Apple Rumors 2018: What’s New in Apple Products?

The launch of the new iPhone X has become quite a big hit to Apple fans. Unlike the past iPhone products, the iPhone X has removed its classic home button. It is said that the home button won’t be coming back in future launches, and rather than using a separate button, the users will be using a Face ID system instead.

In this article, we will be exploring a few rumors about the upcoming What’s New in Apple Products and more. Read on to find out.

Updated on 10 June 2024

Rumored Launches of iPhones and Software

The best selling product of the Apple Company is their iPhones. The smartphone is the most popular device in today’s world, so this is not really a surprise. However, since Apple products are not exactly cheap, it’s quite surprising that a lot of people still buy these devices.

But I can’t blame them, Apple’s devices might be quite expensive but they do make the purchase worth it. Here are a few rumored launches of future Apple Smartphones:

iPhone Xs

iPhone X has become quite successful ever since its first launch. The device has a 5.8inch screen design, like the past Apple devices, the company will most likely upgrade the iPhone Xs screen size.

There are rumors that the What’s New in Apple Products will be called iPhone Xs Max, and we think that the Max part sounds a bit outputting. This future launch will have a 6.5inch screen size, bigger than iPhone X that has a 5.8inch screen size.

iPhone Xc

There have been a couple of reports that said there will be a cheaper version of iPhone X. The smartphone might be called as the iPhone Xc, iPhone 9, or iPhone Xr, it will be like the successor of iPhone 8. However, it is said that this cheaper version might have a bigger than iPhone X’s 5.8inch screen. The cheaper version is said to have a 6.1inch screen.

iPhone SE 2

There is also a rumor that the 4inch iPhone SE will also be upgraded to iPhone SE 2. If this model launches, it might have a similar function to the iPhone 7 and a much clearer camera.

iOS 12

The last time the Apple launched its software update for their smartphone was around September 2017. The next update is said to be launched this September 2018. The iOS 12 is said to focus on the phone’s stability, but there will also be some nice features in it.

watchOS 5

iWatch will also have a software update. WatchOs5 was unveiled in summer 2018, it will then be launched this September.

Final Thoughts:

There are still a lot of rumors about What’s New in Apple Products future launches, back in 2016 there has been a rumor about an Apple Car. If the company was developing this said Apple car, it might be launched in the year 2020, but don’t expect too much about this.

There is also a rumor that Apple is working with a kind of virtual reality device, but you won’t be seeing this one until the year 2021.

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