3 Of the Best Amazon NAS Recommended For You

There are many factors to consider in terms of choosing the right NAS that can support different kinds of needs. If you need a high-performing NAS, select the one with a powerful processor. More so, if you need a storage solution with massive capacity, opt for one that offers more drive slots. But for those who are still having a hard time determining which one is the most ideal for them, here are 3 of the best NAS that are especially recommended by Amazon. Take a look at these products for one of them might fit your needs.

Updated on 21 July 2024

Buffalo LinkStation 520

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One of the best Amazon recommended NAS is the Buffalo LinkStation 520. It is a 2-bay Private Cloud Storage NAS that can provide you with up to 4TB capacity. To tell you one of the main reasons why Amazon included this storage solution, we believe that it is because this NAS is easy to set up and use. As a matter of fact, you just have to plug it into your router in order to access the network instantly.

In addition to that, the Buffalo LinkStation 520 already includes the premium-grade recommended NAS drives that offers maximum performance as well as durability for storing, streaming and sharing files. Not only that because these recommended NAS hard drives are also cost-effective in terms of their lengthy average lifetimes and they provide a lower cost of operation. What you need to do is just choose how much storage capacity you desire.

Security is also another reason why this Amazon NAS is recommended for you. This Buffalo storage solution offers privacy and protection in one massive organized private cloud. Like so, it has an intuitive web-based interface that simplifies everything for you. Starting from the setup to usage, this recommended NAS is excellently intuitive.

In addition to that, Buffalo integrates a built-in Bit Torrent in this storage device. This only means you will be able to download your favorite movies within just a few clicks. It also has the WebAccess app that allows you to create a secure and private cloud for convenient and fast remote access as well as file sharing. As long as you have a connection with the internet you will always get access to your files and data anytime and anywhere. Besides, you don’t need to use a computer to make this NAS work. Use your smartphone or tablet and everything will work according to your wants.

[amazon box=”B01MS95LVH” title=”Buffalo LinkStation 520″ image_alt=”Buffalo LinkStation 520″ rating=”3.1″ image_size=”medium” description=”2-bay NAS with 4TB capacity”]

TerraMaster F2-220

A 2-bay TerraMaster NAS makes its way to the top Amazon recommended NAS this year and it is the TerraMaster F2-220. It is powered by a robust 2.4GHz Dual-Core Intel Celeron Core CPU that is combined with a 2GB RAM for ultra-fast and accurate performance. Moreover, you can actually expand its RAM for up to 4GB. It provides a blazing fast write and read speeds of up to 110 MB per seconds.

More so, the TerraMaster F2-220 runs the latest operating system of TerraMaster which is the TOS 4.0. For tighter and stronger protection, this recommended NAS for small business features AES hardware encryption that is known to encrypt network data transmissions and shared folders.

In line with this, this security feature is actually helpful in terms of unauthorized access prevention. It also supports various RAID configurations which includes RAID 0, 1, JBOD, as well as SINGLE.

The web has been a dark and dangerous place that most of us are doubting about being secured online. For this reason, we find this private cloud a better solution. Not mentioning that it also provides ultimate operational efficiency, excellent file read and write speeds and the astounding capability of multitask simultaneous processing.

For those who loves streaming and for those who needs high-quality multimedia streaming, this Amazon recommended NAS is ideal for you.  Besides, it supports 4K online hardware transcoding of H.264 that enables conversion of 4K videos. Apparently, this allows it to render seamless streaming to smartphones, smart TVs, and media players as well.

You will definitely love it because you can do all of these great capabilities even without using native support for UHD formats just like Roku.

[amazon box=”B01M4IQ506″ title=”TerraMaster F2-220″ image_alt=”TerraMaster F2-220″ rating=”3.8″ image_size=”medium” description=”2-bay NAS with Dual-Core CPU”]

Drobo FS

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Most Drobo fans might be rejoicing by now knowing that one of their favorite NAS is listed in the Amazon recommended NAS this 2019.  Moreover, the Drobo FS is a 5-bay network attached storage is equipped with a Self-Healing technology that proactively analyzes the sectors and blocks of each of its hard drives in order to flag questionable areas when the units idle. This technology is essential especially for avoiding corruption of data and files in the most unexpected times.

And since we have started discussing the security that this network attached storage can provide. We have also found out that it also offers redundant data protection with no complexities at all. No RAID configurations, just plug, and Drobo will automatically set the protection you need for you. This is actually called the BeyondRAID technology of Drobo.

Generally, this Drobo NAS is easy to use especially that it is designed with one purpose. And that is to deliver the most incredible file sharing experience for all users. As a proof, plug it and this NAS will automatically show on your desktop. That moment you will now that this NAS is unparalleled.

Additionally, Drobo FS supports every computer that is present on your Network. You can use either Windows or Mac device in order to connect the NAS. Afterward, multiple computers will be able to access its massive storage at the same time. As in one NAS for your entire network.

[amazon box=”B003GZ828I” title=”Drobo FS” image_alt=”Drobo FS” rating=”2.7″ image_size=”medium” description=”5-bay NAS with BeyondRAID and Self-Healing Technology”]

Final Verdict

Most people might be really curious by now why these hardware are in the recommended Amazon NAS for you. But obviously, we saw something unique about these three networks attached storage that will surely catch the interest of anyone. Those who need a high-end storage solution. As a matter of fact, one is high scalability. Two is the robust performance. Three is strong data and files protection. Four is streaming capabilities. Well, that concludes our top 3 Amazon NAS for today.

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