Apple Mac Mini Review (2018)

Apple had its great years of gains and profits. However, their Mac Mini had its hardest years especially back in year 2014; their update receives a lot of disappointing feedbacks. The previous version has storage incapable of any upgrade that left a significant number of Apple users upset and unsatisfied. It is just so impressive that the 2014 Mac Mini is still up on Apple stores with a $500 price. Mac Mini’s 4 years consecutive poor updates had left us thinking if we could ever witness a new model at last.

Happily, Apple has had to straighten out the 2014 Mac Mini’s situation. For this reason, the newest version of Apple’s Mac Mini kept the feature that we loved so much on the 2014’s. However, it sports a smooth space-gray theme now. It is Mac Mini’s first on its line. It is also made purely from post-consumer aluminum, just like the latest MacBook Air. However, today, Mac Mini has become a valuable competitor in the market of compact-desktop thanks to its highly-enhanced components.

The past four years, micro PCs became enhanced greatly, and almost all of the biggest companies are now offering a small Windows device. However, I’m still deeply amazed by Mac Mini’s performance. Thus it is the most cost-efficient way to acquire a macOS machine. In regards to this, the Mac Mini (2018) still commits a few imperfections that might probably keep it from being the best Mac Mini available.

Updated on 26 May 2024



  • Fast CPU performance
  • Close-packed structure
  • Flexible ports: HDMI and USB Type-A
  • 4 USB type C Thunderbolt three ports
  • Greatly improved specs
  • Cheapest Apple’s Mac


  • Restricted graphics performance: Not upgradeable
  • RAM is not technically user upgradable
  • Fast cost increase upgrade options
  • Higher initial cost

The newest 2018 Apple Mac Mini is the embodiment of Apple’s promises that they did not forget about their SFF (small form factor) designed Mac. However, as it was said a while ago, Apple’s Mac mini hasn’t showcased a satisfactory update for about 4 straight years now. But, now that the 2018 Apple Mac Mini has now arrived, that’s all changed.

Additionally, Apple claims that the Mini is 5x faster compared to its past models. In which, this astounding performance enhancement is the result of various high-end specification bumps. That includes an amazing 64GB RAM with a maximum of the six-core system on a chip.

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In line with this matter, the Mini (2018) has currently labeled as the ideal companion for creators. This sleek gadget claims to be 30x more efficient at HEVC video encoding. Like so, a significant number of ports is also placed at the back. Despite that, there is just a single HDMI port, four Thunderbolt three USB type C ports is also placed as a supplement.


Creation of old Apple Mac Minis will surely be pleased with the latest, especially that the later keeps the square-shaped metal structure that is 7.7” x 7.7” x 1.4” in measurement and is slightly heavier compared to the previous version for 2.9 lbs. In comparison to the late Mac Mini that weighs 2.6 lbs.

Apple has had made some nice twists to its design, covered in space gray theme to matchup the iMac Pro. Additionally, Apple proudly notes that the Mini is composed of 60 percent post-consumer waste plastic on its selected parts such as its base. And, its case comes from 100 percent recycled aluminum.

Apple Mac Mini

In the same token, Apple also gained its astounding achievement of filling the same dimensions with more enhanced quality hardware. Of course, that was due to its modernized thermal architecture, which comprises expanded vents, a larger fan, and a renovated power supply.

Ports-wise for the 2018 Mac Mini, which has a 4Thunderbolt three USB type C ports, two USB-A port, 2.0 HDMI port, a smart Gigabit Ethernet that comes with 10GB Ethernet setting, and don’t forget the audio jack. Now look at its back, there is a power button, as well as an increasingly rare headphone with 3.5mm jack. These ports are placed at the backside of the latest Mac Mini to create a cleaner appearance. Thus, it keeps all its wires from annoying users by showing up.


The latest model is geared up with eight-generation Intel Core processors iterated with Hexa-Core and Quad-Core desktop-grade. This fact can make us expect for the best computing performance it can provide. More so, Apple claims that their newest Mac Mini is capable of 5x faster performance than its previous model.

The Hexa- and Quad- Core eight-generation Intel processors with a maximum capability of 4.6GHz, and supports 2,666MHz 64GB memory will surely keep it responsive and fast on its performance. This enables it to take two or more tasks.

Apple Mac Mini

In such a way, the latest Mac Mini comprises Apple’s T2 security chip that includes an SSD controller capable of on the fly data encryption. Apple’s T2 chip does feature HEVC video conversion that is up to thirty times faster. Surprisingly, it is good news for all video editors who use apple for work.

Mini has only a few let down, and spec wise, it is in its integrated UHD 630 Intel graphics. For anyone who is using this clever device for creative graphically in-depth work, might find it lacking especially. Likewise, if they are using it for 3D modeling and video editing.


The 2018 Apple Mac Mini is the first new compact computer we have seen from Apple in four years. With an eight-generation Intel processor and an abundant connectivity, which includes four Thunderbolt 3 and two USB Type-A ports, the Mini is designed to be flexible and fast. Apple positioning the new Mini as a ‘pro’ machine, though we found that the lack of dedicated GPU holds this system back. But still, if you do not need particularly powerful graphics and is looking for a speedy desktop, this Apple’s 2018 Mac Mini has lots to offer – both on the size and the price.

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