5 Negative Impacts of Technology

Updated on 8 April 2024

Technology has the biggest role in today’s life. Over the previous decades, the word has sustained extraordinary changes. Here let’s talk about the Negative Impacts of Technology.

Life was so difficult and demanding, before the arrival of modern technology, consuming too much time and effort in the task and in daily chores. For that reason, advanced technology has had made our lives easier and better, yet, negative impacts of technology on our lives specifically on our health and social life issues.

The 5 Negative Impacts of Technology:

Being very much connected and engaged in technology can have a large impact on the user’s life and may lead us to:


Our continual exposure to an artificial light – even low-light level from mobiles, television, and computer screens – may lead you to “seasonal affective disorder,” a type of depression that is believed to be caused by a light entering the eye that throws off our normal circadian rhythms.


The Director of the Center on Media, Technology, and Health, Brian Primack says that ‘it is the social media, so aren’t people going and having to be socially connected.’

Technology pulls away from people from face-to-face engagement.  People who spend most of their time on social media had the chance of perceived social isolation. And it could be that, they go online as an attempt for them to feel less empty. This was so alarmist outcome of technology’s impact on our social life issues.


Most of the people are unaware of the unpleasant impact of extended technology use on their eyes. Starring a large portion of time at digital screens – cellular phone, computer, tablet, TV – can affect your eyes so seriously that leads you to ‘Computer Vision Syndrome”, a vision-related problem associated with prolonged screen time, that includes eyestrain, dry eyes, blurred and double vision, headaches, and sensitivity to the light.


Time recognizes “Tech Neck”, as new tech-induced body sickness.

Flexing forward while looking down on your mobile device or Personal Computer screen puts your spine in a weak position.

The use of technology has a negative impact on our body, mainly the neck, for we position ourselves in ways that it place stress.  


Each kind of hearing loss may have different causes, and when your sensitive hair cell in your inner ear has been damaged it will never grow back. It was alarming how technology affects you but it was the reality. Anyhow, spending your life plugged into your mobile device? It can commonly cause you of hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Final Thought

We all know that technology plays a vital role in humans life today. However, we must consider and appreciate our face-to-face engagement and personal communication with each other. Thus, getting involved socially and not only in social media. And also, taking care of your health issues, because health is wealth.  And finally, preventing these negative impacts by not engaging and connecting wholly and too much in this advanced technology.


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