CreaClip Review 2024: Say Goodbye to Haircut Disasters

Getting your hair cut is a wonderful experience. Some get it because it’s therapeutic, life-changing, and some just do need a trim. A lot of ladies will agree with me when I say we love getting our hair cut often because it’s another form of pampering ourselves. But the thing is, haircuts are so expensive. In fact, we usually spend a lot of money per year just to have a short trim.

Because of this reason we looked for a cheaper and better alternative. Let me introduce you to CreaClip set hair cutting tool. This tool advertises itself as to help us save cost on hair cutting and it’s worth buying.

But we are skeptical and decided to test it and review it.

Does CreaClip work? Should you get it?

Let’s discover more about it in this CreaCleip review.

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Updated on 15 May 2024

Introducing CreaClips

The average woman gets her hair cut once every 2 months. Why? There’s a lot of reasons. We could be trying out a new trend we saw on a fashion model. A breakup can also make you want to re-invent yourself and a haircut is the best way to do that. Or, we could simply just want a good pamper session to make us look and feel better.


Lastly, of course, the most important reason is to simply maintain good grooming. I mean, if you got a new hairstyle a month ago, wouldn’t you want to keep it? Or sometimes there are just some styles that don’t look good once it’s grown out. So you have to constantly trim it and keep it intact.

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The Problem

Picture this: You’re going in for your monthly trim so that you can maintain the hairstyle that you like. $80 a cut from your usual salon is way too much for a trim, so you try out this cheaper place that only charges $40.

Fast-forward to the reveal, and you end up hating your hair! The sides are all choppy, the bangs aren’t even, and the length doesn’t even look different. It is at this moment when you realize that getting your hair done at a cheap salon is never good. And, even though it was cheaper, $40 is still a lot considering the horrible outcome.

Then you start thinking “I can probably do a better job myself.” So the next time, you grab a pair of scissors and just start going at your hair. But it ends up looking even worse. Now you have no choice but to wear a hat 24/7.

DIY cut

CreaClip Reviews

This isn’t just a problem for us adults. Our kids are a victim of this too. I’m pretty sure you’ve tried to give your kid a trim before, but it didn’t end up well. You probably used a bowl as your guide and ended up giving them a bowl cut. So much for your hairdresser skills.

Don’t you want to save yourself and your kid from any future embarrassment?

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Introducing: CreaClip Set Hair Cutting Tool

I still remember the day I discovered the CreaClip hair cutting tool on Shark Tank, and like the judges, I was quite impressed.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money per year because you’ll be doing it yourself. But, it doesn’t end up badly either. Trust me, nobody can mess this up.

CreaClips are so good that it’s been featured not only on Shark Tank but also on Beauty Insider, Seventeen Magazine, BuzzFeed, and even has a testimonial from Rachael Ray. So, you can rest assured this Shark Tank Haircut is legit.

The company says it’s “designed for anyone who wants a simple, convenient, low-cost salon-quality trim without the salon price!” They also have a bunch of video tutorials for ALL types of hair. So, if you’re worried about not being able to use it properly, they have a good guide to help you out.

creaclip review

CreaClip Reviews

CreaClip set hair cutting tool was created by award-winning celebrity hairstylist, Mai Leiu. She won more than 7 first-place international hairdressing awards. And, she received top training and global work experience including UK, USA, Canada, and China.

Coming from Vietnam, she knew that not everyone could afford the type of quality haircuts she gives to her celebrity clients. So, she wanted to be able to give an average person a way to get a rocking haircut without having to empty their wallet.

And it seems she was completely right. After being introduced to Shark Tank, she sold over 200,000 units! A lot of people do have this problem, and it seems they’re loving this Shark Tank hair cutting tool.

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CreaClip Reviews: What is it?

Reading this CreaClip review, and you still have no idea what CreaClips are, allow me to shed some light.

CreaClip Review

CreaClip Reviews

These CreaClips are simple devices that are well used in cutting children’s hair, trimming bangs, creating layers, or even just for maintaining a certain hairstyle that you like.

The package of CreaClip set hair cutting tool comes with two clips. One that is larger to be used for long hair and layers. Another is smaller for shorter hair and bangs.


CreaClip Reviews

But of course, CreaClip set hair cutting tool isn’t just for women and children. It is also great for men who simply want to keep their hairdo. I mean, would you be okay with spending over $50 a month for haircuts? That’s $600 a year. And think about everything else you could spend with that money. Just another reason to use CreaClip haircut.

