Three Lurking Areas of Inside Google Analytics

People have certain characteristics in making simple things into a complicated one, particularly when the guidelines are already clear. The everyday tactical stuff may possibly change, however, the purposes are still integral. For a long time, the basic ideas revolving analytics stays the same, which is true to its principles.

Instead, try to learn more ideas on how to improve your rankings and get your sites on the top with the right SEO practice.

Here are the three different areas of Google Analytics

Move Low Ranking Pages Higher

Today creating content are getting tougher and tougher and requires more time. According to a survey, bloggers are consuming more time in creating great content compared before. Unluckily, most of them do not have enough time to invest to standout. But if you wish for good results, fortunately, you can go for smarter ideas.

However, what you can do is to isolate old content to get higher rank using this tip. First sign into Google Analytics, then look for “Search Console” under “Acquisition”. Lastly, search for the option “Queries” under the “Search Console”.

If you already browse the option “Queries” you will see which queries send the greatest traffic as well as the stuff where the ranking takes place.

Commonly, stuff found at the upper page gets more clicks compared to the stuff below. However, SEO professionals acknowledged it as a problem. Yes, this is not a simple problem since stuff at the upper page is not always better.

Fortunately, you can still get fair traffic by clicking the “Advanced” tab and change “Average Position” to 10 or greater.

Shore Up Leaking Pages

Wide website bounce percentage are unusable. They give you nothing. On the other hand, a website to website comparison is likewise problematic. Undoubtedly, blogs bounce rate is higher compared to commercial sites. The collected rates are not only based on the website’s content but as wells as the numbers of visitors viewing and visiting it.  

Since marketing is not constantly clear and data lies always. And the best way to gather any idea is to layer in and deepen context.

In the beginning, getting a higher page rank is breathtaking. Only if these persons are staying around and inquiring, opting in, calling and subscribing.

Yet, pages with a high rate exit and higher bounce rate are tricky. If that is the case, your site page is already off. The page content does not match the search objective. Therefore it is irrelevant and outdated. It is not user-friendly but it is ugly.

Moreover, you can overcome all of these by performing the test, iterate, tweak, and survey.

Funnel Traffic to Highest Converting Pages

By sending working pages, you can easily convert more people. People already drift through your website and convert. Moreover, you can push them through intelligent internal links and restricted pages. But first, you must learn how it happens.

Once you already signed in to Google Analytics, under “Conversions” section click the drop-down list labeled with “Goal” and choose “Reverse Goal Path”. It shows the step you need to follow before visiting the page, as well as the people, sent conversion to the posts or pages and landing pages.

And to officially bring more traffic, add internal links and CTA’s to these following pages and eliminate all junks.


SEO has transformed. But it has not transformed at all. So help individuals find what they are looking for. By making it detailed, entertaining, interesting, accurate and more beautiful. And most importantly make it effortless to find.

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