Top-pick iPhone XS Max Cases

You’ll need some cases, in order for you to protect your newest and largest iPhone XS Max so far.

Apple did just unveil the most awesome and largest phone in these days. Surprisingly, at 6.5 inches in the display, it is the iPhone XS Max. And also, this phone offers the largest battery. Thus, it was never a surprise; the phone got also a large amount of price in a match to its appearance. This phone starts at a price of $1,099.

So, if you have in the mind to buy the iPhone XS Max. Surely, you’ll want to protect it, to the best you can.

Luckily, there are several nice cases out there. And here – we listed the top-pick cases, and is all for you.

iPhone XS Max Cases

Speck Presidio Stay Clear

This cases that is for iPhone XS Max offers three different color options. However, if you want to show off your Max’s model; in a body of silver, gray or gold, then, this transparent case lets you do it. And also, with a love that protects your investment.


iPhone XS Max – Speck Presidio Stay Clear

In addition, the Speck’s Presidio Stay Clear costs $39.95 in the market. Thus, the case has two layers that offer protection. And also, a raised bezel, that is meant in protecting your device from any drops for up to 8 feet.

UAG Plasma ICE

UAG’s Plasma ICE case is perfect for long lasting in use. Thus, the case has to offer a variety of colors, such as; ash, cobalt, ice and magma. The case costs $39.95.

iPhone XS Max – UAG Plasma ICE

However, despite for its physical design and appearance, the case is absolutely at a light-weight. And also, the buttons are easy for you in pressing.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

Spigen’s clear liquid crystal cases are highly approved and recommended. Thus, it has a great job in exposing your very good new phone out of the box.

iPhone XS Max – Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

Nevertheless, this case can buy at Amazon for only $10.99. And also, there is a case like this for the model iPhone XS, too.

Case-Mate Tough Grip Case

In concern for the clumsy phone users, this Case-Mate is the best case for you. Honestly, in chances that you just drop your phone, the case promises you that your phone is fully protected. Because the case has to be a 10-foot drop protects.

iPhone XS Max – Case-Mate Tough Grip Case

However, the case also offers other color option aside from silver. Thus, you can buy this case for $30.00.

Otterbox Symmetry Case

You can put this one for your iPhone XS Max. The Otterbox’s Symmetry Case might good in carrying around a different device, then you phone placed on your pocket. But, this case is not good at protecting your screen.

iPhone XS Max – Otterbox Symmetry Case

However, the price of this case is $39.95.

Mujjo Case

Mujjo Case has its price of $49.95. Thus, this case features a pocket to hold by your hand, without looking like an extra bulky wallet. And also, if you want a case that protects, plus style, with utility, the Mujjo case is best for you.

iPhone XS Max – Mujjo Case

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