Russia’s “Runet” Ironically Disrupted By Power Outage

The Federation Council of Russia approved a bill that aims to ensure the smooth and sustainable operation of Runet Russia. It is the isolated, domestic internet of Russia that not too long ago – struggles for its approval. While voting on the legislation, it is surprising and quite ironical that it was disrupted by an internet and power outage at the same time. The meeting started late in the Federal Council building but despite the unexpected trouble, the bill for Runet Russia internet was still approved. As a matter of fact, it received an overwhelming majority of votes from senators during the second reading.

Updated on 25 May 2024


Thousands of Russian people demonstrated their disapproval by protesting in the streets when Russia Runet was passed.  In line with this, there are about 6,500 protesters that are reported by the Moscow police. Moreover, other estimates show that there are more than 15, 000 people who have joined the public show of disapproval. This event is said to be one of the massive street protests in the recent history of Russia.

Russian Runet to Finally Become a Law

Runet still needs to be signed by Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin in order to be finally become a law. It is assumed to be effective starting in the month of November this year. Whilst, the absolute implementation of Runet Russia requires an estimated cost of about $460 million.

The said legislation was first introduced by a lawmaking group in the month of December 2018. This is to technically target the aggressive US National Cyber Strategy which has accused Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran of utilizing cyber tools in order to undermine the economy and democracy of the US. The strategy threatens anyone who will perform malicious cyber activities against Washington with dire consequences.

Russia has decided to push through with Runet Russia to autonomously function in preparation for the possible actions of the US. If Russia and the West countries will further have a conflict, there is a great chance that the US decides to restrict the access or otherwise, completely remove Russian IP addresses.

Runet will be active once as well when the world suffers a complete internet shutdown. When this takes place, Russian Media will take over in the web.

Runet Prompts Fear

russian runet

Since Russian Runet is designed to autonomously operate for the country, many people fear the idea of isolation and control from the Government of Russia. However, the top officials of the country have insisted that the system was actually designed to be purely defensive, and for a useful tool in case of emergency.

On the other hand, the country hasn’t experienced a nationwide internet outage yet so according to experts, this phenomena is certainly possible.

Final Thoughts

The internet contains a great power itself especially if people utilize it for strong intentions. While most people are having several thoughts about Runet being approved for Russia. Some were possibly caught by the threat of US National Cyber Strategy. Runet is Russia’s way to prevent the possible things that might be brought by this unseen possibility. If it can provide a good set of measures for the country. Can you give it a thumbs up or a sign of disapproval?

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