What Is the Best OBD2 Scanner for the Money?

If you own a high tech vehicle of whatever model and make, having the right OBD2 scanner is very important in order to ensure your own road safety. Moreover, if you desire to keep your car responsive 24/7, utilizing the best obd2 scanner is the wisest choice. Being equipped with the best tools will give you numerous benefits and advantages especially that high-end OBD tools can completely support and function every important protocol and test modes. So to help you decide on which car scanner OBDII is the best for you, read this review carefully and you’ll definitely be enlightened.

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Updated on 10 June 2024

Best OBD2 scanner of 2024: FIXD vs SmartCar

Check out the market of OBD2 scanner today and you’ll see a parade of amazing products that might lure you to buying the bad-tasting apple. Well, you will surely find a wide range of good diagnostic tools fit for your vehicle’s performance. But choosing the best one is what you must opt for. Besides, you don’t have to go that far anymore because we are more than glad to give you two of the best obd2 scanner Bluetooth connected devices in the market today.

To maintain and repair a car is pretty expensive especially if you own a high-end vehicle manufactured after 1996. But, who wouldn’t run to a mechanic when the car engine dies at the very moment that you are about to drive it out of the garage for an important meeting? Or, you have to drive your wife to the nearest store to cook a nice dinner because your mother-in-law will be visiting in just a few hours?

Don’t let this situation happen to you anymore and choose the best car diagnostic tool that is just lying around the corner. What you have to do, is just scroll down and choose which one fits your needs the most.

Is FIXD the best car code reader?

fixd obd2 scanner bluetooth

FIXD is not just a small device that you can plug in your car’s OBDII port but a car diagnostic tool that is a result of the excellent Kickstarter campaign launched in the year 2014. Moreover, it includes an application that allows every car owner to understand their own ride through Bluetooth connection. For sure everyone knows why it is very important to utilize effective safety measures when it comes to traveling the road. However, only a few take the right step and the best tools to implement it.

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How does it work?

While your car engine only displays the check engine light as ON on your dashboard. FIXD can allow you to determine and fix malfunctions that happen on your vehicle. Not only that, because this best OBD2 scanner can also provide an impressively detailed report about your car’s status listing every problem it has identified while scanning.

FIXD is a health monitor that can give you every information that you need in just a few seconds. This way, you will know every little thing that is happening in your own car including the precise descriptions of every problem there is. These descriptions are truly beneficial especially if you are not that of a car guy. And note that this outstanding OBD2 scanner has its own database that comprises 6,800 possible car problem causes that can help you to track and understand the issues and needs of your car.

Multi-Vehicle Control

One of the best things about this scanner is that it can provide a Multi-Vehicle Control. This feature is where you can use multiple OBD2 scanners on different cars while monitoring them simultaneously using a single mobile device. With this, even family members will be able to access the real-time data of their own car by downloading the FIXD app themselves.

Having multiple cars is quite luxurious and cool. Yet, monitoring them one by one separately can also give you a headache. Good thing you can use FIXD as a car health dashboard of some sort. With this, you can now make your mind free from any guesswork.

Multi-Vehicle Control is one of the reasons why people choose this OBD2 scanner Bluetooth than SmartCar. While both include nearly the same super cool capabilities, the two still has some difference that you have to check out.

Continuous monitoring

For the similarities, it also includes Continuous Monitoring just like SmartCar. This feature allows you to plug in the health monitor to your car at all times without having to worry about the safety of your ride. It utilizes a low-energy mode while being powered by your car’s battery so when you plan to leave your car for a while, it is best if you unplug the device.

Vehicle history

This excellent OBD2 scanner also includes a Vehicle History feature that you can also find in SmartCar. This can allow you to check the past issues of your vehicle. Besides, tracking every problem your car has experienced before can help you to determine which one is a recurring issue. For sure, you can save a lot from targeting the root cause than repairing it from time to time.

Maintenance reminders

Additionally, it includes Mileage Detection and Maintenance Reminders. I think this is the most satisfying part. To see your achievements and complete the recommended maintenance from your car health monitor. And since the app can send you an alert when your next maintenance schedule approaches, you don’t have to worry about missing one anymore.

Setting it up

Just like the way they are used. While you only need to plug SmartCar, download the app and install it, and sync the device via Bluetooth connection in your phone, FIXD requires you to enter a sensor code first before you can continue to scanning. See how that small difference can affect your decision.

FIXD Key Features

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Multi-Vehicle Control
  • Mileage Detection
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • Vehicle History


  • Provides clear car diagnostic with a short description
  • Better awareness of your car problem and its severity through color-based alerts
  • Helps you save money
  • Helps you keep your vehicle run efficiently
  • Avoid Accidents

If I were to mention the coolest feature of FIXD. It is the ability of this scanner to notify you of your car’s problem via your phone including the consequences if you will continue to drive your car without completely fixing the problem. Like so, it comes along with information recommending you to stop that can help you avoid damaging your vehicle even more. And the cost, well it is only if possible. It provides cost estimates to fix your car problem. This way, auto mechanics will never have the chance to scam you again.

