CleanRobot Review 2024: Your Ultimate Cleaning Companion

Robot vacuums are revolutionizing the way we clean. CleanRobot is a top-rated choice, offering long battery life, powerful suction, and anti-fall features. Check out our CleanRobot review to see if it’s worth buying.

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Updated on 15 July 2024

What is CleanRobot?

CleanRobot is a smart robot vacuum designed with exceptional features for a stress-free cleaning experience. This compact design is suitable for cleaning debris, dust, pet hair, and crumbs.

The robot vacuum requires no human intervention to perform its functions.

Features of CleanRobot

10,000 MaH Battery

The robot vacuum has a 10,000 MaH battery that can sweep up to 150 square meters. This means CleanRobot can offer a decent cleaning time before the need to recharge.

However, the runtime may vary depending on the cleaning mode and size of the area to be cleaned.

Suction Power

Typically, most CleanRobot reviews list suction as a key feature of the robot vacuum. The vacuum can pull in and collect food particles, sand, dirt, and debris.

Wet and Dry Cleaning Function

The vacuum cleaner is designed with a dual function. This means it cleans both wet and dry surfaces.

While CleanRobot utilizes suction power to collect and trap dry dirt and dust, it uses a microfiber cloth to wipe wet spills and stains from surfaces.

Features of CleanRobot

Excellent Obstacle Detector

CleanRobot automatic cleaner is equipped with sensors to detect obstacles in the way. These sensors can detect how close objects are to the device and avoids collision with them.

Anti-fall Features for Stairwells and Uneven Surfaces

The robot vacuum comes with anti-fall features like cliff sensors to prevent it from falling off the stairs or uneven surfaces while they navigate and clean the house.

In addition, the high-tech vacuum is designed with a smart bumper sensor which prevents it from colliding with a wall or objects.


The device moves with the aid of an electric motor and a tiny rubber wheel attached to both sides. While the wheels move forward, the whole assembly revolves in a clockwise direction, helping the vacuum move around the house without any hassle.

Different Colors

CleanRobot comes in white, black, and other colors. Depending on your preference, there’s a color that appeals to you.

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Pros and Cons of CleanRobot

Like most CleanRobot reviews, we highlight the pros and cons of the powerful vacuum in this CleanRobot review.


Easy cleaning

The wireless robot vacuum uses advanced technology to clean any room and surface. It’s compatible with your smartphone, allowing you to select the mop or vacuum function on the device.


Powerful vacuuming, dry and wet mopping, and a UV bacterial disinfectant are various cleaning options the robovac offers. A tap on your smartphone gives you access to these functions. The device can pick up dog hairs, mop and disinfect floors.

Suitable for all types of floors

CleanRobot automatic vacuum cleans all types of floors, whether carpet, hardwood, or tiles.

Cleans hard-to-reach areas

CleanRobot can get around all areas, navigate its way around obstacles and suck up dirt from cramped spaces. Just sit back and watch it go to work.

Connect seamlessly with mobile devices

Through the 5.0 Bluetooth technology, the robot cleaner can connect easily with Apple and Android devices.

cleanrobot review


Unlike manual cleaning, this robot sweeper provides so much comfort and ease.

While you’re at work, fast asleep, or engaged with other chores, you can set the vacuum to clean your living space.

This helps you to save time and energy that would have been invested in manual cleaning.

Environmentally friendly

Compared to traditional cleaning methods, CleanRobot uses less water and cleaning solution. They also improve air quality by reducing dust and allergens in the air.


  • Limited in stock
  • The vacuum cleaner isn’t designed for heavier materials
  • No replaceable parts

CleanRobot Price

CleanRobot Price

You don’t have to break the bank to own a robot vacuum like this. The price of the automatic cleaner varies according to the quantity you’re purchasing.

While 1 CleanRobot is sold at $89.58, 2 CleanRobot go for $139 ( at $69.95 each) and 3 CleanRobot costs $219 (at $54.47 each).

Payment Options

Due to the bottlenecks, you may encounter when making payments, the brand offers various means by which you can pay for your purchases. The payment options include Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, etc.

Money-back Guarantee

CleanRobot automatic cleaner comes with a 3 years warranty. With this warranty, you’re assured peace of mind as you can return the product for a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with the service. The warranty also covers the repair or replacement of any damaged part.


As a brand that has the interest of its customers at heart, CleanRobot strives to help customers save more on purchases. The manufacturer runs promotions that many prospective buyers should maximize.

This means that customers can buy 3 CleanRobot and get 2 free (This means each one is sold for $53.84). Furthermore, they can purchase 2 CleanRobot and get 1 free (each goes for $59.49).


Besides running promotions, the brand assigns coupons on products. CleanRobot offers a 50% discount on each unit coupled with free delivery on every order. Customers are advised to maximize this opportunity since offers are only for a limited time.

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Technical Sheet

There’s no detailed CleanRobot review without the technical sheet, explaining the specifications of the robot vacuum. Little wonder most CleanRobot reviews outline this to help guide customers’ decision-making. Here’s a quick look at the technical sheet.

  • Dimensions: 8.98″ x 8.98″ x 2.76″
  • Weight: 1.43 lbs
  • Suction Power: 1,200 Pa
  • Runtime: 1.5 hours
  • Noise Level: <55 decibels

cleanrobot automatic cleaner

How it Works and Instructions

The next section in our CleanRobot review explains the working mechanism of the robot vacuum and how to use it.

How CleanRobot Works

Depending on the model, some clean robots come with a rotating brush for sweeping and vacuuming floors while others are designed with a mop and cleaning solution to scrub floors. The rotating brush collects dust and the suction sucks it up into the waste bin.

