11 Reasons the iPhone Beats Android

Updated on 8 April 2024

Choosing the best smartphones is one of the hardest things to do; Android or iPhone. It is not easy to choose between the two. They have consisted of many great and useful features. Android and iPhone are basically similar but they differ when it comes to their price and brand.  So there are reasons the iPhone beats the android as far as reviews and testimonies are concerned.

Are you having a hard time deciding between Android and iPhone? Here are the reasons why iPhone is better than Android.



   On iPhone, when you are trying to set a new password, the operating system always takes note if you are entering 4 or 6 numbers. Meaning, once you entered your password to unlock your phone, iPhone can simply identify that you typed the correct password, then your phone will immediately unlock.

While for Android, they don’t set any rules. The user can enter digits as long as they want when creating a new password. However, the password should consist of a minimum of four digits. As an effect, the system will have no idea if the user is already done typing their password since the user is required to press the check button in order to unlock the device


Samsung had the better camera for the past two years, however, iPhone has jumped to the first spot. Because the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have an amazing camera inside. As a result of the comparison between Note 8 and iPhone 8, the iPhone device captures more vivid and vibrant photos compared to the Note 8.

iPhone becomes the champion this time, although many Android devices has great a camera.


iPhone 6s is the first device who introduced the 3D Touch Display. The display allows the user to perform fast actions by just pressing the app icon and it can also sense pressure.

iPhone 8 Plus has the latest Portrait Mode, this feature can add a stylish effect with only one tap. And for iPhone X you can unlock your device by simply scanning your face even though you were wearing a glass.

These are only a few examples why iPhone is better compared to Android.


Android phone developers promise their customer that they will make a restructure skins, but so far iPhone still remains as the easiest smartphone to use. Since Apple has made many improvements over the past years.


One week after its introduction, 25 percent of iPhone devices are running on iOS 11. However, Android Central stated that in middle September the Android Nougat was already installed by only 15 percent of Android users.


Both Android and iPhone have lots of apps, however, the completion is already over. Developers are still on the side of the iPhone when they launch their hottest and newest apps. The Play Store is very similar to the Netflix of Apple stores. iPhone launched the Instagram first before Android. Snapchat, Affinity Photo and Monument Valley 2 are the apps hit by iPhone.


Samsung has become better at removing apps carrying bloatware, however, some of these still remains on your device and consuming more space. iPhone does not carry any preloaded software, in order to keep your device always clean. However, Apple added some apps that the user might not need or want, just like the Apple Watch. Although it is more restraint compared to other manufacturers.

In iOS 11, Apple allows the user to disable some built-in apps.


The latest iPhone devices use an A11 Bionic chipset processor that is why iPhone beats the Android. A11 Bionic pace Apple’s devices to win in synthetic standards such as 3D Mark and Geekbench 4. However, these benchmarks also run on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 usually in editing a 4K video and loading large files.


Apple Pay is a popular way of making money transaction using mobile. However, Apple has many competitors such as Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

Apple Pay is very easy to use, just position your iPhone device close to the checkout counter, then press the Touch ID sensor using your finger.


With the use of Family Sharing, a family that consists of six members can share consumptions from the iTunes, App Store and iBooks.  Although, the user can still keep their personal iTunes account. When a family wants to buy from the App Store the other members will receive a notification through the Ask to Buy feature. This feature will prevent the user from having a bill shock.


When the Android device encounters some technical problems you need to find a solution on your own or call the Android carrier. While for the iPhone you just have to visit the Apple website and you can find several articles that might help you in fixing some errors.

You can also get help through live chat and make an appointment at the Apple Store Genius Bar. so there you the 11 reasons the iPhone beats android, hope we gave you an informative list. Tune in for more…

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