Is SmartCar the best OBD2 bluetooth?


Mechanical issues can give birth to car trouble. For this reason, car owners are given no choice other than going to the nearest mechanic and pay nearly a thousand dollars while not knowing they are being scammed. Which is why most people prefer SmartCar car health monitor in order to avoid such a situation.

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How does it work?

This best ODB2 scanner can save you and your car in a convenient way and that is through scanning the vehicle’s health. It is the perfect tool that can provide you with accurate readings and can help you salvage your car from having internal damage. Moreover, it can help you to cut the cost of car maintenance which is a great thing. It is especially for frugal individuals like everyone else.

In this best automotive diagnostic scanner comparison, SmartCar can effectively help you to view the health of your car. Most of all that the most surprising thing about having it is when you find out that your healthy-looking ride actually has multiple problems that have to be addressed with the right fix in the soonest time.

We know that car maintenance can be very tiring and it can cost petty much penny as well. But since you now know the right tool to keep your car healthy without actually shedding a lot. You can now keep your car regularly maintained and properly fixed at all times.

Fuel consumption reports

In terms of difference, SmartCar has a unique Fuel Consumption Reports feature that can help you monitor the energy being consumed by your car. This way, you will be aware your ride is still energy efficient or not.

You can also take advantage of this feature to help you set energy consumption goals. It can keep you to be on track with the budget you allocate every month for your monthly gasoline consumption.

SmartCar Key Features

  • Check Engine Light
  • Maintenance Monitoring
  • Mileage Notifications
  • Real-Time Diagnostic Updates
  • Car Issues Log
  • Fuel Consumption Reports


  • Reliable Risk Avoidance
  • Helps to Understand Car Health
  • Provides an Incredible 24/7 Security
  • Proven to be Safe
  • Helps you Avoid Paying Unnecessary Cost
  • The best for Non-car repair savvy individuals and all car enthusiasts
  • Provides Useful Information

Things to Consider When Buying the Best OBD2 Scanner

It is vital for professional technicians and car owners to consider a few important aspects when searching for the best OBD2 tool. Moreover, answering the following questions will make the selection process easier and help everyone make the right choice. Scroll down and see if which scanner OBDII is the right one for you. Is it FIXD or SmartCar?

High-End Unit or Basic Code Reader?

Basic code reader features a very limited range of functions. It merely detects car problems and car errors that have to be diagnosed. While performing limited functions, it is still perfect for those who want to access an OBD2 scanner without paying a high cost. It is pretty affordable but the downside is that it is only designed to work with common car models.

On the other hand, a higher-end unit like FIXD and SmartCar is mostly preferred by most car professionals. Asking me why? It is because both are more likely to find car incompatibility issues plus both have several top-notch functions such as On-Screen Definitions, Real-time Data, Data Logging or Storage, and more.

What is The best OBD Reader Type You Need?

  • You can choose to utilize whether Bluetooth OBD2 scanner, PC-based scanner, or handheld auto scanners. But whichever you choose, make sure to look for most of the best characteristics listed below:
  • The ability to render vehicle data in real-time possible
  • Easy to use even for users with zero car repair knowledge
  • Compatible with most of the cars today even for pre-OBD2 vehicles
  • Upgradeable
  • Capable of storing and logging data
  • Mainly designed with a colored screen large enough for easy reading
  • Compatible with various platforms such as tablets, laptops, or smartphones
  • Easy to carry and small
  • Can be purchased in bundles (includes essential accessories)
  • Includes warranty from the manufacturer
  • With Wireless Capability
  • Cost-Effective
  • Includes an alternate power source

Why Use an OBDII Scanner

Unlike OBD scanners, OBD2 has a wider range of pronounced benefits for vehicles. It includes efficiency, cost-effectiveness, durability, wider compatibility, and more. These benefits are essential to make all your journey safe and worthwhile. So to reap all of it, choose to utilize either of the two best OBD2 scanners we have.

The Final Verdict: FIXD or SmartCar?

Now, this is your time to choose the best diagnostic scanner. Will you buy FIXD or SmartCar? If you are still not convinced with all the things we told you about the two high-end OBD2 scanners. You can feel free to read again our reviews for further details. In there, you can see more of their qualities and compare the two with your own keen eyes.

Otherwise, get them today by clicking FIXD if you are opting for a multi-vehicle control and SmartCar if you want to monitor your energy consumption better.

To sum it up, both app is flexible and reliable. So you don’t have to worry too much about which of these best OBD2 scanner can really help you out. Whether you have an Android or iOS mobile device, you can guarantee that you can install any of the two but make sure to choose what is best for you.

Besides, we have already discussed all the areas you need to consider in order to pick the best one. Therefore, you now have a lesser chance to get a taste of the bad apple.

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