ClearView Review: Does This Really Help You See at Night?


Driving at night can be quite difficult especially with inconsiderate drivers glaring their headlights at you. The lack of streetlights in some areas can also become a problem due to low visibility. It’s dangerous, but you can’t just drive blindly or else you’ll risk yourself and other people. The solution to this problem lies in one word: ClearView. In this ClearView review, I will test this night driving glasses myself and see if it truly works.


As someone who easily panics whenever it’s raining at night, night driving can become quite stressful for me. As much as possible, I try to avoid night driving during rainy nights. Add that to the fact that I’m myopic so I have to wear glasses, which also makes it difficult whenever drivers glare their headlights at me. So when I discovered ClearView night vision glasses, I wanted to try it out.

In this ClearView review, I will discuss what this night driving glasses is, how it works, and what its features are.

Introducing ClearView Night Vision Glasses

At first look, it resembles an ordinary pair of sunglasses. However, this gadget is so much more than that. ClearView is an anti glare glasses for night driving that helps drivers see better in dark and foggy conditions. The advanced night vision and anti-glare technology makes it a great driving aid especially for people with poor eyesight (although it doesn’t replace proper prescription glasses). The polarised photochromic lenses reduce glare and enhance contrast so it’s easier to see despite poor visibility.

How does it work?

You can wear this night driving glasses on its own or over prescription glasses or contact lens. It depends on your needs. The lenses are coated with anti-blue ray layers that that helps block out the harsh blue light from modern car headlights. Because it removes the blue light, the lights from the oncoming traffic appear sharper and put less strain on the eyes.

night vision glasses

In addition to this, the polarised lenses change the way light is reflected in the eyes. As a result, your vision is cleared from unnecessary distractions and reflections from objects that are too bright. And as if that’s not enough, this night vision glasses also use the technology from transition lenses. It automatically adapts depending on light conditions. It won’t be too dark or too light since it will adjust the amount of light depending on the condition of the environment.

ClearView Features

Usable with any type of glasses. Nearsighted? Farsighted? No problem. You can still use ClearView over any spectacle you’re currently using. Honestly, I’m an eyeglass wearer and I don’t like putting it over my glasses. What I do is I put on my contact lenses whenever I’m wearing it, which is too much of a hassle. I wish they would customize prescription types, but I think that’s too far-fetched (just low-key crossing my fingers).

Lightweight. It’s not bulky or heavy on the nose whenever it’s worn. It comes in lemon yellow color which is fashionable and it can be worn by both male and female drivers. The lenses are light despite using various technologies to combat the glare from headlights and dark conditions.

Anti-glare technology. As mentioned in the upper part of this ClearView review, these glasses are made with anti-glare technology that blocks the harsh blue light emitted by headlights. It prevents you from squinting whenever oncoming drivers forget to turn down their headlights.

Photochromic lenses. The photochromic lenses reduce glare so it’s easier to see despite poor visibility. It’s also polarised which changes the way light is reflected and removes unnecessary reflections on your eyes.

How to use ClearView Night Driving Glasses

It sounds so fancy with all the technology used to make it, but it can easily be put on and used anytime.

  1. If you don’t need to wear prescription glasses to drive, simply put on ClearView just as you would a pair of sunglasses. Otherwise, wear your glasses or contact lenses first, then put on the night vision glasses.
  2. Adjust your prescription glasses so it fits comfortably on your nose. Make sure that it’s not blocking any part of your vision.
  3. Drive around with better visibility even during rainy or foggy conditions. It also blocks the glare from headlights so you won’t have any difficulty navigating.

And that’s it! Make sure to wipe the lenses occasionally with the microfiber wipe to avoid smudging and blurring your vision.

ClearView Price

To see the full list of prices, click the button below. You can purchase individual glasses for its normal price, but you’ll get bigger discounts if you purchase more. The best seller package comes with 1 free ClearView whenever you buy 2 pairs. And if you buy 3 ClearView glasses, you’ll get 2 more for free! Use our link to get these special discounts that you won’t find anywhere else.

For such a useful and effective pair of glasses, the first impression that readers have is that it’s expensive. Which is totally wrong! Our special deals will help you save more. Why keep this gadget to yourself? Get a few pairs for your family and friends so you can all try it and experience better night driving with ClearView.

Overall Review

Night driving is never fun for me. During the winter season, the snow and the fog are my worst enemies. On normal days, annoying drivers who don’t switch off their glaring headlights piss me off. So after testing ClearView and seeing for myself that it works, I’m adding this to my list of everyday must-haves. It has made my life better because I’m nearsighted and unable to see clearly in the dark.

I like the modern lemon yellow color because it suits today’s fashion trend and can be worn with any outfit. It doesn’t look bulky or tacky. The only thing I personally have a problem with is that it should be worn over my prescription glasses which isn’t very nice. Maybe the makers of ClearView would make prescription lenses for it in the future?

Overall, I highly recommend it and it’s having a permanent spot in my glove compartment.

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