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The world today is busier more than ever before. You can hear metal screeching, commuters catching their breaths while rushing towards their destinations, the continuous typing sound of computer keyboards, and you can name all you want. So, to stay sane and relaxed in the middle of these noises, you need something that can help you escape without leaving where you are. In this Crazybaby Air review, we can help you find that.

If you want to find peace even in the middle of Monday rush. Head straight to Crazybaby to get the best headphone that can help you with that. In their site, you will see cool Crazybaby Air true wireless Bluetooth headphones, Crazybaby wireless earbuds, Crazybaby mars levitating Bluetooth dual speaker system, Air nano by Crazybaby, and more. You can also get the chance to receive Free Crazybaby Coupon Code so check them out to avail their best deals.

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Updated on 19 July 2024

Know About Crazybaby

Pursuing to accelerate in the industry of audio evolution, Crazybaby delivers the most advanced cutting-edge audio tech gadgets through futuristic and as the same time intuitive designs. The brand is the creator of Air Crazybaby nano and mars by Crazybaby that signifies their nonstop effort in pushing the limits of creativity and innovation to accelerate the evolution of the audio industry.

Crazybaby now offers a wide range of quality headphones as well as other audio gadgets made with high-end materials that deliver excellent sound. The brand is founded the year 2015 and the man behind it is named Allen Zhang. More so, it stands as a pioneer in the futuristic brand and design of wireless personal audio products such as Crazybaby nano, Air by Crazybaby, as well as Crazybaby Air 1s. It is also the maker of software and hardware services that is driven with design, detail, and best-in-class tech.

Additionally, the brand aims to render an inspiring audio streaming experience via crafting high end and stylish headphones. This way, you will be able to level up your solemn and relaxing times even if you are in the middle of the crowd.

Aside from that, it reaches over 130 countries in designing, marketing, and selling their coolest products such as Mars by Crazybaby, Luna, Air by Crazybaby, and Air by Crazybaby nano. Crazybaby involves world-class product designers that makes it worthy of winning the Red Dot Award, CES Innovation Award (Best of Innovation), and Good Design Award as well. The brand is based in Salt Lake City in Utah and in Japan, you can find their acoustic lab. They also have an R&D and manufacturing center located in Shenzhen, China.

Knowing that there are numerous music listeners around the world and the market lacks in quality and stylish audio products that can help them to express themselves, Crazybaby provides what is lacking by combining cutting-edge audio technology with futuristic design. This only proves that this expert headphone brand is a premium design-centric fueled with dedication and passion to achieve futuristic aesthetic, best class quality, focused on the beauty of ergonomic design and simplicity.

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Their Best Innovations in Audio Technology

Since smartphones became mainstream, audio tech gadgets are also being tailored to jibe on the vibe. As a result, we now have wireless earbuds and headphones that make our daily commutes better and sounder that how it does before. Then here comes a new one, well, a brand that is more than ready to conquer the realm.

The audio tech industry is still a place that is undeniably competitive despite lacking quality audio product selections. However, with Crazybaby gradually rising up by taking one award from another. We can easily guess where the competition ends up. But before anything else, we would like to review some of their most striking products. This includes Crazybaby Nano 1S, Air by Crazybaby Nano, Mars by Crazybaby, and lastly, the Air 1S. See how it goes.

Air 1Scrazybaby air 1s

In this Crazybaby Air review, we will also see what’s in Air 1S that we can’t find in the regular Air by Crazybaby device. To start, the first thing you will notice about the Air 1S is that it is an ergonomic wireless earbuds that has an outstanding design.  Moreover, it has a premium price of $159.

When it comes to sound quality, you will definitely accept that this device is a worthy investment. It has powerful bass, it is lightweight and very comfortable to use. So, most of us wouldn’t mind about its bulky carrying case at all.

However, when people say wireless earbuds, the very first thing that comes to mind is Apple Airpods. While Airpods are incredibly popular at some sorts. Air 1S boasts a design that doesn’t stick out your ear which makes it more comfortable and less visible. More so, it is equipped with a quality coating that is effective for rain and sweat resistance. Therefore, even if you use it in the gym, this wireless earbuds is perfect.

Unleash your passion with this true wireless earbuds and get yours today.

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Nanoair nano crazybaby

Air Nano Crazybaby or simply Nano is another wireless earbuds that has10 vibrant colors you can choose from. You can try to be colorful or stay neutral depending on your mood. Moreover, it is made with carbon nanotube diaphragm but since we would like to keep this Crazybaby Air nano review honest, we can say that this device is less ergonomic than its 1S version.

What makes it less ergonomic relies on its fat cylindrical form. But that doesn’t make it less cool in fact it offers a classic design that renders a snug fit feel for all ear types. Individuals who love jogging, running and other sporty activities are most likely to use Air Crazybaby nano. It is not only convenient, quality, and easy to use. But also, it is incredibly hygienic due to its water-washable wingtip.

Crazybaby Air nano also utilizes the industry leading 998 customized Carbon Nanotube Diaphrams. This unique component enables it to produce a crystal-clear acoustic sound that will deliver you with an outstandingly immersive music streaming experience. The carbon nanotube is accurately aligned plus it is equipped with the 8th generation CVC noise isolation technology that can help you communicate easily using its built-in mic.

