BarkBox Review 2024: Customized Box Of Themed Treats For Your Pup

Everyone who’s met me knows my dogs bring so much joy and fun to me. It’s like an added layer of bliss with a bubbly dog around me. Kita, Tina, and Brown are full of love, especially for me. They lighten the atmosphere and my moods one way or another. But what’s the trick behind the happiness of my dogs? It is the focus of this BarkBox review. 

Loving our dogs equals caring for them, and caring for them means providing them with essential dog-related things that’ll also bring them joy. In my case, it works by treating my doggies to a BarkBox for dogs. Dogs love treats and imagine the amount of pleasure having a BarkBox plan could bring to your dog regularly.


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Updated on 8 April 2024

BarkBox Review: What Is The Product About?

You’ll undoubtedly be wondering what BarkBox for dogs means and how a BarkBox for dogs could bring joy to your dogs. Everyone who comes in contact with packages like the BarkBox for dogs has had the same feeling.

Essentially, BarkBox is a dog treat product that provides different treats for dogs. They include dog toys, treats, and other goodies that dogs love—such as meat. If you’re a dog lover and, due to lack of time, energy, or space, can’t pick out treats for your dog, having a BarkBox for dogs subscription plan will be of great help to you. With it, you can quickly treat your dog or even go creative for your dog.

The BarkBox for dogs package is a stuffed package curated by the manufacturing company to the taste of each dog. The only required process was to fill in the relevant details of my dog before I got my package. And the cutest thing is the packages are personalized to suit each of my dog’s preferences. You’ll find some of this information on any reviews on BarkBox online.


barkbox reviews

BarkBox Review: Does This Product Work?

All I had to do when I discovered the BarkBox Subscription was to log on to their website, fill in all the necessary details about my dogs and start receiving monthly packages.

After including all of these relevant details, I chose a subscription plan that’s suitable for me. I signed up and got my packages delivered. BarkBox will send you different treats like assorted dog toys, treats like meat, and some dog snacks and other accessories for dogs. All of these features were tailored to the details I filled in while signing up. Using the information provided, the brand was able to determine what to include in my dog’s package.

Also, BarkBox reviews note, the company provides different plans starting from a one-month plan, six months, or 12 months plan. If you’d like to begin receiving packages on that same month of subscription, make sure your order is placed before the 28th day of that month.

Pros of BarkBox for Dogs

There are a thousand and one reviews on BarkBox that you’ll see online. This is primarily because the dog treat company has been around for over a decade. So, many reviews on BarkBox for dogs focus on so many different things but the most important and exciting thing you’ll need to note about this company is:

  • They provide customized dog treats.
  • The company takes every single detail about your dog seriously. So if your dog has allergies of any kind, indicate while filling the online form.
  • It’s a fun dog treat plan as it’s filled with surprises each month. How cute, right? You get many themes ranging from Bento & Blossoms, the Dog daze, Throwback Thursday, Thank Stuffing, and The Muttcracker themes.
  • The company has different affordable plans for every dog lover.
  • The packages all come in different sizes.

As if these benefits aren’t enough, one other exciting thing most reviews on BarkBox do not point out is that BarkBox celebrates your dog’s birthday by adding birthday-themed treats for your dog. At least, they celebrated mine and I’m yet to recover from the surprises.


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Cons of BarkBox for Dogs

Although BarkBox comes with so many fun pros for all dog lovers, it’s complete and honest if some of the product cons are not highlighted. So many reviews on BarkBox have so much information to provide users with. And the question on many dog owners’ minds could be, is BarkBox worth it? Having tried it out myself, here are some essential things I got to know about this company and the services they provide to dogs and dog owners:

  • BarkBox will not deliver any package to you if you sign up after the 27th of every month. Your order should be placed before the 28th of every month.
  • BarkBox will not bear the consequences of wrongly filled details about your dog. That is, if your dog has allergies and you fail to indicate, it wouldn’t be the fault of the company as they only work with the information you provide to curate packages.

What most reviews on BarkBox won’t inform you is that the cons of BarkBox are pretty avoidable.

User Reviews: What are Some Customer Reviews on BarkBox?

Rightfully for a company that has existed this long, there are certainly so many BarkBox reviews to dig into on the internet. So many people who have had the opportunity to get a package or more from BarkBox have these BarkBox reviews to show for them:

“Their products are high quality, and my dog loves the toys and treats. She enjoys the bubble gum-shaped ones especially and is always showing it off.”
Brittany Waugh

“When I still had my previous dog, I had a BarkBox subscription for it which was inviting with the random and practical assortment of dog gifts monthly.”

“My dog is always going nuts when the BarkBox package arrives. They’re good treats that last forever, and I get to gift some of them to other dogs.”

Also, note that on the customer reviews section on Amazon, reviews on BarkBox have a 66% 5-star response from customers.

BarkBox Reviews: Price and Money-back Guarantee

The first thing anyone who read reviews on BarkBox and felt convinced of the product would want to know is ‘how much is the Bark Box package?’ The price of your BarkBox package differs from individual to individual, depending on the plan you’re purchasing.

For BarkBox subscribers, subscription starts at $23 with free shipping across 48 states in the US. This price varies depending on the subscription plan you are buying.

BarkBox also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means you can get your money refunded if you are not satisfied with the outcome. But first, you’ll have to submit your claim to a representative that will work to refund your money or replace the purchase.

And for your BarkBox coupon, the brand is constantly giving out coupon BarkBox to customers and currently running a 50% BarkBox promo to loyal Digitogy readers. All you have to do is to subscribe with this button right here.


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Some questions might not get answered on BarkBox reviews you’ll see online. Here are some of those questions.

Can I Cancel my 6 Month BarkBox?

Yes. You can cancel the subscription whenever you feel like it. This can be done through visiting the account page on the website or contacting any of their team.

Can I buy one BarkBox?

BarkBox makes its services affordable to all. So, note that you can buy a 1-month plan or 2 or 3, depending on your pocket size.

Can you Skip Months on BarkBox?

Yes. But to efficiently do this, you will have to contact the team as the very responsive customer service will attend to you immediately.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Every BarkBox package is shipped within the first two weeks of every month. And it takes 2-8 business days to get to different states and 8-12 to get to places like Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska.


My first contact with BarkBox was from BarkBox reviews I read online. But, there are so many more exciting and fun things about this product that might not be included in any BarkBox reviews online. All the joy and satisfaction you will derive from the product comes in handy not just from online BarkBox reviews but by personally trying out this product. Of course, the BarkBox reviews do justice to the product.

9.3 Total Score
BarkBox rating 2024

Cost efficient
Ease of Use
  • Customized treats
  • No allergies
  • Affordable
  • Added monthly surprises
  • Multiple size offers
  • You have to order before 27th
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