CleanRobot has cliff and bumper sensors to navigate around the living space. These sensors detect when the robot vacuum is about to hit a wall or cliff and steer it in a different path.

Cliff sensors, located underneath the vacuum, send infrared signals to the surface after measuring the distance between the cleaner and the floor. The vacuum detects an obstruction in the way once the signal doesn’t bounce back immediately.

CleanRobot automatic cleaner is also equipped with mapping features for easy movement around the room. With these features, the vacuum can find its way, tell where it’s been, and areas to cover during cleaning.


The tips below ensure the durability and efficiency of your robot vacuum.

  • Check the power source before using the vacuum cleaner
  • For first-time use, remove the seal covering the wheel at the back
  • Avoid cleaning areas with hair as this can clog the robot vacuum
  • Clean the vacuum after use

Customer Service

For more inquiries or help with your device, you can contact the customer advisors at +44 20 3808 9234 (international) or +552135003992 (Brazil).

The international line is available 24 hours. Meanwhile, the Brazil team is available between the hours of 9a.m and 2p.m, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can send a mail to

cleanrobot reviews

CleanRobot Reviews From Users

Here’s the feedback and opinions of people that have used the home cleaning gadget. These CleanRobot reviews will help you make informed decisions.

“I’m happy about this”

There’s so much to love about this robot vacuum, from its easy setup to useful functions and long-lasting battery. It’s affordable compared to other popular brands. The Clean Robot is a good choice for those that don’t have time to clean

Vanessa S

“I bought this for my daughter”

I bought this as a gift for my daughter. The review I got from her convinced me that it was worth investing in so I purchased one for myself. It’s easy to set up and use. I customize it to clean the house when I’m away for the weekend. It’s always a delight coming back to a clean house.

Julianna C

“I’ve used several vacuums”

Before Cleanrobot, I’d used some wireless vacuums without results. I love that the robot vacuum is user-friendly and can access everywhere in the house. I love the purple light feature. I’ll recommend it to anyone.

Yvonne N


Thanks to its functionality and features, CleanRobot ranks among the best robot vacuums on the market. In this CleanRobot review, we’ll be considering how this automatic sweeper compares with others.

Wyze Robot Vacuum

Like CleanRobot, Wyze Robot Vacuum has strong suction power and laser mapping technology to navigate around obstacles and clean dirt. While the latter is quite pricey at $249.99, the former costs $89.68.

Wyze robot vacuum runs at 58 decibels, making it noisier than Cleanrobot automatic cleaner. Compared to the Wyze robot vacuum, the latter upholds its reputation for being affordable with better battery life and navigation.

iLife A4s Pro

Compact design and easy setup are some of the similarities iLife A4s Pro shares with Cleanrobot. In addition, both robot vacuums clean hardwood floors, tiles, and laminate.

Unlike most robot vacuums with wireless technology that allows you to schedule your cleaning to different times of the day, iLife A4s Pro doesn’t. Once you set a cleaning schedule for iLife A4s Pro, it will clean same time every day.

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FAQ Section

How does CleanRobot work?

CleanRobot comes with various features like suction, brushes, and sensors to promote easy cleaning. The sensors detect obstacles and avoid them while the brushes and suction clean and suck up debris.

How long does the battery of CleanRobot last?

The battery life of the robotic vacuum cleaner varies according to the model and usage. Nonetheless, the battery of most models can last up to 90 minutes once fully charged.

What type of floors can CleanRobot clean?

CleanRobot adapts to most floors. Hence, it can clean floors like hardwood, tiles, carpet, etc.

Can CleanRobot be controlled with a mobile app?

Yes, it can. This mobile app allows you to automate cleaning times and adjust settings based on your preference.

Can CleanRobot clean corners and edges?

Yes, it can. The robot cleaner is designed with side brushes to clean hard-to-reach areas, including corners and edges.


From this CleanRobot review, it’s clear that the robovac wields strong suction power, better battery life, and avoids obstacles. What’s more? It vacuums, cleans, and mops.

This all-in-one cleaning solution is a worthwhile buy.

CleanRobot is an advanced and highly efficient robotic vacuum cleaner that offers reliable and convenient cleaning solutions
9 Total Score
CleanRobot Review Summary And Rating

CleanRobot is a highly regarded robot vacuum that has gained popularity for its advanced features and efficient cleaning capabilities. This robotic cleaner stands out for its impressive battery life, strong suction power, and innovative anti-fall technology. CleanRobot is designed to make cleaning effortless and convenient for users. With its autonomous operation, you can simply sit back and relax while the robot does the work for you. It navigates your home, reaching every corner and effectively picking up dirt, dust, and debris. The robot vacuum's long-lasting battery ensures extended cleaning sessions without interruption. Its powerful suction allows it to effectively remove dirt and pet hair from various floor surfaces, including carpets, hardwood, and tiles. One of the standout features of CleanRobot is its advanced anti-fall technology. This ensures that the robot can detect and avoid obstacles, preventing it from falling down stairs or getting stuck in tight spaces. CleanRobot has received positive reviews from users who appreciate its efficiency, reliability, and ease of use. It offers a convenient way to maintain a clean home without the need for manual vacuuming. In summary, CleanRobot is a highly efficient and feature-rich robot vacuum that offers convenient and effective cleaning. With its long battery life, strong suction power, and anti-fall technology, it has gained a reputation as a top choice for those seeking an effortless and reliable cleaning solution for their homes.

Ease of use
  • Easy cleaning
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for all types of floors
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Convenience
  • Limited in stock
  • The vacuum cleaner isn’t designed for heavier materials
  • No replaceable parts 
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