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Life is very unpredictable, that losing or breaking a new phone is a disaster that will definitely blow your mind. But do you know what’s worse than this? It is when you realize that your phone is not insured and you don’t have the budget to have it fixed right away. Lucky enough, you can now get certified pre owned phones that are perfect for your budget. In fact, you can get it in a reliable online buy and sell and that is GazelleShop. If it is your first time hearing about this amazing site, read more to familiarize with it.

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Updated on 10 June 2024

Get to Know Gazelle

Up to this date, GazelleShop gained a lot of attention. In fact, it was mentioned in different famous authorities in media such as Good Morning America, The New York Times, CNN, Business Insider, and more. This reCommerce company is the leading buy and sell site online that offers a wide range of affordable certified pre owned phones, pre owned MacBook, pre owned iMac, pre owned iPad, and other pre owned things where consumers can select from.

Through Gazelle, you won’t have to feel sorry if you really want to ditch your old Samsung phone anymore. It’s because they buy Samsung certified pre owned mobile devices to lead them to the next person who needs it the most. They purchase used tablets, smartphones, desktops, as well as laptops then inspect and certify them. Afterward, they will sell these gadgets to consumers who are looking for budget-friendly and cost-effective devices that can help them stay connected.

On the other hand, there is a sea of scammers out there that are looking for possible ways to catch your interest. These people are utilizing the most sophisticated tools and wisest strategies to lure you on their evil schemes. Which is why we strongly recommend you Gazelle for a sure and secured online buying and selling. It is the most reliable and convenient place to buy stealth and certified pre owned gadgets. Plus, it is incredibly easy to use that can work wonders for everyone.

This amazing online buy and sell site seeks to reward people who exercise smart consumption. In fact, they are making waves in the industry of technology as a responsible recycler of used gadgets. Through this excellent concept, Gazelle creates a long-term solution to preserve and defend the planet for future generations to come.  Besides, our continuous consumption of one electronic gadget to another can create a sea of waste in the future. Therefore, be a smart consumer now and visit Gazelle to see their newest line up of certified pre owned phones.

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Buy and Save

pre owned iphone

If you are looking for the best place to buy a cost-effective iPhone, Gazelle is the shop where you must hop in. Ask me why? It is because this site is helping more and more gadgets to have a new life and offer them at a more affordable price to people who really need them.

Most of us want to own the sleekest, the slimmest, and the most expensive tech gadgets that are existing in the market. However, time will always come that these techs lose beauty, relevance, and the wow-factor that you have seen on it before. At that moment, we either stock them in a dusty storage box or throw them away.

However, we can make an upgrade without buying a new one nor wasting the old one away. It is because, Gazelle offers high-end pre owned iPhone as well as, tablets, and computers that can buy at the lowest price you can ever imagine. And we are not kidding if we say that they offer pre owned devices as good as new! Visit now to find out.

In line with this, more and more customers are trusting Gazelle because they provide a sincere and responsible service delivery whether it is buying or selling a certified pre owned iPhone along with various brands. Like so, consumers love to buy gadgets with them. It is because they allow them to save money on a wide array of high-quality selection that is compatible with most of the major carriers today.

By providing the best line up of alternative tech gadgets, consumers can choose and buy the perfect phone for them while saving money. With this, who would cry for a broken iPhone again? Let alone that you can also switch your old phones for cash with them. They also accept damaged phones to help customers get a faster and more affordable gadget upgrade. Isn’t Gazelle amazing? Visit them now!

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Reasons to Buy With Gazelle

pre owned ipad

Apparently, saving to have your phone fixed might lead you to spend more compared when you replace it with a Gazelle’s pre owned gadgets. In fact, asking a technician to fix it for you can cost you more than what you expect for. Gazelle allows you to sell even a damaged gadget to them so you can have it replaced faster and cheaper to continue connecting with the world.  Check the things listed below to know to have more reasons to love this amazing site.

No Contracts

Buying certified pre owned phones, tablets, and computers will never be easier than buying with this reliable site. Because when you buy from them, you’ll get a certified and high-quality devices and that’s it! You won’t have to sign contracts, make commitments or other things that will only make your buying experience hassle. Buy latest Samsung certified pre owned phones for up to 40% off.

Fast Cash and No Fees Added

The best thing about selling gadgets to Gazelle is that they pay fast and it’s in cash. Yes, you read it right. Unlike other online buy and sell today, Gazelle pays sellers in check, via PayPal, or with Amazon gift card. You can actually receive it on the same day you sold your old friend (Oh not that friend you got in pre-school). Plus, there are NO FEES to pay.

Certified Quality

We can guarantee that all the pre-owned tablets and phones from this outstanding buy and sell store online comprises a certified quality and fully functional which passed strict 30-point quality inspection. Therefore, if you want to replace your old Samsung phone, Visit Gazelle now and choose the best replacement that fits your needs.

