Acceptable Trash Talk Official Examples from Microsoft

Microsoft has its Community Standards for Xbox, and recently, Microsoft includes an update that every Trash Talker out there will surely take a closer look. The company appears to be taking measures beyond just listing rules that you have to follow. As a matter of fact, Microsoft provided a lot of examples not just simply about the things you can’t do while playing Xbox Live. But also the things you can. Just like the allowed Trash Talk lines while playing on the game.

Updated on 20 May 2024


It is actually cool that Xbox has these particular rules that are made to keep peace, order, and fun in the game. One of the examples mentioned in the said Xbox community standards is that all forms of hate and harassment don’t have a home in Xbox. Isn’t it like a superhero declaring peace and order for everyone? But that is not the only cool thing about it because the way Microsoft put it can make every Xbox user at ease and feel safe while playing the game.

The standard also mentions about embracing other players and not harassing them. The company also put emphasis on choosing who to throw those unsavory jokes you have. Like, choose those people you know will enjoy such kind of jokes. Along with the line, “care for others while you play”.

Well, that’s it. Microsoft says it all.  But it seems that the company still has a lot to say. But to put it simply, there is a list of trash talk Microsoft examples that are allowed in playing Xbox Live.

What’s in The List?

trash talk lines

You might probably think that the list will include at least a single trash talk synonym most gamers utter. Unfortunately, I mean it is a good thing that it doesn’t. As a matter of fact, most of the lines in the list that all trash talker can use usually include words like “get wrecked”, “get destroyed”, “try again kid”, “Cheap win”, “that sucked”, and harsh lines that go like that.

While these lines are equally annoying and insulting like the usual trash talks we most commonly hear. These lines are much subtle and more human. And you can actually mix these lines and match them to make your own set of acceptable insults.  For example, Cheap win, try again kid, that sucked. Isn’t it so easy?

On the other hand, there is also a list of things you can’t say while playing Xbox Live. Apparently, these are similar to the set of acceptable insults but the difference is that these include things like a sexual threat and racial slur lines.

The rest of the guidelines are equally easy to follow. Plus, Microsoft doesn’t have to spell out everything for you just to know the proper things to do and way to act while playing in such kind of gaming community. If you want to play peacefully, you have to abide on these rules that Microsoft set for Xbox Live players. But also take note that you must also behave the same way on other platforms. This will not actually lessen the enjoyment you can feel while playing.

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