Abode Essentials Starter Kit: What You Need to Know?

The Abode Essentials Starter Kit has already on the market for just about a year. Even though it was not perfect, it actually shows a maturity which people often see in a crowd-funded project.

Abode, on the other hand, has created plenty of modifications into its starter kit aids since it comes back to the market.

Recently, Abode dropped its dull integrated camera or motion sensor in accord standard motion sensors that has no camera. Abode, on the other hand, also let go one of the window/door sensors in the bundle. Though they retained the remote control key which simplifies the procedure of disarming and arming the system.

Keep on reading and find out more details about this Abode security starter kit.

Updated on 10 June 2024

Abode Essentials Starter Kit

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Abode Essentials Starter Kit Review

If you’re planning to set up a home security system, you may possibly consider digging to home automation as well. With bundles like Abode Essentials Starter kit, doing it is very easy.  This starter kit acts as a smart home hub as well. Plus it comes with all the needed components for systematizing smart cameras, bulb, and more.

Smart Home Features

Abode is trying to move their product away from its roots, but the system has some development to do.

Just like any other similar devices, Abode has created hooks which link its gateway other gadgets (smart home).

For starters, some devices – primarily lights like Philips Cue and more various door locks and switches can be controlled and integrated using the Abode App directly.

adobe essentials starter kit smart home

During testing, such features work well, even though the interface is on the basic side, prone to crashing, and respond to the app slowly.

The Catch: They should be configured using a web browser. In fact, you cannot set up non-Abode devices in the app directly.

Also, when compared to bigger archives of supported devices from hubs such as Winks and SmartThings, Abode is actually playing catchup.

Via its oddly distinct integrations system, Adobe works with other devices. At this moment, there are only 4 of these:

  1. Encobee thermostats
  2. Google Assistant
  3. Amazon Alexa
  4. Nest Devices

Nevertheless, there are two distinct Alexa assistances for the Abode. The first one is designed to allow you to control locks and lights in your house. That can be very handy if you have not already figured out a substitute hook for them thru Alexa.

The second one will let you do simple modifications to Abode such as setting it to AWAY mode thru voice. But sometimes the syntax is a bit awkward.

Nevertheless, even though Abode displays potential as a broader smart home hub, supporting decent devices as a generic Zigbee and Z-Wave gateway, it does not match the abilities of its more mature rivals.  

Despite the fact that Abode Essentials Starter Kit still shines as one of the no-frills security systems.

Cue: The All-New Automation Software

Cue is actually Abode’s newest effort to extend their security-focused system to a more general home controller.

Either way, this feature is created to the Abode app, in which it changes the earlier automation routine. However, current users should upgrade the hub’s firmware. The upload Abode app’s newest version in order to use it.

On the other hand, Cue is basically Abode’s exclusive version of If This, Then That (IFTTT). Moreover, Cue is not as prevailing as IFTTT simply because its triggers are moderately limited.

abode essentials starter kit notification

These take account of Abode’s alarm state, your phone’s location, and door sensors, time-based schedules like sunset and sunrise. And even actions, which are related to 3rd-party gears that you have connected into your Abode hub.

Actually, you can establish an automation to switch on the lights when your door is open or if the thief alarm is fallen.

However, the Cue system lets for greater refinement of such rules. Thus, you can establish them to simply trigger if the sun is up.

During testing, the system was not any more multifaceted than the sometimes simple-minded IFTTT. However, since it can merely connect with devices directly attached to the Abode System – that is restricted to Abode’s 1st-party sensors and generic Zigbee and Z-Wave device it is far more limited than IFTT that can connect to anything.

Abode Essentials Starter Kit: Pros and Cons


  • Easy to set up
  • The key fob remote control is a killer application for home security systems
  • The add-on sensors are actually accessible for almost any possible need.


  • Integrations, as well as third-party device setup, should be done thru a web browser
  • Support less-robust device that its competitors.


There is no doubt, the Abode Essentials Starter Kit is one of the best home security offerings as it consolidates everything need. People who are new to home security will find this product easy to use and setup. Nevertheless, even though this starter kit only comes with a few supplies of sensors, its additional accessories are not expensive.


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