frames per second capability, you can now capture images with up to 12 MP. Best for selfies, groupies, nature photography, and more, DroneX is the ultimate drone you need.

⭐️ Increased Flying Time

For up to 12 minutes, you can now fly at the best angle possible and film the entire scene with this high-performing drone. Unlike other drones, DroneX Pro has 12 minutes of battery life to fly straight without changing batteries.

⭐️ Gravity Sensor

With this excellent feature, this drone will be able to fly safely even in the roughest environment. It has sensors that can detect the ground and obstacles to change its flying course automatically to avoid a collision. In addition, it also has an automatic take-off and landing feature by pressing the auto-power button.

⭐️ Slo-mo Mode

For those who love to take a look back with their most epic adventure, Drone X Pro includes Slo-mo Mode that can allow you to replay the best scenes of your record in HD slow motion. Be amazed and reminisce about the feeling of being there using this cool feature.

⭐️ Panorama Mode

Yes, most people love panorama. It is especially for all Instagram lovers out there. Now, here is your chance to capture that the coolest 360-degree photos at an insane angle with just a single button click. So, what are you waiting for?

Drone X Pro Review: Who can fly the DroneX Pro?

Even beginners are capable of shooting like a pro with this cool device.

It has in-built pre-programmed camera shots including asteroid shots and boomerang that can level up your Instagram posts without requiring you to be professional in taking quality footage. With this, you will be able to capture all your epic moments easily. No need to be a pro. You only need to have fun while taking shots of your memories with this exciting drone.

The best thing that you will love about this drone is not its HD camera, nor how far and fast can it fly. The main thing people love about it is the way it is incredibly easy to control just by remote control. Besides, it comprises every feature that could satisfy a pro. Yet, its simplicity to control and fly makes it the best drone.

drone x pro review-remote-functions

Drone X Pro Review: What The Other Experts Say?

More and more people are doing their own Drone X Pro review.

To test its speed, Ben Popper of the famous site TheVerge, reviewed Drone X Pro and his verdict is not that surprising at all. He said he flew it multiple times and pushed it to its limits. And, to his amazement, the drone could still keep up. He also added that he was not able to outrun it and that he is impressed with its performance. His review proved that this sleek and affordable drone with a camera is capable of flying further and faster without even losing transmission.

dronex pro test

Most tech lovers are protective of their collections. But that could be changed with this sleek flying device. A verified reviewer named Taran Nicolaou from Ryerson RTA New Media said that he could even have his 8-year-old son fly it with no worries. This is because this drone is extremely intuitive plus it has anti-collision features that protect it while it’s in action.

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Drone X Pro Review: How To Use It?

Get ready to be surprised at how easy it is to set up. Read the following steps to do to start using this affordable drone today.

  1. Before you can start rolling, you will be required to install the application. To do that, find the QR code in the manual then scan it and you are done.
  2. Afterward, plug the battery in and start the application. With the app, connect your mobile device with your drone which will only take a few seconds (less than 10 seconds) and you are off to go.

Drone X Pro Review: What Makes It Special?

Portability is one of the things that makes this drone special. You can easily slip it inside your pocket and access it easily wherever you go. Also, it is equipped with an HD camera along with multiple photography advantages that are definitely worth the price. Plus the fact that it is the most reviewed among the affordable drones today makes it the most ideal drone to buy.

drone x pro review

Additionally, this drone is almost as small as a smartphone. With its small size combined with its sleek foldable rotors, the world’s best portable drone. You can choose to secure it inside of your backpack or luggage as you travel.

The controls of this drone are designed with perfection. It also features outstanding hovering capabilities so you will no longer have to worry about the height and just freely steer to enjoy the moment. What is more about this sleek drone lies on its high-quality camera. Ideal for taking high-definition photos and videos that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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Drone X Pro Review: DroneX Pro Price & Where To Buy It? 

DroneX Pro is an enhanced version of DroneX that promises higher performance, new design, better control plus it is shipped with a remote. If you want this to be yours, you place your order by simply clicking here. This will lead you to the official website of the product where you can find the best deals that can help you save lots of money if you buy in bulk.

With the overwhelming success of the previous version. It is the perfect time for you to get a little better. To go a little bit further and fly a little bit faster.

DroneX Pro Review: FAQ

Q: Is the Drone X Pro suitable for beginners?

A: Of course, it is. All functions are easy to use even children can do it.

Q: How far can Drone X Pro fly?

A: Drone X Pro range of flying is estimated 80-100 meters above the ground, plus it also has a good stability of altitude hold. So it can assure you that you will have a very nice photo even it’s flying up in the air.

Q: How long does it recharge?

A: It takes around 60-70 minutes for a full charge.

Q: Does it take up a lot of space?

A: The drone is foldable, so you can fold it, and it won’t take up space. Its foldable size is approximate 12.5*7.5*5 cm / 4.92*2.95*1.97 inch.

Q: Is DroneX Pro a scam?

A: With the high technology that makes it’s hard to believe, so you probably think the Drone X Pro is a scam. But no, it’s affirmatively not.

Drone X Pro Review: Final Verdict

When flying a drone is easy. You can concentrate more on taking magnificent shots of scenic views. Also, you can film your friends, yourself, and nature in the most amazing way.

Is DroneX Pro any good? Yes! This’s one of the quality products, plus ease of use is the main thing that makes all DroneX devices the best drones to buy. With Drone X Pro’s outstanding features combined with the most high-tech development of drones today, Drone X Pro becomes the most advanced affordable drone with a camera you will ever see.

DroneX Pro Review: The Best Among Affordable Drones
9.6 Total Score
DroneX Pro Review: The Best Among Affordable Drones

Ease of Use
Battery Life / Flight Time
Charging Time
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • High-Tech
  • Need a bit of training
  • Check regulations in your area
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