Twitter to remove ‘like’ button to improve the debate on social network

It looks likely as Twitter to say goodbye on the ‘like’ button. In which, the social network may get to remove the heart-like button.

The Twitter CEO and the co-founder Jack Dorsey said in a statement. That the social media network is looking for a way to get rid of its heart-shaped control button enhance the platform’s debate.

Moreover, according to the British daily The Telegraph, Dorsey , the company co-founder, tells during a Twitter costed event that the social network is working on removing the ‘like’ button, soon and not now.

About Twitter

Twitter is a social network platform that details what’s happening in the world and also what people are talking about right now. In which, the company has had a talented and diverse employee that work together across more than 35 office worldwide. Thus, the company only focuses on the growth while simultaneously maintaining an open network that needs a skilled team of executives that embraces all challenges. In addition, it also demands a set of board directors that promote the mission and also protects the company’s financial goals. Twitter claims to have all of the said goals.

Additionally, the Twitter platform performs to advertise – creating programmatically and managing the social network ad campaigns, curate and publish – tell valuable stories using Twitter content. And also to analyze – Twitter data evaluation in for informing business decisions. Moreover, to engage – link connections using conversational experiences.

Twitter to remove ‘like’ button

The company quoted on its communication team’s Twitter feed Monday, “As we’ve been announcing for a short while, the company is reconsidering everything regarding the service in order to ensure all of us are incentivizing wholesome conversation, involving the ‘like’ featured button. We are obviously in the initial stages of this project. But with no sure plan on sharing it today.

Twitter, most likely as Facebook, needs to concentrate and focus on countering all the manipulation of the platform along with the removal of all fake accounts.

Recently, the co-founder Jack Dorsey stands before Congress. For him to illustrate how Twitter deals with the recorded issues. And also to answer all the criticisms that the social media network lessens the conservative voices.

Beyond that issue, there is an unsettling thought. That the loudest and most agitate voices are being rewarded on the platform with retweets and likes.

This month, Dorsey asks on an event commenced by the Wired magazine about what does Twitter incentivize today? The open platform has had a big ‘like’ button feature along with a button heart on it. And also, the company does incentivize people to desire it to go higher and to acquire more followers. Moreover, he also points out. That if this choice is the right answer compared to contributing to a healthy interaction with the public.  How does the company incentive become a healthy conversation?”

Like so, that’s a point he reiterates in the company’s third-quarter profit conference. A group call with analyst, in the previous week.

In line with this matter. Dorsey quotes that, every team within the company agrees to increase a healthier conversation for the public. We’re actually asking some of the fundamentals along with the incentives that social network provides. Furthermore, making certain that these conversations are likewise encouraging and enhance the service’ increasing healthy communication.

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