Why should I use VPN before gaming?

As soon as you do any activity over the internet, all your psychological red flags must be raised immediately before any privacy invasion may occur. And gaming is not excluded. So Why should I use VPN before gaming?

When we talk about protecting one’s privacy, hiding your real IP address is one of the techniques to stay protected from people who want to track your online activities and worst your geographical location. Yes, people can track you down using your IP address with the help of only simple tools for their benefit. But, there is this technology called VPN which can help people to conceal their identities by hiding their real IP address online.

VPN? What is it? Why should I use VPN before gaming?

Virtual Private Networking is a technology that enables your device to connect over the internet in a secured manner by making it appear like a part of a local network via a server in a country where your VPN provider is being maintained. All the packet exchanged are encrypted and the visible IP address is not yours but your VPN provider. By doing so, other devices on the outside world will not be able to access any information about the users of the client machines.

Advantages of using VPN

  1. In games, some tries to stalk other players and track them for real by finding their IP addresses. But, thanks to VPN. Players can now literally play safe by hiding their IP addresses.
  2. Another, you won’t need to worry about connecting to free Wi-Fi connections in public places anymore. Even though there is someone in the corner who is port scanning all the laptops over the network or a site recording all your connections.
  3. And, escape from the restrictions of Network admins by using a VPN.
  4. If you are located in a European country, the advantage of connecting in a non-European country via VPN will eradicate the annoying pop-ups which evolve from websites’ compliance with the legislation.
  5. VPN host can make your download faster.
  6. Can’t watch your awaited series on Netflix? No worries, you can use a VPN to make you look like you are residing in US or UK.

3 ways of setting up your VPN:

First, enter your VPN username and password via Windows’ networking configuration pages and select the right settings provided by your VPN provider. Second, a software downloaded to your device will fit in your system tray and if activated. It will allow communication only via the VPN. Third, if the built-in software of your router supports VPN you can use it to connect all the device on your network via the VPN.

Can VPN secure your privacy?

No, there is no way you can totally secure your privacy by using VPN. Authorities can force VPN providers to expose users and other ways like DNS leaking can also reveal your identity.

But, who will make some effort to just track some kid playing an online game right? So easy there. You are safe.

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