A12X Bionic chip ‘most powerful chipset’ – Apple

As part of its 2018 iPad Pro that was unveiled today, Apple announced that the chipset is powering its newest tablet computers with A12X Bionic. In which, this chip is the fastest mobile processor that has had ever created.

Updated on 20 May 2024

In addition, the current head is the A12 Bionic chip that can be found in the recently released iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Honestly, that piece of the chip was already quite a little beast. Like so, how much more is the A12X going to take things when the new 2018 iPad Pro will launch next week.

About A12X Bionic

The A12X Bionic chipset is a faster version of the A12 Bionic but does not detail how fast it exactly would be. Like so, the A12X likely as the A12 has Apple’s eight-core Neural Engine. In which, it is designed for real-time machine learning tasks such as recognizing faces.

Thus, the Neural Engine is an eight-core chip that is capable of up to five trillion operations per second – in comparison to 500 billion for the previous generation neural engine. Moreover, there is a smart computer system that will automatically determine whether to run algorithms on the processor, Neural Engine, GPU, or even a combination of all the three.

Additionally, all those innovations allow it to deliver up to five trillion operations per second, as well as ‘all-day’ battery life.

2018 iPad Pro lineup to feature the new A12X Bionic Chipset

Apple has not released specific numbers when it comes to the improvement that is brought by the A12X versus the A12. Instead, the company only focuses more on the comparison between the previous generation iPad Pro and its A10X confusion chipsets. However, the company also mentions that the A12X house 10 billion transistors, and appears as 45% more compared to its A12, which has only 6.9 transistors.

In line with this matter, it doesn’t mean th

at the A12X will have 45% much better performance than its phone version. It is because there is more CPU performance than the abrupt number of transistors. But, it is actually an indication that as solid improvement has had been made to the chip.

Thus, loading up its iPads with stronger chipsets than those in iPhones has been a practice for Apple, and that makes a lot of sense, though.

Moreover, Apple frankly, did go through some specific performance numbers to try to give us more contexts on how much the new iPad Pros are going to be. In comparison to the previous generation iPad Pros. Well, the all-new, 7nm A12X Bionic chip is going to enable up to 35% better single-core performance. Like so, there is also up to 90% better multi-core performance. For this reason, these are substantial upgrades, greetings to the new eight-core design it has.

Nevertheless, Apple also claims that the new iPads will be more powerful than 92% of all ‘portable PCs’ purchased between June 2017 and June 2018. Though, it is not clear yet exactly what kind of devices ‘portable PCs’ means. But, from the looks of it, Apple maybe includes all MacBooks and tablets.

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