blendSMART: How to Achieve Flawless Makeup Effortlessly

In every makeup routine, the most important part is to perfect the application of foundation. It covers the flaws on the skin, changes the tone, and creates an even complexion. Some people use their fingers to apply it while others prefer using makeup brushes for a smoother finish. But the thing is, most women are still struggling to get this part right. This is the reason why we want to introduce the blendSMART foundation brush. The tool that makes a huge difference in your makeup.

Based on studies, most women like to wear makeup as camouflage. I mean, it’s not like we can help it when we suddenly get a pimple in the middle of our face! So, to make it less noticeable, we like to put makeup on to cover it up. Or, it could even be the other way around. Because if you want to stand out, you can use makeup to enhance your look and become even more beautiful. But for whichever reason, here is the excellent brush that can help every woman achieve both goals.

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Updated on 23 May 2024

Introducing blendSMART

blendSMART is a motorized foundation brush that can rotate at the speed of 190 RPM to evenly apply makeup. This mechanism follows the same motion of a makeup artist’s hand movement which perfectly blends makeup.

The blendSMART brush can give you the flawless look that you have always dreamed of. Its rotating brush can provide you with a coverage that is so natural-looking that people might think it was done with an airbrush.

With the blendSMART foundation brush, you can now do your foundation using less makeup and less time compared to when using manual makeup brushes, sponges, or your fingers. In addition to that, the blendSMART foundation brush is the first ever cosmetic brush that has a rotating head. This can gently cover any skin imperfections to achieve smooth and flawless skin.

You can actually use other brush heads to put on powders, liquid makeup, and skin care products too! It includes various types of interchangeable makeup brush heads that allow you to easily switch from one type to another. This is what makes a blendSMART brush so unique amongst all the other makeup brushes on the market.

Common Results of Using Blending Sponges and Manual Brushes

Whether you admit it or not, using the traditional makeup applicators gives you a hard time in perfecting your makeup. As a matter of fact, using manual brushes and blending sponges give you underwhelming results like:

  • Streaky bronzer lines
  • Acne breakouts
  • Skin irritation
  • Blotchy foundation
  • Crumby and caked-on powder

If you want to avoid these common makeup mishaps, we highly recommend you use a blendSMART brush today. Not only is it incredibly affordable and hygienic, but it is also a pro tool that can get you a smooth and flawless finish. Surely you’ll love this brush the very moment you take it out from the box.

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Why Choose blendSMART?

blendsmart foundation

The idea of a rotating brush that can blend makeup to perfection might sound too good to be true. However, the blendSMART foundation brush already proves its skill when it comes to perfect blending. If you’re still undecided in using the blendSMART brush, here are some of the things you can get from this amazing rotating brush head:

1. Professional Look

You can now achieve the perfect and smooth coverage you need to help you complete the professional look you are going for. The blendSMART foundation brush is safe to use on every type of skin without the worry of acne breakouts or skin irritation.

This revolutionary product can help you get an airbrushed coverage no matter what level of makeup skill you have. You can give yourself the best makeup look as if you got a professional MUA without having to break the bank.

2. Great Coverage with Less Makeup

Some people hate applying makeup because of the unnatural look they get from using traditional tools like sponges. This is the reason why several women now agree that the blendSMART foundation brush is a must-have item. This is because it provides great coverage without having to use a lot of makeup products on the face.

We all know that excessive application of makeup products can clog your pores. This will lead to acne and eventually, a pimple breakout. Another problem you get is when the foundation gets stuck in your fine lines due to ineffective makeup tools.

Now that there is something so helpful and innovative is in front of us, I don’t think we can ignore such an amazing product. With the blendSMART brush, you will be able to avoid overloading on makeup products and you can also save a lot of money along the way.

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3. Save Time, Less Effort

Sometimes, applying makeup can take so much time and effort especially when you are putting makeup on for formal occasions and important events. Good thing we can now get flawless makeup with a blendSMART brush while saving time and effort because of its excellent rotating brush technology.

4. Ideal for All Skin Types

I personally avoid using makeup to save my skin from having pimples because my skin is very sensitive and prone to irritation. But unlike the traditional makeup brushes, this device offers incredibly soft and hygienic interchangeable heads that are made of excellent antimicrobial fibers. This is the reason why I don’t worry about my sensitive skin anymore when using a blendSMART brush.

5. Easy To Clean

The entire set of blendSMART brush heads are made of premium synthetic fibers that are not only soft and high quality, but also very easy to clean. Make sure to clean the brushes often to make sure it has no bacteria.

