The accessories that are on sale this weekend – best for your new Apple gizmos

This year of 2018 has had been an extreme one for Apple. In where it has released overwhelming new Apple gizmos that gotten all to surrender paychecks for another top-notch device.

However, the company introduced the most talked of all; the iPhone XS, Apple Watch Series 4, iPad, the Homepod, and the new MacBook Pros. Thus, there are even rumors suggest that it doesn’t just stop there. In which, Apple might still unveil new iPad and Macs later this year.

Moreover, if you are a well proud owner of any of the said new gizmos, then, you might want it to have an accessory that will boost your experience. The accessories in here were only at work on Apple gizmos. In which, it’s all on sale this weekend.

The accessories for new Apple gizmos

M2 Square USB-C and Quick Charge 3.0 Charger – 26% off ($37.99)

Surprisingly, the M2 Square USB-C and Quick Charge 3.0 Charger were compatible for iPhone, MacBook Pro, and more other USB-C devices. Thus, the charger was packed with a powerful 60-watt USB-C port. And also, with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port that delivers a high speed. In which, it charges the gadget for even four times faster than the standard charging ports.

Ztylus Stabilizer Rig Kit for Smartphones – 26% off ($21.95)

For now, you can save yourself from blurry pictures into excellence with this Ztylus Stabilizer Rig Kit. In this matter, the device was built to work with any kinds of smartphones. Thus, it offers a secure grip and extended ergonomic stability for taking picture-perfect of photography. And also, it has a mount on top for attaching accessories, such as a microphone and lighting. Hence, with a ¼ inch to 20 inches tripod mount at the bottom that is able for putting on top of larger tripods.

Moreover, the Ztylus Stabilizer Rig Kit is one of the accessories that is on sale this weekend – best for your new Apple gizmos.

ProBASE HD USB-C Laptop and Monitor Stand – 17% off ($154.99)

If your present workspace looks like it got run over by a storm, declutter it with the ProBASE HD USB-C Laptop and Monitor Stand. In which, this device raises your MacBook Pro into a comfortable level.

Thus, the ProBASE HD USB-C Laptop and Monitor Stand also had been built-in to a USB 3.0 ports, a USB data port, and even a 4K HDMI port.

Good to know that this powerhouse does even have had a side drawer. That is capable in using to store stationery, flash drives, and more other work essentials.

Clear TPU Protective iPhone XS Max Case – 66% off ($9.99)

Honestly, we do amaze and love the new iPhone XS colors, yet we do not recommend in using it without a case. Thus, just only one wrong move of the hand for the device can immediately result in a hundred dollar trip to the Apple Store.

Like so, this Clear TPU Protective Case is best for your Apple gizmos that maintains the trendy case-less look. And do also keeping your iPhone XS Max device safe from any accidental drops. Consequently, unlike in most cases, this case is not hard to install. But, the protection case glides on quickly and even does easily removable.

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