The Newly 2019 BMW 3-Series Leaked

The all-new 2019 BMW 3-Series’ leaked before its official first public appearance at the Paris Motor Show 2018. All images surface has revealed online; the improved interior and the car’s fresh look.

The newly BMW 3-Series will call as G20 as its codename. However, the images are taken from a G20 online configurator that was release more early, wherein it shows the car’s transformative look, with the stylized rear end and dramatic fascia. The shots have had appeared online since yesterday.

Everything you must know about the 2019 BMW 3-Series

G20 Styling

The G20 is really noticeable visually and looks so different back to the old model. There are two main changes that are so easy to recognize; the first one is, the double-kidney grille in which it is now a complete frame. Then the old one that is separated by a piece of bodywork. While the other one is the car’s twin-unit headlight, wherein in every piece it now points up by barbs that flick from the front bumper. The fresh look of the modeled car seems to pinpoint that it was a sporty model.

The sporty look of the car continues all throughout the sides. And what to look up are the 18 or 19 inches alloy wheels. The brakes have had been also restored into better versions like on an SE model. However, in the back part, there is a pair of large exhaust pipes and nice boot spoilers that is unseen to the car.

G20 Engines

The 2019 BMW 3-Series is set to cheapen the 100g per km CO2 emission mark by proposing the tightfisted 3-cylinder engine to the near-premium piece.

Because of the modernize basis, the 2019 BMW 3-Series allows you to choose from different engines such as; diesel, petrol and even petrol-electronic mixture models.

Still, diesel was anticipated to remain as a most popular choice in the 3-Series. It may still be the best among the best options you can prefer if you spend lots of your time on the way.

G20 Interior

The new 2019 BMW 3-Series or G20 has its biggest change when it comes on the inside. The car is set to have the latest version of BMW connected, wherein it has a voice-activated personal assistant.

In addition, G20 looks so really modernized in quality. And also, have had new infotainment screens, such that augmented views on the outside or the exterior view of the car.

Surprisingly, you can choose among plenty of option to make your Series even more elegant; it includes the mood of lighting in different colors, a scented freshening system, and upgraded softer leather in lots of colors.

G20 Pricing

How much will the all-new 2019 BMW 3-series or G20 cost? Prices are not yet finalized, but the reports suggests that the new 2019 saloon will start up at around £27,000.

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