6. 4 Different Interchangeable Brush Heads

blendsmart brush

The set comes with 4 different types of makeup brush heads to complete your pro makeup kit. It includes Powder, Full Coverage, Blush, and Definer Brushes that are now available with a 30% off discount when included at checkout. These brush heads are essential for you to get the perfect makeup finish that you want to achieve. Besides, using high-quality makeup brushes helps to evenly smooth out powder, foundation, and skin products.

7. 1 Year Warranty and 30-Day Money Back

Enjoy a year of warranty on its rotating handle and a 30-Day Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product you receive. This way, you will get the satisfaction you want without having to worry about investing in a defective product.

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How do blendSMART brushes work?

blendsmart foundation brush

When using the makeup brushes existing today, you have to move the brush in a circular motion on to blend the product evenly. But with the use of a blendSMART foundation brush, you don’t have to exert as much effort and time anymore.

The device is powered by a battery which is hidden in its handle to make the interchangeable brush head spin gently and quickly. This motion creates a perfect blend of skincare and cosmetic products on the face. It can spin at the speed of 190 RPM that is specially designed to copy the motion of a makeup artist’s hand. Since most of the traditional makeup tools in the market today fail to give us the perfect natural look we want, it is now time to turn to the product that can really provide the result we desire.

Aside from that, sponges actually absorb most of the expensive skin care and makeup products instead of helping the skin to absorb them. Meanwhile, the brushes that are manually used make it difficult to get a smooth, lightweight, and even coverage that is essential to make your look flawless.

The set is available with 4 different brush heads as well as accessories that are offered to help complete that smooth and flawless look. From all the makeup tools I’ve tried before, BlendSmart’s patented sleek rotating brush is the only one that truly provides the look and the feel I like. I know most women and makeup enthusiasts will love this revolutionary product because of its great capabilities that deliver amazing results.

People Are Talking About It

If you are curious if blendSMART is good enough, then you must hear from the famous people who are talking about it. You must be surprised to know that the famous Oprah Winfrey even commended this rotating brush! We all know that the TV personality is picky when choosing her list of favorite things yet, she declared that this product is the holy grail.

On the other hand, Vogue, which is a famous beauty magazine stated that this brush is a game-changing product. Game changing in the sense that it really delivers its promise to users that most makeup tools never could. This is more than enough reason to ditch the manual brushes and sponges you are using right now for a blendSMART rotating foundation brush.

Other sites where it is also mentioned are Bustle, BuzzFeed, InStyle, People, and the Wall Street Journal. So feel free to check out their reviews as well.

Is It Expensive?

Every year, a woman spends an average of $2,800 on makeup and skin care products alone. This only proves that getting this sleek rotating brush for only $59.99 is a great investment and definitely a no brainer. It will help you save money, time, AND provides a gorgeous, natural finish every single time you apply makeup.

So, is it expensive? Definitely not! Because this device doesn’t use as much product as regular makeup tools. This means that you actually buy makeup and skin care less often when using this brush! So, you’re actually saving more.

Where Can I Get Mine?

blendsmart brush

If your hands are itching to have this cool rotating foundation brush, here’s what you should do to get it: click the button below. Then, decide which package suits you best. Afterward, hit the “NEXT” button. And then, select the accessories you want to add, and lastly, click “CHECKOUT”.

You will be required to fill up the shipping information first to complete your order but make sure to enter data accurately. The fields that you have to fill out are your email, name, address, apt/suite (which is optional), city, country, state, zip code, and phone number which are also optional. After reviewing if you’ve entered the correct data, click the “NEXT” button. This will complete your order!

Which kit should I get?

If you are curious about what accessories are available on each Starter Kit, I can help you out. Just like what I have mentioned above, you will be asked which accessories you want to include in your order. The accessories are categorized into three unique kits:

In the Starter Kit #1, we have the … wait, they are all actually the same. I literally laughed at this because all of the starter kits have the same set of accessories! This includes the blush brush, definer brush, powder brush, full coverage brush, and a cute travel case for only $17.49 each. Getting them as a bundle can actually help you save $7.50 on each item.

The site accepts payment through PayPal, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and Shopify Secure. Also, shipping is free for USA customers only.

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Final Thoughts

Makeup is essential. However, so many people complain about using too much product and getting breakouts. For this reason, I find blendSMART beneficial for those individuals who want to go for less makeup and achieve the “natural look”. This product is actually the best solution for those who are not that keen on blending makeup yet.

If you think that the blendSMART foundation brush is the right makeup tool for you to achieve the flawless coverage and smooth finish you’ve always dreamed of, then it’s time to get this amazing brush!

9.7 Total Score
blendSMART Review

Ease of Use
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes interchangeable brush heads
  • Gentle blending
  • Provides Flawless coverage
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