Fast Safe and Easy

Your gadgets will be fairly valued in Gazelle. More so, to secure them, their free shipping boxes are made to fit your electronics. This way, you can guarantee that the pre owned iPhone unit you ordered will arrive fast, safe, and of course, easy.

Carrier Compatible

With this excellent buy and sell site online, you can either keep or let go of your old carrier. Besides, their tablets and phones are all compatible.

Honest and No Risk

Who can find another place more honest than this? As they receive your gadget, you will get an offer that is either higher or lower depending on the condition of your device. More so, if you price your gadget lower than its condition, they will increase the offer. However, it also applies when you offer it at a higher price than its worth. They will lower the offer but you can always return it with no risk if you do not agree.

30-Day Return Policy

Now, here’s the good news. To put your mind at peace with Gazelle, they offer 30-Day Return Policy wherein you are allowed to return the pre owned device you ordered within 30 days. In this rule, you will also be able to get your money back. Make sure to assess the gadgets you received if they satisfy your expectations before it’s too late. Besides, you only have 30 days to return it.

Security is a Priority

All the customer personal information will be erased from the devices to guarantee the security of all. In this way, no data will be handed in the wrong person.

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A Safe Place Online to Buy Your Next Phone

samsung certified pre owned

If love to use high tech smartphones, getting an upgrade is a much better option than buying a new one. While we know how satisfying it is to buy a new one, saving for it can take you a long time. As a matter of fact, you can get the same satisfaction of buying a new phone by buying a pre owned unit in the safest place to buy gadgets online. And that is Gazelle.

Premium gadgets such as Apple’s iPhone and Samsung smartphones can be very costly especially they’re brand new.  Most of all that Apple increased the prices of most of their products which includes MacBook Air, iPhones, Mac Mini, among others, it is incredibly wise and practical to buy similar products in the list of pre owned devices offered by Gazelle.

To give you an example, here are some of the best deals from Gazelle compared to the brand new packages existing in the market.

Samsung Certified Pre Owned Phone

  • Galaxy Note 9 (128GB)
  • Brand New: $1,059
  • Gazelle: $639

Certified Pre Owned iPhone

  • iPhone XR (64GB)
  • Brand New: $964
  • Gazelle: $619.00

Pre Owned Macbook

  • MacBook Pro 15” Touch
  • Brand New: $2,836
  • Gazelle: $1,819

Pre Owned iPad

  • iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen (512GB)
  • Brand New: $ 983
  • Gazelle: $639.00

Pre Owned iMac

  • iMac 27” Retina 5K (2TB)
  • Brand New: $2,572
  • Gazelle: $1,649

How to Sell Device in the Safest Way Possible?

pre owned iphone

The best way to sell your old devices online safely is through Gazelle. With this reliable buy and sell site, it will only take a minute for you to get an offer for your gadgets. Not only that because here’s good news. Shipping is free! Definitely! This good news extends to every item worth more than $1. So, more and more people love to sell in this reliable market place online.

You will get your payment super-fast and in cash. However, you can also choose to receive it through Amazon Gift Card, check, or PayPal. If you have a lot of old gadgets that you don’t want to let go, it’s time to make money out of them. In here, your gadgets will be valued the same way you did. Honest offers await you. Visit Gazelle by clicking the button below.

Otherwise, you can also choose to drop your gadgets in one of their kiosks for an instant gadget to cash conversion. Their kiosks only accept tablets, phones, as well as MP3 players. Selling them online can give you a higher offer yet kiosks allow you to convert your gadgets in immediate cash. Sell with Gazelle now!

Confidence Coming From Gazelle Userscertified pre owned phones

Those who have experience buying certified pre owned phones and computers from this trusted site are expressing their confidence to definitely buy again. In fact, a customer said it is so easy and fast in terms of delivering service which they love the most. The customer even emphasized how Gazelle valued her old phone. She also mentioned visiting the site again.

While it can be a bit vexing to trade an old device for another one, this excellent site makes it incredibly easy. A customer also mentioned about how trading an iPad can be a nuisance to her but Gazelle made it nuisance free. She also said that she actually received an offer more than what she expected. These positive customer feedbacks only proves that GazelleShop is the best and the safest place to buy your next phone. Visit their official website to trade and buy now.

Final Verdict

The fast pace of technology forced electronics manufacturers to produce one wave of high-end devices after another. This means that soon enough, the world is bound to witness a sea of old electronics drowning in landfills. For that reason, Gazelle created the best solution to reduce electronic waste in which technology creates. The safest and the most reliable way to buy and sell gadgets is here. Trade your old smartphone, tablet, or computer and get the highest offers in just minutes. You can also get the sleekest iPhone you have ever dreamed of in the most affordable price. In fact, they offer pre owned iPhone units with 40% off.

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