3 Excellent NAS Devices for Small Businesses

Updated on 9 April 2024

Right now, if you need an excellent NAS backup solution for small business we have here are our top 3 NAS that can cater to your growing storage need. So, keep your mind at peace knowing that your files and data are safe and secure in a place separate from your local computer. In case of disaster, the best crashplan for small business NAS backup is here.

Reasons to Buy a NAS

We will give you some of the reasons why one must buy NAS for small business backup. And since we feel a little extra today we included four main reasons why you must buy one right away. So here it goes.

  1. An excellent NAS device can help you backup every data stored on all the computers connected to your small business completely. As in everything.
  2. You are allowed to schedule automatic data backups on all the computers connected on your small business network anytime you prefer.
  3. File sharing becomes easier across your computer network more than ever before.
  4. Easily access your content anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected via the internet. (NAS is specially enhanced with built-in remote access technology)

Best NAS for Small Business Backup

Synology DiskStation DS215j

If we take a look at it in a design perspective, the Synology DiskStaton DS215j is not just slightly bulky. Moreover, it is aesthetically similar to its smaller stablemate. As a matter of fact, you can find it almost identical to the previous Synology NAS generations most specifically within the j range. However, this fact is not a bad thing at all. Since Synology j NAS devices always come in white, this makes this device fit perfectly for home offices or small businesses.

This NAS device comes with a 521MB RAM, which is double than DS115j. There is still the same dual-core 800MHZ CPU from Marvel Armada which affects its weight very much. And you can find the familiar set of connection ports like a USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and a single Gigabit Ethernet port all located at its backside.

Purchasing this excellent NAS device will not only give you a white squarish high-end device. But also, it can give you the best 2-bay network attached storage that you can easily set up with class-leading features.

[amazon box=”B00OZ0CTAU” title=”Synology DS215j” image_alt=”Synology DS215j” rating=”4.1″ image_size=”medium” description=”2-Bay Diskless Network Attached Storage.”]

WD My Cloud Mirror

Now here is the cloud that has a built-in backup plan for you and your small business. And that is one other than the WD My Cloud Mirror. This NAS device is actually Western Digital’s high-performing NAS. It is a private personal storage device embodied in a 2-bay unit that you can connect directly in your network. That can allow you to back up all your business or personal data automatically and duplicate your data completely into another device for extra protection.

All your videos, photos, and files can now be centralized in a single drive. However, it is always the best if you duplicate your data so you can double the measures of your data protection.  Having an internet connection is essential in order to access your data remotely using any NAS device. More so, keep connected and access your data one click away. Take time and sign in to the website MyCloud.com. If not, use the My Cloud app using your smartphone, tablet or directly to your personal cloud instead.

Additionally, the WD My Cloud Mirror perfectly synchronizes content over your My Cloud Mirror unit and all your computers. This is to keep your important files always accessible and updated from all your devices. It boasts more than 8TB of data storage which makes it an excellent centralized storage management console. Therefore, making these systems capable to manage, backup, and store all your important files including your business data.

Furthermore, if you want to make your small business huge this year. Set up your own WD My Cloud Mirror NAS system today and organize your treasured files in one place. Note that you can also access your cloud service accounts using this excellent NAS including your Dropbox storage.

[amazon box=”B00ITI05CS” title=”WD My Cloud Mirror” image_alt=”WD My Cloud Mirror” rating=”3.5″ image_size=”medium” description=”4TB Network Attached Storage.”]


The QNAP TS-470 is said to be the most ambitious NAS of the said brand today. It is a 4-bay unit that comprises a large LCD for feedback. And behold that it has a solid balance of high-end consumer and business-friendly features. It also has four GB Ethernet ports and a supreme processor included to intensify your performance.

You can also found four lockable bays on this amazing NAS system where hard drives are being secured. Moreover, to give you lots of options for expanding the TurboNAS 470 includes numerous ports on its rear panel. It also has numerous applications on its user interface including Station Manager, Web Server, Backup Station, LDAP Server, TFTP Server, and RADIUS Server to accommodate your needs. While you may find network services like SNMP, FTP, Win/Mac/NFS, and Telnet/SSH apps too.

With this powerful NAS device, you will be able to expand for up to 36 hard drives that have a 216TB raw capacity as well as REXP-1600U-RP RAID expansion enclosures. So, who says your business can’t be big this year?

Your business needs a reliable companion to keep its data secured too. For that reason, we recommend you to utilize a high-performing NAS like QNAP’s TS-470 best for its tight security management, complete backup, and disaster recovery for a smooth running small business ready for a tremendous growth ahead.

And of course, we will never neglect to mention that this top-notch NAS also supports 24/7 small business and home surveillance. In which, this solution is made possible through a Network Video Recorder you have.

[amazon box=”B00EE18MZG” title=”WD My Cloud Mirror” image_alt=”WD My Cloud Mirror” rating=”4.5″ image_size=”medium” description=”4-Bay 10GbE-Ready Network Attached Storage.”]

Final Thought

So are you looking for a NAS best to support your small business? If you do, then let us know and share them with us. Otherwise, if you already using a NAS and you want something more. To say it frankly, a NAS device that is far better than that of what you have today. Then switch now with these excellent network attached devices to boost your small business this 2019.

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