ChargeHub React Review 2024: The Best Emergency Tool For Your Car

Are you looking for honest ChargeHub React reviews? Then this article will show you how to use the React tool, listing all the customers’ reviews, benefits and prices so you can make an informed decision before making a purchase. If you are asking does ChargeHub React really work? Be rest assured that this article will help you answer that question. We have honest and genuine ChargeHub React reviews that can guarantee how you use the device.


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Updated on 10 June 2024

What is this product about?

what is chargehub react

React emergency tool is a multiple function car tool that does not only charge your device but can also save a life. The tool is used just as you use a normal charger – it can be plugged into your 12V cigarette carport.

But in the case of an emergency, the React ChargeHub can be used to break your windshield, cut your seatbelt, and call for help from where you are.

The react emergency tool comes with a 2,200mAh power bank – it is not just a normal charging plug but has power saved up for you to charge your phone up to 100%. Hence if you don’t want to drain your car’s battery or you suddenly lose access to power, then React can be of help.

It is made and powered by ChargeHub.

In the next section in this ChargeHub React reviews article, we are going to analyze how it works and how every function listed for the product helps to improve the satisfaction of every owner.


How does this product work?

For those asking “is ChargeHub React any good,” know that this device works just like every other car charger but it comes with additional safety; and these safety functions are built into this device.

When you plug your React Chargehub into the car’s 12V outlet, the device will remain intact without even pulling off. The front of this device has a USB port and a port for lighting. And then either of the ports can be used for charging and it can charge your device to 100%.

The react emergency tool works optimally when it is charged. It has a charging bank and this means that it can charge your device even when it is not connected. It uses your car’s electricity to charge up to the 2,200mAH. All you have to do is ensure that the Charge Hub React charges to completion.

To use the device for emergencies, you have to unplug the React Chargehub from the outlet. The device comes with a steel tip at the bottom, you use that part to hit the window to break it. Use your hand to hold it firmly and then slam the steel pin against the window to shatter. This will save your life if you are in an accident or submerged in water.

The side of the device has a seatbelt cutter; it can help to slice through a seatbelt cloth quickly and allow you to cut through in case of an emergency. After an accident, you can become stuck in a seatbelt, the side of the react emergency tool has a sharp razor that can get you out of this predicament in cases of an emergency.

Also, if you misplace something in the car, you can use this light on the React ChargeHub to search for the lost item.

Benefits/Advantages of Using the Product

Is ChargeHub React legit? This section will help to address this question. Charge Hub React comes with lots of benefits, but we are going to highlight the most striking benefits.

chargehub react

  1. Emergency tool: React ChargeHub looks like a car charger but it is a multi-tool that comes with seven uses. It is used as a USB charger, power bank, LED flashlight, long-range safety siren, strobing SOS beacon, window breaker, and seatbelt cutter.
  2. Escape tool: With this ChargeHub React reviews, you get to know that the device can save your life if your car flips. It comes with a steel tip that can help shatter your vehicle’s windshield. This is a good way to escape an accident scene. All road safety guide encourages you to have devices like this all the time.
  3. Night protection: React emergency tool comes with a strobe LED light, this helps you stay safe at night. This light can get the first responders your way when you flash it intermittently.
  4. Fully charged phone: this device can get your device charged and prevent you from being stranded. If your car breaks down in a deserted area and your device is not charged, you can get it charged by connecting it to ChargeHub React – be rest assured that this ChargeHub React reviews are genuine and accurate.
  5. SmartSpeed: Several ChargeHub React reviews state that the device does not only charge your phone, it charges it fast because it comes with a SmartSpeed technology that charges your phone very fast to 100%.



There are not many cons to having the React ChargeHub device. The only thing fair enough to mention is that the device is quite small and it is not easily noticeable if it is taken out of the car.

The best way to overcome this challenge is to always keep the react emergency tool device inside your car. On no account should it be taken out of the car.

User Reviews

In this section, we shall go over some user ChargeHub react reviews to know if the features mentioned for the device are as stated by the manufacturers.

“Using the react chargehub device has helped me just once. I attached it on the driver box (the box just beside the gear. I ran into a wall and my seat belt got stuck. Then, I quickly reached out to it to cut off the seatbelt. It was nice and easy. I had initially thought it would take a while to cut through the seat belt but it wasn’t. and I was out in a few seconds.”

“I had initially doubted the flash and alarm but I went hunting with my dad, I took the react chargehub device with me from my car. Knowing that the manual warns against this, I just wanted a way to ensure I will be safe if I runoff. I did actually run off on my own, chasing a squirrel. When I couldn’t trace back to where he was, I used the alarm and the flash. And with it, my dad easily walked to where I was. I will get another, though, for my Dad’s car, he said he liked the device.”
“Charging my phone has been a very impossible task for me because of how I work with my phone. But with the react chargehub SmartSpeed charge option, I have the opportunity to charge when driving to and fro my workplace.”

Price and Money-back Guarantee

With the ChargeHub React reviews we got from those who have used the device, we confirmed that React comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. It comes at $50 for one if you are buying a single. You get wonderful bonuses if you order more than one.

chargehub react price

Buying one ChargeHub costs $49.99 and a separate $5.99 Shipping fee. Buying three ChargeHub costs $99.98 plus Free Shipping; five react emergency tool costs $149.97 plus Free Shipping. However, 10 pieces cost $249.95 + Free Shipping.



Can the react emergency tool charge my iPhone to 100%

React emergency tool can charge your iPhone to 100%. It can also charge any phone type to 100%. This is because it comes with a SmartSpeed feature that charges your device faster than other charging tools you have.

Can I get a refund after a 20-day period?

Yes, you can get a refund after a 20-day period of using React. Several users hold this true in the ChargeHub React reviews section on their webpage.

Is ChargeHub React a scam?

React ChargeHub is not a scam. Everyone who has used this device has very good testimony about it since it performs all the uses listed by the manufacturers.


React by Chargehub is a wonderful tool that can save your life. Having this device can be the difference between life and death. Hence instead of focusing on the cost of React emergency tool, you should think about the wonderful benefits that come with having the React ChargeHub in your car.

ChargeHub React
9.3 Total Score
React Chargehub rating 2024

Ease of Use
  • SmartSpeed charging for quick recharging
  • For emergency escape
  • Alternative to power bank for phones
  • Night protection features
  • Hang-on clips to avoid dropping
  • Might be misplaced easily due to small size
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