5 New Android Apps Worth Checking

The Android market is without a doubt blooming. Each day, a new app is developed and introduced. This is most especially that users are looking forward to newer ones, as they try to find a better way to experience and use their device. AndroidPIT has just revealed some of the newest apps users should check. And while their potential is still to be decided in the future, there is no doubt these apps are worth trying out.
Updated on 20 May 2024

DC Universe

If you are a superhero fan, then this app is for you. It is true that you can start following your favorite characters across a variety of mediums these days, such as comics (obviously), cartoons, TV series, and movies. The DC Universe app is essentially a one-stop shop for all content belong to the prestigious comic brand, including nice extras like documentaries, shorts, exclusive content and so on related to the main adventures of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, and Doom Patrol, among many other superheroes.


Perhaps you are among those Internet users who always look for royalty-free photos to be able to reuse them, be it private or professional. Well, if this is what you do, this application will meet your expectations. It basically provides you with a whole community that shares photos of all kinds. Of course, you can also share your own.

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Jambles: Infinite Word Search

This application is for those who like to test their brains to find words. It is reminiscent of Scrabble but more interesting, especially since it is about forming words from letters that are distributed, and enough challenges to ensure you have long moments of brain torture. Notice to multilingual people: several languages are available.

Shape Pictures Art

This application allows you to make some touch-ups on the images directly from your smartphone. These are not really Photoshop-type technical alterations, but the application is specifically designed to offer possibilities at this level. Also, it comes with the addition of texts, quotations, and stickers, making the application a handy one to have. Apart from being intuitive and simple, the real icing on the cake is that the application is completely free.

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Bouncer – Temporary App Permissions

People are now living at a time when privacy has become a besieged castle easily invaded by the armies of Google, Facebook, and other enemies of Queen Confidentiality. And when you are in such situation, it is always important to have good knights in your ranks. Well, Bouncer is one of them. Just think about this: The application allows you to grant temporary permissions to applications. For example, if you want to allow an application to access your location only while you post something, this application is perfectly suited because as soon as the application is closed Bouncer will remove its permission.

Of course, there are other apps on digital marketplaces worth checking out. Still, the aforementioned ones will interest you in similar ways that previous applications did. Just give them a try and see how they can provide help.

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