3 of the Best Thecus Network Attached Storage 2019

One of the considered most precious assets in this digital age is none other than digital content. This is the main reason why Thecus is more than proud to develop. As well as provide the best and the most innovative storage solutions. That can deliver strong security and safety over data. So for today, we would like to share you some of the best Thecus NAS we have tested this year. Find out which one suits your needs. Because one of these days you might need a NAS for your own digital content collection.

Updated on 21 May 2024

Thecus N2350

thecus nas storage server n2350


In this Thecus NAS review, Thecus N2350 is the first unit we have included. It is powered by Marvell Armada 385 which is a dual-core processor with 1.0GHz clocking speed. It carries a 1GB DDR4 known to be the most resilient next evolution DRAM. Combining these high-end components makes Thecus NAS storage server N2350 a high performing storage solution that provides robust control. As well as higher speed service bloated with useful features. Alongside the fact that it is improving energy efficiency by decreasing the demand for memory power.

Thecus NAS storage server N2350 has modernized sleek hardware. This makes it one of the most efficient NAS in terms of efficiency. Moreover, it renders a helping hand over businesses as well as home users in terms of energy saving purposes.


Aside from that, it runs the ThecusOS 7.0 which is the latest and the most feature –rich and intuitive operating system of Thecus. This OS enables significant advancement in terms of flexibility, productivity, and performance. It also includes fresh and advanced features such as File Center, Photo Center, along with the Thecus App Center. Moreover, you can find a wide-ranging array of apps. This makes it perfect for people living a modern digital lifestyle and this includes the robust surveillance app called the Surveillance Station.

In line with this, this 2-bay storage solution offers a seamless and intuitive experience for users. While at the same time its role-based access control provides permissions management that enables administrator profiles depending on their purpose. It also supports multiple RAID configuration that includes RAID 0, 1 and JBOD for your own preference of performance balance as well as data protection.  Let alone that it also allows users to instantly backup their files on this NAS.

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Thecus N4350

thecus nas n4350 review

For a 4-bay NAS device, this sleek box from Thecus is probably one of the most excellent things you will ever see. In this Thecus NAS n4350 review. We have found real treasures inside a box. Although not a treasure box but a NAS storage solution.

Just like the Thecus NAS storage server N2350, the N4350 also has a powerful Marvel Armada processor but only with a higher version. The Marvel Armada 388 can clock up to 1.8GHz not mentioning that it is combined with an equally powerful 1GB DDR4 RAM. Plus, it includes two USB 3.0 ports, one LAN port, DC-In Input, and Reset button at its back.

For many device users, the capability of a device to consume low power while providing high-performance is such a big deal. This is one of the reasons why this NAS is loved by many. In fact, it is considered as a low power consuming network attaches storage. It promises that its every day running costs are almost negligible.

If you are opting for a NAS that can work as a reliable cloud backup for you, N4350 is one of the products that you can consider. But of course, we won’t recommend it for no particular reason. Besides, it includes the new Amazon S3 cloud backup feature while helping you to secure and guard your data using RAID. And just what we mentioned earlier, it includes two USB 3.0 ports that allow better and faster connectivity over devices.

USB 3.0 ports allow 10 times faster data transfer than the old USB 2.0 ports. It is not really important if you are connecting a digital camera or any other devices because backing up bulks of files is now easier with the N4350. Let alone that you can also enjoy Plex Media Server using this outstanding device.

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Thecus W4810

thecus nas software

If you are looking for Thecus NAS software packed device. The Thecus W4810 is probably the one you are looking for. First of all, this device is loaded with incredibly useful software that you can utilize for better productivity and efficiency on your overly demanding workload. As an example, it includes the Launchpad software that delivers fast and easy access to shared folders, backups, Anywhere Access web portal, as well as a remote Dashboard if only it is permitted.

Looking inside this NAS, we found out that it carries an Intel Celeron quad-core CPU processor that can clock up to 1.6 GHz. This is the reason why this sleek box can perform a magnificent processing speed that is essential for every storage solution.

On the other hand, Thecus W4810 is labeled as a sleek and affordable Windows domain controller packed in a box. It is also known as an excellent data backup especially that it offers robust recovery features that can definitely give you a 24/7 peace of mind. Meanwhile, it doesn’t include an option for scaling up its memory. We have discovered that it is not really a problem if you can’t upgrade its RAM. Besides, its Thecus operating system doesn’t demand much of memory resource. In fact, it rarely uses up to 2.6GB even on the peak of its performance.

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Final Verdict

In the sea of sleek, affordable, and truly reliable NAS devices. Thecus is one of the brands that you might encounter. While most people review well-known brands such as QNAP, Synology, and more. It is also wise to take a peek at some of the best storage solutions from other brands that offer equally competitive network attached storage devices. Thinking about this, we are glad to dig what’s inside these three Thecus NAS because we found out interesting combinations of specs that results in incredible functionalities. With this, users will be able to achieve better productivity and efficiency on their day  to day tasks

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