ExpressVPN Review: Reliable VPN Express Connection

In search of a reliable VPN express connection? The answer is ExpressVPN, now holding the top spot on the list when it comes to VPN express providers. The software that you install to almost any device to protect the users’ privacy and secure your safety while granting you unrestricted access over the internet. Established in 2009 and is handled primarily by Express VPN International Ltd., this VPN express is one of the highly regarded and trusted virtual private network providers. But don’t just take my word for it, let’s review ExpressVPN to find out.

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ExpressVPN boasts of online powerful protection that defeats hackers and spies with the best in the industry encryption and leak proofing. Data is defended by advance AES 256-bit encryption. This is the highest level of encryption and is currently considered unbreakable, besides that this standard is trusted by surveillance professionals around the world.

It is situated in the British Virgin Islands, thus, this location makes it concealed of the interfering and prying 14-eyes surveillance alliance. ExpressVPN would never record your connection, reports, DNS concerns, traffic destinations or anything that can be used to pinpoint your identity. Rest assured that your identity and data are safe.

expressvpn what is vpn

You could even mask your IP and conceal your identity, ExpressVPN permits you to browse online anonymously. And that’s what most of us, if not all are looking for in a VPN provider, a fast secure VPN connection at its finest.

ExpressVPN has an incorporated feature which is the Speed Test that lets you appoint the quickest server sites for any network. Choose from over a hundred fast secure VPN express server locations all over the world.

Does ExpressVPN work in China? The answer is absolutely.

Plus it is reliable whether you use a nearby physical location server or those situated across the globe. Servers in UK, Europe, Switzerland, the United States or Canada, all display excellent speed connections regardless of their distance.

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Plans and Prices

The only take-in and drawback ExpressVPN has is that compared to other available VPN express providers is its price is far-out. It is more expensive than its competitions.  Likely, monthly subscription will cost more than any other providers but however, they offer ExpressVPN coupons and they also give out an expressvpn pricingExpressVPN discount. Hence, this will lead you to the cheapest deal on their website. The key question, however, is value: what you get for your money. In terms of value, this has a lot to offer, as you can see with all of the pros above.

Visit their website now to avail more of ExpressVPN discount and Express VPN coupon.

Although it offers no express VPN free trial, still, this provider has a full one-month refund scheme offered in the industry. For this reason, ExpressVPN trial is irrelevant, because, with all VPN contracts, you get a 30-day moneyback 100% no-hassle guarantee if you are not happy with your subscription, you can terminate the contract on the last day for a total refund no fuss, no inquiries.

The 30-day moneyback allows you to use ExpressVPN free for a month.

Don’t get left behind, take advantage of Express VPN coupon and their ExpressVPN discount.

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Summary Sheet

Zero-logs Yes
P2p Torrents allowed
Netflix US
Multi-login 5 simultaneous login
Covered countries 90+ (list available here)
Supported OS Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, browsers
Money-back guarantee? 30 Days
Protocols OpenVPN
Traffic data Unlimited
Encryption 256-bit AES
IP Addresses Undisclosed
Servers 3,000+

Using the VPN

Watching Netflix

Enjoy content anywhere. Listen to music, watch movies, stream the net, and enjoy content from restrained and interfered websites around the world, even when you are on travel. Moreover, ExpressVPN is among the few providers that work with Netflix no matter where you are located. ExpressVPN free unlimited video content streaming is great.

expressvpn netflix

It currently claims to be the best VPN for Netflix because of two main reasons: first, it has excellent streaming quality (no buffering) and second, the all-time access to Netflix (no network-wide blocks).

ExpressVPN free Netflix content’s uninterrupted.

Downloading torrents

Torrenting is suitable if you need to download huge files coherently and fast. Sadly, with no VPN, your location, IP address, and metadata will be compromised.

ExpressVPN is compatible with uTorrent, one of the widely used torrenting end-user, to make certain that every file-sharing venture won’t be linked to you.


Kill switch

ExpressVPN’s kill switch preserves your confidentiality even when your connection is unstable. Your default setting enables Network Lock from meddling in any of your local devices.

Network Lock maintains your laptops and desktops security no matter where you are.

Split tunneling

Split tunneling is a remarkable feature of the VPN express. It allows you to encrypt certain parts of your traffic in some parts of your browsers while connected locally.

You can use your VPN and browse locally simultaneously.

The decision is up to you which apps will be using the VPN.

Integrated DNS

ExpressVPN has an Integrated DNS leak-proof system that protects its user. None of your online activities would be visible to any prying eyes. Is ExpressVPN safe, I say definitely.


Most VPN providers are limited to the VPN protocols they offer on mobile devices. This one has fully-operational OpenVPN apps protected with 256-bit AES encryption compatible with any device. Moreover, this lets you choose between OpenVPN and other protocols depending on the device you are using.

Windows Interface and Settings


ExpressVPN has a user-friendly interface. Not only a fast setup and connectivity are achieved but also the ease of use is guaranteed. You are connected and ready to go in just a couple of minutes.

expressvpn windows


You can choose from protocol options with just a click of a button in the Settings. And you can customize options depending on your needs.

You can also check out their advanced setting options for a more secure connection.

Other apps: Multi-Device Connection

How many devices can have a connection?

ExpressVPN is compatible with five multiple simultaneous devices, be it for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, game consoles, and Smart TVs.

expressvpn applications

A Reliable 24/7 Chat Support

If ever you get stuck and encounter any connection problems, ExpressVPN offers real human 24/7 live chat customer support. Readily available on their website, located on the bottom right, a customer representative is sure to give you help in setup and troubleshoot any time of the day to assist you and lead you to a fast secure VPN express connection as soon as possible.

In Conclusion

Finally, although ExpressVPN is a bit pricey compared to other virtual private network providers, it is undeniably value for your money. Accordingly, ExpressVPN free from worry feature is remarkable.

In the end, what you get from purchasing ExpressVPN free from worries plans are top of the line security, exceptional data protection reliability,  fast secure VPN connection to a number of server locations, superior state of the art performance apps, topnotch customer service convenience, plus the hassle-free 100% money-back guarantee benefits, thus, if you are not satisfied with your subscription.

I doubt you wouldn’t be satisfied, in fact, who won’t be with all these great features ExpressVPN has to offer.  This wraps up the ExpressVPN 2019 Review: Fast Secure Connections, till our next.

9.8 Total Score

Privacy and security
Speed and performance
Value for money
Ease of Use
  • Browse Anonymously
  • Unblocked Websites
  • Unlimited Streaming
  • 30-day Moneyback Guarantee
  • no free trial
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