Additionally, we have learned that Air by Crazybaby Nano can last for almost a whole day on each full charging. To tell you good news, you can now enjoy 3 hours straight of quality playback directly in your ears while you enjoy the scenic view on your next road trip. But not only that. It is because Nano is also capable of non-stop music playing from its capsule. In a 5 minute charge, you can listen to your favorite songs for up to 90 minutes. And that is made possible by the super fuel technology by this sleek audio device.

Can’t get enough with the cool things about Nano? Check out for more from our list below. You can also visit their official website to avail their best deals.

10 Vibrant Color Selection Super Stabilized Connectivity
Long Lasting Battery Life Embedded Microphone
Fit Any Ear Type Super Fuel
Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity Made from Carbon Nanotube Diaphram

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Nano 1Snano by crazybaby

This variation is the improved version of Nano by Crazybaby that includes brand new colors designed to match your outfit of the day (OOTD). The difference is, it can render twice performance than the previous Nano device. With its battery capacity that can last up to 65% more, sound quality that is completely improved, and power efficiency that is added with 100%. You will definitely yearn for more.

Aside from that, it has a stabilized Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with PIFA to provide users with a wider bandwidth, stronger connectivity, and efficient signal reception. As you can see, the brand enhanced this wireless earbuds with this leading technology to match the same capability of flagship smartphones. It is extremely light and comfortable that you will less likely feel them after seconds of plugging them on your ears.

To surprise you, Crazybaby Nano only weighs 4.4 grams. With this lightweight earbuds, you can now enjoy listening to your favorite music without carrying a burden on your ears. Isn’t it cool that this high-quality audio tech gadget is even lighter than a coin?

Here is the summary of Nano 1S features, check them out:


  • 4 grams
Long Lasting Battery Life

  • 15 hours with the capsule
  • 5 hours single charge
  • 2 hours on 30-minute charging
Automatic Pairing IPX4 Sweat Proof
Water Resistant Smart Control
Enhanced Bass Compatible with Android and iOS

Furthermore, before we end this Air Nano Crazybaby review, don’t make this opportunity pass and get your own now. Here’s a Free Nano 1S Coupon for a $20 off discount especially for you. Shop Today!Marsmars by crazybabyAre you ready to meet the future of audio tech? Here’s Mars by Crazybaby. Unlike the rest of the Bluetooth speakers you know. This sleek Bluetooth speaker is obviously designed to resemble the premium brand who creates Mac Pro.If you take a look at its bottom part. You can basically see a powerful subwoofer with a high performing neodymium magnet that keeps its levitating tweeter speaker stay in the Air. Mars by Crazybaby leads us in the age of audio perfection through auto-levitation technology that is so good it feels like magic. This premium Bluetooth speaker is designed with advanced and minimalized feature and aesthetic. As a result, steaming your favorite music will take you into a higher level of experience that you have never felt before.The features of Mars will really make you feel like you escaped the noise of the earth. Let alone that you can do that all day through the extended battery life of this smart speaker.Levitation is just the alpha of Mars’ capability. It is due to the fact that its floating craft is also combined with smart wireless charging. This allows it to gradually return to its Base to float again after charging. More so, it can last up to 8 hours of usage on a single full charge.In terms of sound, Mars produce a very rich layered sound that makes its audio quality a top feature to watch out. Besides, most people consider this characteristic as the highest priority when it comes to speakers. Well, portability and ease of use are just minor things to include.Now, let’s study the two parts of Mars, the Craft, and the Base. First, the Craft is a built-in 1 ¾ inch that works as a medium to a high-frequency driver that sings with pure and crystal clear euphony. And for Base, it is a built-in 3 ¾ inches low-frequency driver that produces and pushes deep and quality powerful bass.The combination of these two makes Mars highly desired. To check more of its amazing features, visit Crazybaby now and get your own auto-levitating Bluetooth speaker.

Smart Auto Volume

Stereo Pairing


Award Winning Design

Comes with Crazybaby App

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How to Buy?Crazybaby design and produce high-quality audio products loaded with coolest features that can blow your mind. However, don’t mistake them for being expensive like how most of the popular audio electronic devices in the market today. You can get to experience immersive and high-level audio streaming. Without the need to shed a lot of money with this reliable brand. Visit their website to check out the best wireless earbuds, headphones, and speakers. That you can buy at the most incredible prices you will never expect. Furthermore, get the chance to make Crazybaby Nano 1S yours by claiming this Free $20 OFF Discount Coupon we especially offer to our readers. Enjoy our Crazybaby Air review and enjoy Shopping!Final VerdictTo conclude this short Crazybaby Air review. We can honestly say that this brand is excellent when it comes in discerning the needs of their prospect users. Moreover, they attract consumers by equipping their products with the most essential features and design that are not limited to portability and attractive aesthetics. Besides, what we all want is something that is amazing enough. To help us relax and skip the noise of this world. All in all, we can approve that the audio gadgets above are well-designed and high quality. But still, the final verdict relies on you.

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