Acer Upgrades To StarVR One With Built-In Eye-Tracking

Updated on 20 May 2024

Acer, one of the world’s leading tech companies, recently upped their game in the VR industry. During the IFA 2018 in Berlin, the Taiwanese corporation has announced its major move of upgrading its VR product.

First released in 2016, the StarVR headset is the pioneer of 5k-resolution support, an innovation that very few VR devices are capable of.

But Acer shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The company released a new update for its VR, making it more advanced than any other VRs today. Now called the StarVR One headset, it adds a new feature that will definitely make it stand out from the rest.

According to Acer, they implemented a new eye-tracking system to the VR, which opens up whole new opportunities and ideas for future VR games and other applications.

The StarVR One headset is not only described as a tool for gaming and entertainment. In fact, it is also becoming a general use for enterprise and commercial purposes.

Acer StarVR One

StarVR One Headset Features

Acer revealed that its StarVR One headset will have a built-in Tobii eye-tracking system. This technology has been available for quite a while but moves very slowly over the past few years. However, with Acer’s move, fans might be able to see more eye-tracking devices and other related technologies in the future.

Some products that offer an eye-tracking system include gaming monitors and laptops. The addition of such feature to the StarVR One headset is the first of its kind and will fit perfectly with other devices.

Acer also said that the eye-tracking system would make it easier to create the best image quality for everyone as it automatically measures interpupillary distances. The StarVR One headset also offers 5K-resolution support, which is the highest resolution that a VR has ever reached.

StarVR One

Aside from that, the device has 90 frames per second support, which exceeds the limit of every other VRs and even high-end video games.

This latest VR headset even offers a 210-degree horizontal and 120-degree vertical field of view support, which is higher than Oculus Rift’s 110-degree.

Acer also made the StarVR One headset much lighter than any other VR headsets today. The weight of the StarVR One headset is 450 grams, which is lower than the 470 to 555 grams of other VR headsets. With these specifications, it is safe to say that the StarVR One will dominate the industry.

Where To Get The StarVR One

As of now, there is no exact release date on when will the StarVR One headset will become available for purchase. It is also expected that the StarVR One headset will most likely be seen on VR arcades as its main purpose, for now, is to become the generally used VR in commercial establishments.


However, fans may still get a chance to take home the StarVR One headset soon, as the market for the VR industry is getting higher. There are a lot of games today that offers amazing VR support, and the StarVR One headset might be the perfect tool to play those games. There are also a lot of applications that support the eye-tracking system, which is ideal for the StarVR One headset.

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