New Fire HD 8 Tablet Review

Surprisingly, the tablet market has had continued to divide over the past few years. And if ever, you do not want to invest a considerable sum in an Apple’s iPad. Then, look no further with affordable choice than Amazon’s Fire tablets.

It is the third iteration of Amazon’s 8 in a tablet. Since, it was first launched, back in 2017, to use the same design. Thus, it feels, looks, and operates exactly the same as the 2017th version. Additionally, the handset comes with an update and upgrade in some areas. That includes an improved camera and the latest software, as well.

Moreover, the All-New Fire HD 8 sits in the middle of Amazon’s offering. In which, it is more portable than the HD 10, and also more capable than the Fire 7. Fire HD 8 hits something of a mellow spot, which offers functionality and affordability.

Updated on 20 May 2024

All-New Fire HD 8: Still the best tablet

[amazon box=”B0794RHPZD” title=”All-New Fire HD 8 tablet” image_alt=”All-New Fire HD 8 tablet” rating=”4″ image_size=”Large” description=”16GB or 32 GB internal storage HD 8 entertainment designed tablet with 8 inches HD display.”]

 According to Antoine Dreyfus, head of Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire Tablets in the EU, that the company has had stuck with the winning recipe of a premium device at non-premium prices. In which, the handset comes out with a focus on family and entertainment, as well.” It was said in a statement.

In line with this matter, whether you are a globetrotter, or are looking for a travel tablet, or even something just to entertain your kids with loads of controls. The Fire HD 8 is well worth in considerably because, at its budget-price, there is a little bit more that comes close.


  • Respectable Battery Capacity
  • Parental Control options
  • Alexa
  • Solid Build
  • Great Price point


  • Poor quality of the camera
  • Not the snazziest of tablet specification
  • Slow to charge
  • Reflective display


Whilst high-end tablets do offer glass or aluminum finishing, the Amazon’s Fire tablets decide to study plastic around the back. Though it looks simple and slightly understated design, it is a solid result.

In such a way, the plastics feel firm enough with ample texture to provide grip – which Amazon is confident enough to say that it surpasses the iPad in terms of durability. Additionally, it also withstands the occasional accidental knock and wipes clean easily enough. If the Fire HD 8 finds its way into the sticky hands of a beginner, it will clean up easily enough.


These days, tablets are all about its displays. Like so, Amazon has had consistently stuck to a 16:10 aspect ratio for its tablet. Rather than having a 4:3 aspect ratio – that is becoming more common elsewhere. In which, it makes us doublethink for a good aspect to enjoy a dozen of the content that Amazon offers. Most particularly for the Amazon Video.

However, the HD in this tablet’s name identifies to the fact that it steps up to 1280 x 800 pixels resolution or 720 pixels. Noticeably, it is a step-up from the smaller Fire 7 tablet. Also, a step-down in terms of the resolution from the massive Fire HD 10 tablet – that offers Full HD.

By the same token, this tablet is a good compromise. Though it is not the sharpest display out in the house, also it is nowhere near as sharp as the latest flagship smartphones. Honestly, it is nothing to worry about, in especially at its price.

Moreover, the most important point is that this tablet looks very good once you start streaming Netflix or Amazon Video content. In where it is likely the key to keep users happy.


Amazon does not go to another place just to tell others the supplier of the hardware in its tablet. However, you just have to accept the fact that it’s a Quad-core processor, which supported by 1.5GB of RAM.

Additionally, this sums up into the space between the Fire 7 and Fire HD 10 tablets, in term of the specification of the device.


In this matter, the performance, however, fits its price point. In where, the most important things happen fast enough, likely as smooth streaming of video or snappy page turning into books. Frankly, there can be a little delay when it comes to opening larger apps. Wherein, you will feel the warmth around at the back, just above the Amazon logo when placing more demanding games, such as Real Racing 3. Actually, that is to be expected, most importantly, it does not definitely get in the way of what you are trying to do.

Additionally, there is a 16GB of internal storage at the lowest configuration and has the potential to expand the storage via microSD card. Reality check, the 16GB of internal storage will fill pretty quickly. Most especially when you want to download a stack of movies to watch on a long ride, for example. Therefore, it is a well worth it considering the larger 32GB version, if that is the case you are going to use with.

The Fire HD 8 has strength over both the fire 7 and the other Fire HD 10 when it comes to the battery life. Like so, Amazon cites that you will get twelve hours of use just from a single charge. It does found out to be authentic. Thus, it depends also on what you are doing, and how bright the display is set, as well.

Nevertheless, did also found out the HD 8 is a great standby, which can hang onto its charger for a really long period of time. It is tested, in which the Fire HD 8 on haul flights for entertainment. Luckily, found out to be a great performer.


This reading is not specifically about parental controls. But, the Fire tablets from Amazon are a first-class choice for kids. However, it is not only because of the sturdy build, and resistant plastic finish. But, it is because the software does offer a considered range of options to give you really good parental controls.

Final Thoughts

The All-New Fire HD 8 sits in a mellow spot between Amazon’s incredibly good value and the larger Fire HD 10 handset. Likewise, the features and performance of the Fire HD 8 better to the Fire 7. This also manages to outlast the Fire HD 10 – making it a slightly more enticing proposition to those who want to travel it with.

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