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CreaClip Reviews: Features and Benefits

In this CreaClip review, I’ll be talking about some of the features that you’re sure to enjoy along with the benefits it brings you.

creaclip long hair

CreaClip Reviews

  1. Precise – If you look closely, you’ll see that the CreaClip set hair cutting tool has a rotating level. This is perfect for those beginners that have no idea how to cut hair in a straight line. With the use of the level, you can find the perfect balance and create precise and exact hair cuts. This is great for all hairstyles including layers, bangs, bobs, one-length, etc.
  2. Even – Once you open the clip, you’ll notice that it had teeth just like a comb. This is so that your hair will be evenly distributed, and you can get the same length throughout the process.
  3. Easy sectioning – The long curved clip makes it easy to hold and section all the hair at once. Notice how usual hairdressers have to hold your hair with their fingers while cutting. This is the same thing. But since it is longer, it will be much easier for you.
  4. Convenient – You don’t have to make appointments and go out of your way just to get a simple trim. Now, you can do so in the comfort of your own home!
  5. Saves money – Not only do you save time, but you also save a lot of money. Usually, a woman spends about $80 at the salon every month. That’s almost $1000 a year! Imagine all the things you could’ve spent on instead. But now, you don’t have to splurge on gas money or a simple trim anymore. You can just stay home and do it yourself.

CreaClip Reviews: How to Use

If you still have no idea how to use this CreaClip set hair cutting tool, don’t worry, as this Creaclip review will also guide you on a short tutorial. Don’t worry, it’s so easy that anyone can do it.

creaclip how to use

CreaClip Reviews

  1. Clip it onto a section of your hair that you’d like to cut.
  2. Make sure it is straight using the rotating level.
  3. Slide it down to your preferred length.
  4. Cut along the CreaClips.
  5. Flawless new hairdo.

See how simple it is to do? It is going to be pretty difficult for someone to mess this up.

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CreaClip Reviews: CreaClips Price

Already liking the idea of cutting your hair with CreaClips and wondering where to buy CreaClip? Go on and get one for yourself now!

creaclip perfect

CreaClip Reviews

Just a little tip for you: I wouldn’t simply go to Google and search it up. Because usually, you’d have to pay full price for them.

While you’ll still definitely be able to save a lot, you can still save some more. How do you ask? I was able to get a special discount for all my readers. So if you buy the CreaClip set hair cutting tool by clicking this link, you can enjoy further discounts!

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CreaClip Reviews: FAQ

Q: Can I use CreaClips for my thick hair?

A: Yes but for people with thick hair, you probably can’t use it at once. Still, you can use this haircutting tool by repeating hair cutting progress twice. Or in case you’ve got extremely thick hair, divide your hair into three sections.

Q: Should I use it on wet hair or dry hair?

A: When you go to a hair salon, the hairdresser will get your hair wet before cutting it. But for the CreaClip set hair cutting tool, it’s better and easier to use it on dry hair.

Q: Is maintenance necessary for CreaCilps?

A: CreaClip set hair cutting tool isn’t an electronic device and it doesn’t even have a battery. So, maintenance isn’t necessary. Just brush the hair off every time after each use.

Q: Do CreaClips support all hair types?

A: No matter what hair type you have, this CreaClip set hair cutting tool works with all hair types. Just make sure that you comb your hair before you use it.

CreaClip Reviews: Wrapping Up

I think we’ve pretty much covered all the things that need to be said about this CreaClips. So, what do you think?

With these CreaClips, you and your entire family can save hundreds of dollars per year. Not to mention, you’d also be saving yourself a lot of time and avoiding the hassle of hair appointments. If you don’t have time, you can simply whip it out and give yourself a trim.

And if you don’t like other people handling your child’s hair, you can give them a haircut and save them from the embarrassment of having a bowl cut. But it’s not just good for women either. Men have high maintenance hair since it is obvious when it grows longer every month. So, instead of visiting the barbers all the time, you can shape up and give yourself a trim.

To me, there is no flaw in this product. I say this because I can see that the creator has thought of those who may not be so good at giving haircuts. The CreaClip set hair cutting tool has a rotating level that everyone can use to see if the line where they are about to cut is straight or not. Not to mention, it automatically separates your hair into even sections so that the result will appear the same. However, it doesn’t work well on layered hair. 

Lastly, I think CreaClips are so easy to use and it’s good to have them at home.

9.6 Total Score
CreaClip: Get it for your home-salon

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Save Cost
  • Works on all types of hair
  • Great for kids
  • Save cost
  • Men can use
  • It won't work well on layered hair
  • Slippery a bit for new users
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